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  2. Exactly. He has such a good yorker. The one he bowled to Saha was almost perfect.
  3. I don't know why Umran stops bowling yorkers and bouncers to batsmen who are known as good players of pace ! ( While he bowls such lovely bouncers and yorkers to weaker players of pace ) He just starts bowling waist high short or shortish balls or slot balls which are basically the worst balls one can bowl.
  4. Bhuvi bowled at 130k. he was also travelling. Livi has thrashed so many bowlers in his career 1000 sixes so far. Besides, Sundar dropped Livingstone first ball of Umran.
  5. Falastini sentiment sold off for dollars. Kashmiri bhi isi tarah bikenge ek din inshallah.
  6. PKXI completely wasted Livi's striking form.
  7. 150 is easy to play when you are wayward. Long time to go before Malik can become international class.
  8. Livingstone is a beast. Umran has to avoid that slot ball length when bowling to him
  9. Umran deposited for another six. I don't think Livi is scared of pace.
  10. This time he smashed umran for six. Slot ball. But looks like Livi wanted to take on Umran consciously. 150 plus ball pumped over long off
  11. Umran 148 k short ball Livingstone mistimed pull Catch lobs up But falls just short of a diving Sundar
  12. Livingstone had no time whatsoever. Tough one. But Umran beat him for sheer pace.
  13. First ball Bang. Six hitting of Livi is ridiculous
  14. There were talks of Pandya being made the captain. Didn't even get the VC position. BCCI showed him his real status in the team.
  15. mayank did very well in uae, not sure what happened.
  16. Where is everybody. No activity even when Umran is bowling?
  17. Mayank's utterly useless batting has come to an end this season. His lack of contribution was one of the main reason PKXI didn't find themselves in the last 4.
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