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  2. I'm not a Jatt. The thing is that India is full of illiterates and the most illiterate communities reproduce the most. The biggest driver for the anti conversion law is Hindu women running off with muslim men in Hindu dominated India.
  3. And there isnt a single gaddar ahsan-faramosh Sikh who acknowledge that the entire reason the Golden temple exists and Guru Granth Sahib exists is because we hindus protected it while you Sikhs ran away into the hills to escape Farrukhsiyar.
  4. The anti conversion laws also protects YOUR dwindling minority community, idiot. Christianity is rising fast in Punjab due to you Jutt sikhs letting them in. Clearly you are a steriotype of your kaum and math is not your friend, santaa bhai. We are dwindling in relative share. Growing in absolute numbers, You are dwindling in both relative and absolute numbers. First think of your gaddar kaum in UK and Kaneda, where you are islamist-ghulaams and look the other way as they groom your women.
  5. I can totally understand how you feel, many Hindus do acknowledge the Bravery of Sikhs towards protecting the Hindu Religion, during Freedom struggle & fighting wars after Independence. Then there are darpok type keyboard warriors like this clown whose ancestors looted poor people in the name of Caste system......his type are the lowest.
  6. You cannot even protect your women in a country where you are 80% of the population, that's why you want to bring in anti conversion laws because your women are running off with muslim boys in very high numbers. Less than a century, you really are a drama queen. The Hindu population of India has decreased from 85% in 1947 to 79% today, you are on your way out. All because you didn't show balls when it mattered in 1947 and allowed the high breeding Muslims stay behind. Thanks to your inadequacy in 1947 Muslims from UP and Bihar have started to come to Punjab, a place where we elimin
  7. @Soldier "Past cannot be greater than the present" - Indian idiot, circa 1500 BC, after the collapse of the Indus Valley civilization. " Past cannot be greater than the present" - an italian in 700 AD, looking at the coloseum
  8. You mean they didnt play the easiest cricket on the bowler's body and STILL played more. Maybe thats why they are on record calling out inferior fitness of the modern bowlers.
  9. Blah blah blah. Fact : your current lot plays less cricket than the older lot. Fact: your current lot is the ONLY GENERATION EVER to get called out for inferior fitness and work ethic by the older generation. Uh...yes it does. If they keep the same training regime they would be fitter because the fitness regime back then was superior. False. They were fitter and its evidenced by them playing far more cricket. Current players have been called out for their fitness culture. The past is greater than the present in this respect and
  10. Every liberal i have spoken to has failed to counter my single point If trump was so terrible why did his voteshare increase from 2016 (46.1% to 46.9%) Keep in mind clinton became president with 43% in 1992...
  11. They'd dint play t20 Internationals plus franchize cricket along with odi and tests though. So stop comparing eras.
  12. I would like to include ALL playing stats as it pertains to fitness. For eg its known that through the 90s Indians played a lot more LOIs than Test cricket compared to the english.
  13. Yes that was then. Now you are a gaddar kaum who collaborates with the muslims and sits tight as their women get raped by muslims in UK. Fallen jaat, hence i said your own gurus would piss on you. Also the Punjabi sikhs. Its the punjabi mentality being slaves to muslims for so long. Plenty of Gurkhas in uttarakhand. We hindus are the one who protectd your shrines and interpreted your texts for you. you repaid us by kicking us out of the Khalsa. Gaddar namakharaam kaum. Who cares how many Sikhs join the army- sikhs will be extinct in less than a
  14. Because ishu Bhai din't play t20. Guess what? That allows him to play and focus more won Tests. Same with Anderson and broad. So clearly t20 has an impact on a player's ability to play across formats the intensity levels are different. That's why arm chair couch potatoes critiques who have never played sports at a high level like the maghulato dude should quit smoking what he has been smoking and just stay mute. Permanently.
  15. The only cold hard certainties in life are those that transpire in front of our eyes. Everything else is conjecture. Transitivity is a fickle concept and does not even bear the test of tweaking one or two variables in isolation. a fallacy itself to think there is no interdependence at play and that variables can be tweaked in isolation - in the same geography and time let alone across those.For those posters who have not been following the sport for decades, the events of last few weeks alone should tell you of the uncertainties of life and cricket. just because a bowler was fitter
  16. Feku party ka sabse bada mawalli Goonda is UP cm Tatti-face Yogi who is making UP the leader in Rape cases
  17. It is your women who were being captured by the likes of Abdali and other Muslims, we had to save them for you. No more. The same Punjabi Hindus and Hindu Sindhis who had to flee Pakistan are now glorifying Muslims in movies and pimping their women out to them. I also hope less Sikhs join the army. They've done too much already for the Hindus. Look at what this Pakistani general had to say about the Sikhs. http://archive.indianexpress.com/news/-sikhs-formed-a-formidable-force-and-were-the-reason-for-pakistan-s-defeat-in-1971-/496261/ The only Hindus that ar
  18. Shami has played 74 FC games in 10 years. Umesh has 96 in 12 years. How many more will they play? It seems Indian pacers of 90s managed 80-120 FC games in 90s. Only Srinath managed more than 120 games. There could be more who didn't get chance in international. I didn't check all. In 2000s generation, Zak has already played more, Ishant, Umesh both will surpass Srinath's numbers probably. Number of tests is even lower. Srinath had 67 games and he was at top.
  19. This fart Ehsan Mani refused because of an ego. And now he is sending a special envoy. https://www.insidesport.co/pcb-ehsan-mani-will-not-request-sourav-ganguly-to-allow-pak-players-compete-in-ipl/
  20. ARY cricket live host Zainab Abbas https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCWogIObkPsOgG53BM-iNzDg
  21. Would've could've should've is all you got, terrorist worshipper. You dont have to be a priest to become a saint in hinduism. Which is why we have lower caste saints all over the map. Even then, Godse was a chitpawan brahmin. We are not as low as your gaddar kaum to make priests out of murderers. Its done by congress types in North Western India. Closer to your area than mine. You coward UK sikhs are sitting mum while your women are being raped by muslim grooming gangs. Then taking their money and being gaddar to the motherland by being khalistanis.
  22. you get to view about a dozen articles for free before you need to subscribe, something like that. i've hit my limit sorry
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