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  2. Shocking loss. He was commenting this series and sudden cardiac arrest? I just heard his voice yesterday or day before Life is unpredictable. Dean Jones was a fun guy and was probably fun to commentate with. I'm sure those who commented with him are feeling it right now. Condolences to his family, friends and coworkers. Rest in peace.
  3. Went with the bookies odds, but will be cheering for Kar/KLR. Don't mind losing the bet.
  4. Moron can you tell me why us will put a base in India you don't even have rudimentary understanding of what you are talking about.. lol looser.
  5. Wonder how the mood will be poat deanos death
  6. @Norman copy image location from whatever website you found the pic and paste that image location here. It'll be automatically embedded in your message.
  7. RIP Shocking ! He will be missed for his fun commentary.
  8. Ok, when you click on a google image searched image, you will have to visit the site which is hosting the image. You can't cut and paste the url from google searched image. In the site, press and hold on the image to get the url of the image, which should be ending with a image filename extension like .jpg, or .jpeg, or .png ot .gif. Embed in webbrowsers work only with the file extensions.
  9. Only one team - CSK has won chasing so far. I think they want to confuse the captains.
  11. https://images.app.goo.gl/BdFPgDbLpD1dafSX8.png
  12. Copy paste the image url ending with png or jpg What kind of digital illiterate golt are you ?
  13. Tomorrow or Saturday One of my friend is crying for booze , I can't booze both today and tomorrow
  14. Should cancel today's game to pay tribute to Dean Jones.
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