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  2. Well which tailender doesn't? Even Boult hurt us multiple times.
  3. Curran will come n bowl anytime now. Crucial is to keep scoring off him. If we give him extra respect he will bury us. Play late & target square boundaries.
  4. You can already see Robinson ending this series averaging 18 with 15 wickets.
  5. we do in cwg. both cwg and asian are good test events for olympics. cwg - hockey, athletics asian - wrestling, weightlifting, badminton
  6. Rohit has to set himself up to play these inswingers and have enough control to leave the ball if it’s pitched outside
  7. I wish the Asian games would become the Australasian games.. would be killer to compete against the Aussies and Kiwis in sports like Hockey there. Also would help see the Chinese hegemony decline esp in swimming, diving, and cycling
  8. Our no 3,4,5 are in poor form so both openers should contribute good
  9. First time Germany has not medalled in mens' hockey since 2000! Hope these folks start losing their positions to us. Germany has medalled in hockey 8 out of the last 12 Olympics (4G, 2S, 2B).. 2 4th place finishes
  10. Ollie bowling like Jamieson and openers not looking to score off him
  11. Feel that one wicket will open the floodgates. Way too much movement available.
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