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  3. Sundar has showed his capabilities with bat. Maybe over the years he can turn out to be a proper batsman, who will get selected on the batting performances alone, unlike Ashwin who gets selected primarily as a bowler.
  4. Vishy scored a 100 on debut. Shaw too scored a ton in debut match.
  5. So the revelations came about in English media... Ashes tour is certainly on their minds
  6. so their cricket playres cheat and that proves that they have convict nature? does Indians have match fixing nature because of what Azhar & co did?
  7. Kohli and Smith are the best. AB de Villiers is better than both Kane and Root. So, the fab four theory is flawed.
  8. Kohli and Smith are at different level.
  9. Cricket Australia has released a statement, confirming it could re-open the investigation into the Cape Town ball tampering saga. https://www.foxsports.com.au/cricket/australia/cricket-australia-news-ca-must-address-cameron-bancroft-comments-on-cape-town-balltampering-sandpapergate/news-story/14d570049211aa51744a9ae0f73df4de?fbclid=IwAR1sJnlx2lg_ZLN7y8FL0MhXXIl3mJlm1TpDEd-tp82D-WlUtG7FkZgMTwA
  10. Opinions can change. Pant is a better and more experienced player now. Perhaps that's why Sunny is rating him more now than a year back. I do agree that Sunny does criticizes anyone who is technically incorrect or gets out playing a shot. He needs to come to terms with the ODI and T20i format. Probably stuck in those good old days of plodding well for a full days play. Sunny needs to understand that cricket has changed. It cannot be the way he played 50 years back.
  11. Gavaskar thinks he can become next msd/Kohli so wants to be in his good books.. an year ago he lambasted him for playing an aggressive shot in an odi in WI ( even when our victory was confrmed)
  12. Innings - 6 Runs - 100 Average - 16.66 Will be lucky to make playing 11 again.
  13. I guess it was couple of years back when he got injured but kept on playing IPL instead of resting. Perhaps that aggravated his injury.
  14. If Bhuvi is not playing in England, then chances are he might not play anywhere else, With emergence of Siraj, I think Bhuvis Test career is pretty much on the hooks...but we still need Bhuvi in our LOI setup, he's still has allot of cricket left in him, I also see a very good fast bowling mentor in Bhuvi and if he BCCI associate him with the under 19 level just like Dravid, we will see good bowlers coming through from under 19, the way we see batters coming out of junior setup under Dravid.
  15. He does not have it in him to sustain long spells at a decent pace . His test career is done. Never should have played the format in the first place but we simply had no options.
  16. Tom Latham is a slightly better batsman than Watling. But Watling was better than Blundell for sure.
  17. True. Bowlers like to take advantage by bowling with tampered ball. They are the ones who probably ask others to help them in tampering the ball.
  18. Will India rest key players like Kohli, Bumrah and Sharma for ODI? Given that we have T20i Cup in few months, BCCI should send the first 11 for T20i series.
  19. Delhi should continue with Pant as captain even if Iyer comes back post recovery from injury.
  20. Moron this guy keeps making threads and claims Pakistanis are best in cricket while their team has sucked balls all time expect when they used bottle caps.
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  22. That would be true if the match was at Lords or another one of those grassy knolls. Seems like Southampton will be a patta or - at the very least - not a meadowland pitch with 6 inches of grass under 6 hours of cloudiness.
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