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Found 2 results

  1. David Lean Masterclass

    Recently, revisited David Leans films by casually picking up UHD of Bridge on River Kwai. Watched the rented copy of Lawrence of Arabia downloaded on phone on a flight to Frankfurt. Then completed the journey by renting Doctor Zhivago. These films have magical qualities. Epic film-making
  2. Below is the review for the book Trigger Mortis by Anthony Horowitz. The book was released in September 2015. Anthony Horowitz was commissioned by AC Doyle estate to write books on Sherlock Holmes. He wrote a couple of best sellers - House of Silk and Moriarty. I am yet to read those books. Recently, Ian Fleming estate commissioned Horowitz to write a book on James Bond 007. After Fleming's, there have been many continuation novels on Bond but many of them are not rated highly. What is interesting about Trigger Mortis is that it is set in the original Fleming timeline (50s-60s), which is what I prefer. While it is hard to imitate Fleming's style, Horowitz comes close and also keeps the today's readers sensitivities in mind. Parts of this paragraph may contain spoilers. The story begins after the events in Goldfinger. 007 and Pussy are contemplating their relationships. What is funny (or could be unintentionally funny) is that Pussy gets back to her old ways and Bond is sent on a mission that involves racing the famous Maserati 250F at Nurburgring. This mission leads to a more complex plot. Issues such as the sad events at "No Gun Ri" are woven in to the story as well. As for the characters, the villain's part is nicely written. He has an unique way of killing people. The locations are described adequately. There are some logical flaws but they are acceptable as they are there to create dramatic impact. Compared to Fleming's books, this one has a more movie like feel which is not necessarily a con. Talking about movies, SPECTRE was released last year as well. If I had to chose between SPECTRE and the book, I would say that the book is better. In fact it has the potential to be made in to a film as well. Verdict - Recommended

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