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  2. One player I am already concerned for is Hardik Pandya because I don’t think I have seen him bat or bowl in a while, leave alone in the same match. Apparently he is still being protected. At this point I am starting to believe Hardik Pandya is a BCCI/RAW/Modi/BJB/Hindutva ki saazish. He is actually a Robot that our Nazi (not niazi) type scientists are fine tuning in a lab somewhere and over the years releasing various beta versions with extremely limited features before the full product will be unleashed upon us with a vengeance.
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  4. Building a 100 room 5 star hotel in middle of a city is not cheap. They took like 2 decades to build Islamabad Airport IIRC. They need a city like Mohali, Cricket Stadium, International Airport and JW Marriot within 10 kilometres.
  5. Bumrah should bowl one over in power play. Preferably 5th or 6th over And finish the innings. So we need two decent new ball bowlers. So there is room for Deepak Chahar. Thakur is okay in the middle overs. In the end overs he is utter trash. Not a great new ball bowler.
  6. Don't understand why Ashwin is given chance again. He has such a pathetic record in limited over cricket. Even IPL teams don't want him
  7. HE was known as poor Captain for 8-9 years, but now what changed that they are looking to remove him mid tournament? Ganguly/Shah after Kohli now?
  8. Think we should a similar podcast before T20 world cup. If possible we can do 1 after each India game via zoom. Let me know what you guys think?
  9. Can we play both with bumrah.bhuvi & deepak should bowl in pp & bumrah & bhuvi in last.
  10. The worrisome part of this incident is that the current selectors view white ball pacers as those who can bowl decent slower balls and not those who can bowl good quick yorkers at will.
  11. We need to support this man’s work or in his case reward him with actual work where he will be useful.
  12. This Pak assburn is just hilarious. It only took one news of T.Natarajan being Covid positive for some of them to tag the NZ Prime Minister on Twitter and ask her when she's going to get the Kiwi players out of UAE and ditch the IPL.
  13. @sandeep @asterix @Austin 3:!6please do the needful
  14. already a thread on this.Please merge
  15. Bhuvi has a reputation of getting injured mid match often too. Bhuvi and Hardik are 2 culprits of this. That is why even though they are better than some of their alternatives, it’s tough to root for them.
  16. Still early days so never say never but some ominous signs. Ashwin was pathetic Kohli is going through a messy divorce with BCCI Bhuvi was poor Pandya despite hardly playing is saved wrapped in cotton wool, so the idea is for him to start coming to WT20 and deliver right of the bat. Rohit didn’t play and hopefully it’s not due to niggles Varun C and Axar have shown promise and jury out on the others. Pant’s knock today was decent so let’s see if he has regained his batting form.
  17. Yeah Bhuvi seemed hm to have edged him on the basis of his reputation. But Deepak has enough experience now around Indian team.. His skills are better & should be backed to deliver on the bigger stage in ICC events.
  18. Natarajan and Vijay Shankar that’s The Who’s who of our match winners in recent times
  19. Deepak Chahar hands down. Younger, fitter, better bat and has shown more utility with the new ball time and time again in T20.
  20. i scratch my head multiple times when i think that sakariya was selected to play for India. can anyone tell me an inferrior bowler than Sakariya to play for India..unadkat, sandeep sharma were better bowlers than sakariya.
  21. I've seen boneless chicken pieces from biryani in a crow's beak when it flew to my window. I offered 2 marie biscuits and nobody showed up
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