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  2. It was pretty clear someone had tipped him off so not exactly a sensational news. Anyhow Vikas Dubey is a dead man. No one is getting aware with what his gang has done while Yogi is CM.
  3. Stick to the topic, if you have nothing sensible to add stay away. And don't tell other posters what to do, you won't like what you hear if the other side decides to engage. Some of us aren't looking forward to a slanging match, if that is what you desire ICF isn't the place.
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  5. Fine, then here is my reasoning why i dont agree with you. Nidahas happened before nz tour so there were no baggage's from that final. At international level his bowling isnt going to come handy was clear in the little opportunities he got. Pak is a sh-it batting side chasing score which was out of their reach from ball 1. Jogi bhai became hero thanks to one over, binny has unbelievable best figures in ODI, shankar too had one good last over in ODIs. Lets not talk about dubey cause shankar is better in every sense. Bottom line if pandya is in team there is no place for shankar.
  6. @Gollum, your victim complex is second to none. Spare ICF from your tantrums and take a break from the internet. Take that hapless, clueless @coffee_rules with you too.
  7. Those days the bowlers could also work on the ball and get it to reverse in the death overs. The 2 new balls rule completely killed it and has made the game even more loaded in favour of batsman.
  8. https://theprint.in/features/cricket-samrat-the-magazine-that-religiously-spread-the-gospel-of-cricket-for-42-years/454116/ _______
  9. A ban on dog meat sparks a debate about cultural imperialism and double standards. Dog meat ban in Nagaland is about showing Naga tribes as uncivilised Barking up the wrong tree: Why the debate on eating dog meat in India (and globally) is hypocritical This is a classic case of cultural imperialism and racism in the name of showing love for animals Look at the arrogance of these *ers. Wise people of Nagaland aren't supporting this madness.
  10. Never happen....do you see Indian majority of muslims have different opinion than that of Pakistanis. They ll only sought against cab, CAA,kashmir, Gaza.
  11. Okay will take all of this into account. I did my Bachelor's in India, hence the 10 scale.
  12. What is this obvious tactical advantage ?
  13. Usual judgement strawmen tripe from you, does not surprise me. . I have not claimed 1, china has not occupied land 2, not claimed india will get land back. What i have said is india does not need to attack, the attack will come from China before winter as the geography does not lend them to stay put there for ever doing nothing. Advantageous border situation is still with India. Just educate yourself more.
  14. He is genuine batsman himself, he is a batsman who can bowl but not an all rounder. Koffee with karan alone didnt help, he was our best batsman on NZ A tour which included all these names - gill iyer mayank .
  15. For this reason i really wanted to see abdul samad this ipl...he looks to fit most criterias only needs to be checked against international pace attacks even though he smashes varun aron who is quick but still needs to see how he bats against the skillfull quicks.
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  17. Shankar isn’t that bad of a player but it was disgusting to see him get selected over genuine specialist batsmen like Iyer, Gill or even Rayudu in the World Cup squad. Had Pandya not went on Karan Johar’s TV show at that time, then Shankar would never had gotten a chance to play for Team India!
  18. This assumption reminds me of the bhakt claims about how China has not successfully grabbed any Indian land. Ostrich-like. At this point, it is extremely low probability that India will ever get back Finger 4, or patrol access to F8. Getting the PLA to leave Finger 4 will take maintaining current levels of escalation across all domains. And even then, it is still unlikely that they are simply going to give up such an obviously tactical advantage.
  19. Wait till winter china has to attack else they will have to pack their bags and leave.
  20. By Everyone you mean your nanga chida gang ? Putting milestones head of team's interest.
  21. 2 Certified bad ass guys in the same video. Modi and Putin's translator. Just kidding @velu Modi and Putin
  22. Do-lund gave an incendiary speech in front of Mt. Rushmore to his cretins yesterday. Modiji ko bolo waishahi karne ke liye. Uske bhakto ko chain aayega aur @Laaloo @coffee_rules @Gollum khushhhhhhh honge! Jai Bajrangbali!!
  23. Watch this movie, good one time watch You won't believe Charlize Theron's transformation, GOAT makeup
  24. Not just any woman, Megyn Kelly is among the top M**Fs in the world. 50+ I think, very soon she will qualify for the G**F category.
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