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  2. yes , I said strives which were conflicts, maybe they were not violent per say. It could be about power, number of followers and economic migrants because they were jobless twitch not much influencers, they moved to bordering Mysore and also to Tirupati areas
  3. What is so weird about expecting the most high profile players to make some half-decent contributions in a winning cause over a 6 year period? Vengsarkar, Shastri, Kirmani et all were playing alongside the same set of bowlers. They could step up and lead us to a few wins including an away series win in England. Gavaskar couldn't. QED.
  4. SDP is certainly a big match player, he has delivered in CT finals and World Cup already. I have high expectations from him in 2023 World Cup and other ICC tournaments coming next.
  5. shaivites are badass i highly doubt iyers pushed iyengars out of tn , maybe kings who follow ardent shaivism might have done that
  6. Today
  7. Based on that weird logic, more shame on Kapil, the bowling leader, (bowlers need to take 20 wkts to win matches) for failing to rise up more to the occasion in that period For e.g. went wicket less v Aus in 1986
  8. Youtube paying respect to his genius
  9. Equal to Gavaskar's impact in India's Test wins against non-minnows from 82-87 .
  10. It's pretty clear what I mean but I will be kind enough to spell it out for you . Original selfish midget played 46 Tests across six years from from 82-87 against non-minnows of his time with 0 50+ scores. Others stepped up every now and then (even tailenders like Kirmani) to help us win Tests but the midget couldn't do that even once. Definition of low impact stat-padding.
  11. 6 years .... you mean Ind won tests (or failed to draw) in 82, 83, 85, 87 .... or did you do some weird math by equating 3 wins (1 in 84 and 2 in 86) as 6 years of impactless by one player (anyways, I expect such things on forums) Also Ind drew/tied 68 tests b/w 71 & 87, show how many potential wins were converted into draws by the original midget (must be a huge proportion since you feel the need to discuss it)
  12. Unfortunately six years of impactless stat-padding doesn't qualify as an exception .
  13. Agree. Inquistor also means, ones who Inquire. But the popular meaning is an official of the Inquistion from a religious backed state. You should think about changing it. And podcasts with about 30 min parts will be better.
  14. Yes, but converting potential wins to draws is not what they are looking for .
  15. Tests matches have 3 results for those who know the game
  16. I'd really re-visit the title - you can 'pivot' to a different one early in the game. "Inquisitor" has quite the negative connotations associated with it. Just my 2 cents.
  17. I don't think the Indian team can afford to bench Jadeja. Given the batting he provides, given the control he provides, and the over-rate management he completely delivers on. Add his fielding. The guy is a difference maker for the bowling attack. Unless he's not fit, I do not see Ash playing ahead of him as a front-line spinner. Don't get me wrong, I love Ash's bowling. If he's fully fit and in rhythm. The former consistently becomes a question mark with him. That's the problem.
  18. You can say what you want. Fact remains that our team won in Australia. And they lost 2-1 in SA after being in a very, very good position on day 1 of the 1st test. SA escaped to 300 odd in the 1st innings after being 12/3 thanks to Bhuvi. Dhawan dropped a crucial catch in the slips at 140 odd for 5. And then ABDV saved the Saffer backsides. That was a very winnable test for India if a couple of things play out differently. The England tour scoreline may read 1-4, but we know that it was a lot closer than that. And again, think back to the crucial first test. Kuptaan Wrogn brand ambass
  19. Better than anyone when it comes to drearily accumulating runs (with the kind of batting style that emptied grounds unless you're a partisan fan) with low impact, yes. No wonder some of his fans feel the need to overcompensate by cheerleading sloggers like Pandya .
  20. This is the one thing that makes me hesitate in supporting Siraj. If Shami was injured in place of Ishant, I would not hesitate - it would be Siraj all the way. But given that its Bumrah and Shami making up the rest of the pace attack, the accuracy and control aspect of the 3rd seamer role gets magnified in importance. Those aren't really Siraj's calling cards.
  21. Frankly I do not expect much from Mayank. But that's not a bad place to be. One thing going for him? He is mentally in quite possibly, the best space of his life. And also in very good form with the bat. Whatever he manages to do, or not do - its going to be close to his best possible effort. So maybe he can come through. At least a couple of times. I like the guy - more for his mental strength than his batting technique. But the former is often underrated.
  22. unfortunately, relatively still better though
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