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  2. https://indianexpress.com/article/india/bhartiya-kisan-sangh-farm-bills-in-present-form-not-acceptable/ Bhartiya kisan sangh the RSS's Kisan union is also opposing this.
  3. Yadav sprays down the leg to KL ... 4!
  4. Umesh starts to feel bad when he is bowling a good over, so gives a freebie in the end
  5. Bowled well in the first game.
  6. Umesh gets another game. Probably his last if he bowls like he did in his previous game.
  7. Before we forget Bishnoi is a rookie. Everything he contributes is a bonus.
  8. Yeah the banter between Deano and Styris was hilarious
  9. Mayank should play a big inning today
  10. Kohli needs to give sunder some support.
  11. Karantaka team vs karnataka players
  12. Man those guys will always be jabbing each other. It'll be so much fun. Deano on 1st day said we wanted to get the best kiwi but mccullum wasn't available so we got styris.
  13. Hate what rat has done to our team. Panoti kaptaan.
  14. 84m straight boundary. AB De Villiers will be waiting at the boundary line.
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