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  2. Windians usually raise their game against Eng, should be fun.
  3. This (below) pic must have been taken 5 years ago....DMK youth leader looks younger than Thala here . Legacy lives on, what do you think Thala and Thalapathy are talking about here?
  4. HBD Thala, may you never wear Team India jersey again. Now you know what to do next
  5. of course, and I find the marketing puke-worthy. But by all accounts, Dhoni's interest and commitment to the army seems legit...
  6. At least Thala passed the min height requirement.
  7. He might have taken some basic required training. It’s not the same as when you are a 20 year old making all those sacrifices, staying away from family, going through the grueling training and almost thinking you will die today (in the training itself) I am sure Dhoni the cricketer did a variation of those in his field, that made him achieve excellence in that area but no matter what spin media puts on it he is still a honorary army man. Remeber Demi Moore who underwent the entire Navy Seal training for a role or Nana Patekar for Prahaar. That doesn’t give them a rank or make them army. Yes Dhoni is an icon and the honor is symbolic which is all great but there is too much marketing at play here.
  8. AFAIK its not honorary, he literally jumped through all the required hoops...
  9. They probably expected a similar lop-sided situation, and may be successfully deterred, simply with appropriate build-up and deployment of force levels. Agree that its way too early to celebrate. We don't want a repeat of the Doklam story on the LaC. Can't afford that type of hollow "victory" followed by solid PLA win.
  10. Meena kumari na hai amma kumari hai wo.
  11. Going by accounts, 1962 was nothing but a target practice for Chinese, Their forces were so well equipped and planned compared to us that its even embarrassing to discuss it here. I still feel, they have come with similar intent this time around. They won’t retreat unless they estimate that there is a risk that they will be matched. So, lets wait till Santa drops the present before passibg judgement.
  12. There is a video of her farting on live TV Padaudi kahin ki.
  13. I didn’t want to point that out because didn’t want to take too many digs on his birthday thread but We get it ,he is a “honorary” paratrooper but doesn’t mean even at home in your casual clothes you don’t need to wear a tshirt to drill that in our head every frickin time
  15. In the spirit of the potentially cancelled Asia cup and WT20 Afghan their fans are going to become deadly as the team grows in stature. Nepal SL Bang Pak Calling Pak fans as well. 3 teams to give chumma to the ummah
  16. Yesterday, Park video, where white women calling police, today this. I think democrats have become desperate after CHOP fiasco. Both videos looked stage
  17. I am not at a level myself to teach her to read and write Telugu but I decided to at least speak it regularly at home so she picks it up. I took that initiative when she was speaking in sign language to my Mom and Mother in Law last year lol because in her mind they couldn’t understand her and she couldn’t understand them . They found it cute and took it sportingly but it was a wake up call for me and the wife that at least she needs to have some amount of language skills when it came to mother tounge.
  18. All credit to Gollu bhai for this wonderful initiative of member interviews. I love reading these! Great idea to begin with, and much respect for the follow-through and executing it. As all forum bhai log are well aware, I have a special fondness for our resident Maniac.
  19. Do you teach, or plan to teach your kids Telugu? Thanks to Corona Quarantine, I was able to teach my daughter Gujarati script - obviously easier relatively, since she speaks it already. But I'm toying with the idea of teaching her another regional Indian language (and learn in the process). Tamil/Telugu maybe? Should be easy to find some structured learning in the desi-land that is NJ...
  20. If you have something stuck in your throat and its bothering you, and you really need to puke, the video below can help.
  21. missing first test as his wife will give birth to his 2nd child.
  22. I think the govt and IA have handled things reasonably well for now - questions can be asked (later) about why PLA incursions were not detected earlier, but once detected, our response has been good. Obviously we will not have insight into all details, especially right away.
  23. It started with Galwan. Instead of telling Gorakhas that you are mercenaries, Now Nepal is passiing legislation that India is an aggressor to them. They decided to keep India guessing then by doing backward forward movement. At the time Nehuru ordered his troupes to be scattered all across border to defend. Toupes had inferior weapon and smaller numbers. Nehuru was building outposts. Soldiers died defending those outposts. Only difference is. Modi says, Indian land has not be annexed. But he talks about pushing back. So, I am not sure how much we are planned for war and diplomacy
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