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Found 4 results

  1. Loving this new fearless cricketers in the side. while on one hand we have likes of jadeja from the Dhoni school who take singles in the 49th over to remain notout and on the other hand we have likes of Pandya and Bumrah. there were some doubts on pandyas utility but the way the youngster just came in today and tried to tonk the ball from the get go was very heartening to see....no fear of losing his spot,no fear of failure.....made me into a believer. bumrah was tonked for a 6 but he just shrugged it off and kept bowling Yorkers and was thinking wickets regardless....no more drooping of shoulders etc. fantastic times this and with India recently under virat trying to go for a win against a lame duck draw, the way umesh and Ishant were going for the kill in the final test against southafrica when the saffers did everything to bore India into a draw, the resurgence of Chepu in tests and ROHIT in Lois,the maturity and calmness of rahane,vijay and Ashwin even in difficult situations.....virats win at all costs attitude...... Things are looking up for a new brand of indian cricket. exciting times this to be an indian fan. get rid of the phattus and the mediocrity.... We have the ability to be the most exciting cricket team of this generation.
  2. Controversial question I know. I will take a lot of heat for this lol but before I explain let me clear a few things..... I am not a fan of Binny I was/am still excited to see what Pandya has to offer. I don't believe in bits and pieces or fielding a player just because he can bat and bowl.....I always think a player should get in on his specialized skill and then if has more to offer that should be a bonus.....there is a reason why likes of Kapil,Botham,Imran,Kallis do not just fall of trees everyday. Also I am not writing off Pandya yet based on 4 games of mostly Tamasha T20 cricket. Now let me explain Binny has shown decent technique to play innings against good fast bowling especially in the England series as well as that ODI against Australia where he scored 40 odd and looked really in control. I think the 6-4 was a fluke against a mediocre side but he has shown wicket taking ability and has shown that he can swing the ball in helpful conditions. Pandya is 140 K but if you bowl like a bowling machine with no movement....140K is the perfect pace for most international batsmen. Ashwin's knock yesterday was kind of what is expected from "allrounders" in crisis situations....this doesn't mean that Ashwin now is the answer to all the problems but during a collapse that is what is expected from an allrounder and yesterday Pandya had the perfect opportunity to showcase his skills.One might argue that even Jadeja flopped....now Jadeja used to be bits and pieces back in the day but these days he is a front-line spinner who can make the team on bowling alone(yes question the technique of modern day batsmen....but this is unfortunately a true statement) I will give him some more time as yesterday was his first shot at batting in a international game but at this point of time despite all the ridicule Binny seems to be the best medium pace bowling allrounder we have in the country as unfortunate as it sounds.....oh I forgot Rish Dhawan lol the No-rounder.
  3. Took his team from 60/6 to 153/6. 81 Not out of 51. Also took 3 wickets but could not make his team win. http://www.bcci.tv/syed-mushtaq-ali-trophy-2015-16/match/78 I know different formats but he should have been in ODIs.
  4. This guy seems real potential just won baroda a match with fine all-round performance.Better than likes of binny.Should be atleast in the T20 Team.

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