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  2. A not so known movie and one of his early ones: Duel (1971). Great drama!
  3. Shami, after he broke his hand in late 2020, is not the same bowler anymore. He has become heavier and is bowling with less intensity, energy and pace. While Saini is bowling like a Champion on this A-tour. Shami has to get back to his old self. We have to consider current ability and form. That should be the key
  4. Saini over Mohd Shami? That doesn't make sense. Shami bowled well In England and also in WTC. Bowling on pitches with bounce is definitely his forte.
  5. A-tours are for preparing actual prospects for test matches and ODIs. Ranji performers were rewarding by selecting them for Zonal Teams / India Red / Blue etc.
  6. Yes, Starc is better. Lee was a scattergun, so is Starc but when he gets it right he is unstoppable.
  7. https://www.smh.com.au/sport/cricket/worlds-fastest-bowl-20020430-gdf8l5.html Jeff Thomson's longstanding record of 160.5kmh (99.7mph), bowled during a 1975 test against the West Indies.
  8. SA, had they toured them they'd have likely won the series with ease & qualified unlikely our kiwi chicken nuggets
  9. Today
  10. 1. Rohit 2. Rahul 3. Gill 4. Kohli 5. Shreyas 6. Pant 7. Jadeja / Ashwin 8. Shardul 9. Saini 10. Bumrah 11. Siraj
  11. Neither do I. The speeds recorded in 1975 and 1976 were probably embellished for marketing purposes. There is no video evidence available. Video evidence is available for the 1979 speed contest and Thomson clocked a Fsstest of 147.x kph. No other pacer touched 142 kph even.
  12. Harris will terrorize Poms this Ashes.. You read it here first. He was in top form in County cricket. Thank you lord Shardul for dislodging him at 2nd inns in Gabba. He looked flawless until then.
  13. Rohit KL Gill/Mayank Kolli Iyer Pant Jadeja Shardul Siraj Umesh/Shami Bumrah
  14. Yes ,i feel the same way Lol, @MultiB48 already claimed Wood,Archer wouldn't have travelled Aus this Ashes as there was every chance of them getting trundelised by Aussie speed guns
  15. I really wish trolling could be monetized. After terrorism, I believe this is your next best forte.
  16. Then it’s a blessing in disguise. Time and health are the only currency that matter.
  17. Babar hasn't made a test century in a while now
  18. It was believed that Jeff Thompson who played for Australia bowled at 160kmhr. I still dont believe it.
  19. Brett Lee wouldn't start for Australia in this era for tests.
  20. So hid 133 feels like 139-140 Imagine his 145.
  21. Despite a good show in India, I think Iyer won't get into the playing 11 in SA. As he has serious issues against short ball. Likely, Vihari will play. (Assuming hahane is not there)
  22. Brett Lee looked fast, felt fast. Ask Kalis himself who is mentioned in the article.
  23. Aussies threw 2 vs england. Who else? They deserved to lose to india.
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