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  2. If you are playing against a team there is a chance that you will lose. Border ki Ladayi se compare kar rahe ho to ye bhi yaad karo ki Pak still is way ahead on head to head count Don't spread your negativity and poison all over this forum. They are two players, who can be friends. Rise above your petty standards.
  3. 6 days break may help but I have no hope with Kohli and the lazy sharma.
  4. Shami was not good today, but was never a world class pacer, come on!
  5. Rohit and Rahul both got out while surviving not even attacking. IT was almost like they were terrified of receiving that inswinger. With his height it will be very hard.
  6. We will defoo lose to Afghanistan... - This is Mudi ji's diplomacy to keep Taliban happy
  7. Boult looked completely off colour in the IPL, I think he will not be a big threat. I think India might choke on spin duo of Santner & Sodhi
  8. Kohli was terrific, Pakistans bowling was spot on, hardly any dibbly dobbler cannon fodder stuff unlike our pacers
  9. Why did he do that? The only knee I want is up his ass.
  10. Keep your fingers behind, where they stick so that you don't have to type. Not interested in talking to clowns
  11. Then we can do this if we face pak again, otherwise no reason to remove Rohit or Rahul
  12. We will most definitely lose to NZ. Panoti will lose the toss again and we all know how it'll go from there on. Infact, I won't be surprised if we lose to one of Afg/Sco. Most likely Afghanistan. We have become so so shitt against spin bowling it's not even a joke.
  13. I fear we have started to play a bit like RCB under his captaincy. I always thought India was not like RCB, but his captaincy has made it catch up.
  14. I can easily see 2 wickets in his first over. Inswinging bowled or LBW.
  15. It is not about attacking. It is about match up. Our right handed openers invariably fail for that incoming swinging delivery.
  16. Slowers coming out of pacers like named above makes it even more difficult to put away in sticky conditions like these as compared to coming out of Bhuvi or other trundlers No one named Rauf here he did bowl superbly bang on target fast,did vary with slower ones if not for him India could have gone over 170+
  17. Positive cricket as explained by some idiots.
  18. Good thing is, this phainta took place in Dubai and not in India where it was initially scheduled to play. Desh ka asamman......nehi sahega Hindustaan
  19. Yes! They were struggling to put bat on ball against Rauf while Hassan was mauled. Shami was looking medium pace today although speed was not shown most of the time on his bowling.
  20. Well done Pakistan they were fantastic, pretty surprised with their attitude hardly over celebrated with, their team management was super cool to throughout the game, they were terrific and their fans from what ever I have seen on social media have been pretty good unlike our jingoistic Indian fans. India need better pacers until then we will not win anything, shocking bowling from bhuvi, shami and co, proper toothless stuff and Shami never a world class pacer, great pacers take pitch out of the equation just like Shaheen did.
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