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  2. Remember Asif averaged 28 with the ball which is remarkable and the match-winning spells of Mushtaq,including West Indies.Asif originally made his place as a medium pace bowler taking prize scalps.
  3. Asif Iqbal with 53 wickets is a genuine all rounder? He was a batsman who could bowl a bit. Same was the case with Mushtaq Mohammed. Ravi Ashwin should be on this list. Keith Miller, Ben Stokes, Ian Botham, Imran and Kapil should be ranked higher.
  4. This is my selection in order of merit of the 12 best batsman amongst the genuine allrounders. 1.Gary Sobers 2.Jacques Kallis 3.Asif Iqbal 4.Tony Greig 5.Vinoo Mankad 6.Mushtaq Muhammad 7.Keith Miller 8.Ian Botham 9.Ben Stokes 10.Andrew Flintoff 11.Kapil Dev 12.Imran Khan Sobers staggering record and ability to pulverize attacks speaks for itself.Few batsman were er as complete.In terms of statistics Kallis was close to the best of all time and was the ultimate to bat for your life.Asif Iqbal is amongst the top 3-4 batsman ever at no 6 ,who played outstanding kno
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  6. Now bowling some great outswingers
  7. Beastly knock from Shardulkar,topscoring with 92 including 6 fours and 6 sixes
  8. We ain't losing another home test for at least 3 years
  9. Throw some more grenades at the pitch then field this team. We will win no matter we bat first or second. 3 spinners + Pandya to open the bowling is plenty. Gill Hitman Pujara Kohli Rahane Pant Pandya Mayank Ashwin Axar Sundar
  10. Thakur looks bulky..he has had weight issues earlier If Iam not wrong. Is it due to health reasons?
  11. Avasthi straying on legs, after that bowled he has mostly bowled half volleys needs to vary his length
  12. The line-up to take on the field come the inaugural match of WC23. Rohit, Shaw, Kohli/Gill*, KLR, Pant, Krunal, Hardik, Shardul, Axar/Jadeja/Chahar, Bumrah, Shami *Gill in case Anushka goes into labor expecting twins.
  13. He is a good option for Lois. Decent death bowler.
  14. Purnank was also quick though wasn't picked in that squad.
  15. Another legend Rishi Dhawan went for 84 though picked up 4 wickets.
  16. Some of the comments on icf is just hilarious lol.
  17. Looooool. I legit Spiller my coffee. Funny stuff. ROFL. Holy ****.
  18. Trundlers never go out of form....One or the other trundler always leads the domestic chart. Meanwhile trundle kulkarni 2014 passed out from trundler institute of lord vinay kumar acadmey is already running riot took 2out of 3 wkts fallen so far in 4 over.
  19. Mumbai has given lots of "Weightage" to slips ie Heavyweights Shaw and Sarfaraz placed there
  20. Need to bring in Pandua & KL if that's the case. Just load the batting up till 9
  21. Teri bi jal gai?@Suhaan has stocked up on burnol. Leh loh
  22. What has happened to Jaiswal? String of low scores.
  23. logic is if shardul is there top order batsmen can play freely and go For shots. Just think our last 4 is chahal Kuldeep Bumrah Shami.. tail starts at 7.
  24. I think it's about time people put some respect on sharduls name. He has proven to be a great utility player. Hope one day he becomes like klusenar. He has potential. Like actually potential not like the padosis tailunt stuff.
  25. Avasthi brings in and cleans the batsman,looks a bit sharp
  26. I know dhawan just scored a 150, but how is Bhuvi doing well?
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