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Found 2 results

  1. UFO Encounters

    Hello everybody. Very interestad about hearing if any off you have had UFO Encounter. Maiself been living in Australia for a long time now, seen one outside Perf Western Oz, it seemed to follow my Honda for a long time about 60km to town called Lancelin. I hoped out car and shined my lights off my Huawei and suderly disapeard. Would liek to hear your encounters.
  2. World Most Overrated XI

    Who is everyone's team of most overrated players? This is for test players only and players must be current (still active). Mine is: Darwin - flat track bully Warner - see above Williamson - lives off a few decent innings. Reputation better than record suggests Root - See above Rohit Sharma - lol Mazwell - T20 slogger who was lucky to get picked Wade - worst keeper to ever tour Asia Arshwin - can't take a wicket away from home Ishant Sharma - lolololololololol Broad - a few lucky wickets on swinging pitches but largely underwhelming Morkel - built like Mick, plays like Frang Please post your team below

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