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  2. Too fake, woke , preachy and unfunny. would rather watch Trevor Noah or some American ones where it comes naturally for them.
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  4. It's obviously a staged event and the media are pushing it. One man died and it has caused this much chaos throught many countries. It doesnt make any sense at all.
  5. It might be severe, but this is overacting funny coverage by ABP news
  6. Lotsa usual suspects are complaining about Abhijit’s deleted tweet. He has justified Dr. Aarti Lalchandani’s complaint about TJ’s misbehavior in the quarantine centers, using a personal analogy, has riled up all cucks on Twitter
  7. Protesters Outside of USA are jobless hacks. Facking stay indoors and don’t spread the virus. You say BlackLivesMatter and this is what is happening to Blacks Lives in USA...
  8. They will go any lengths to oppose and put down Hindus that they are ready to not even support a Pride movement for their community started by Hindus..
  9. Actually Vir Das has made jokes on Islam and Christianity before. Quite a few times actually. On Conan I've seen him do it. He doesn't discriminate. So this is unnecessary and unwarranted .
  10. Another rice bag convert stand-up funny boy Same guy prostrating to those who won’t take a joke..
  11. Kohli won't work well with strong figures, he needs yes men like Shastri, Bangar, Arun, Sridhar. We could go back to the days of Ganguly-Chappell, but after Kohli's exit sure. I really want us to hire Moody, loved watching the Lankans under him in mid 2000s.
  12. Just for the heck, saw lodu’s special, made fun of Ram, mandir, RJB, vedas, Modi, chawanprash, Christmas, but was careful about Ms, touched upon Moghuls, Akbar, Shahjahan , but never the prophet (pbuh)
  13. Changes are coming: https://reason.com/2020/06/03/here-are-4-policing-reforms-cities-and-states-are-considering-right-now/ --------------------------------------------------------------------- Policing critics, Black Lives Matters activists, and a smattering of elected officials around the country want to pass significant policing reforms following George Floyd's death at the knee of Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin. Right now, the biggest proposals are getting the most attention. Rep. Justin Amash (L-Mich.) is in the middle of crafting a bill that would eliminate qualified immunity, assuming the Supreme Court doesn't do it first. Qualified immunity is the legal doctrine that protects police officers and prosecutors from being sued for violating people's rights. Other big ideas include limiting the power and influence of police unions, who use collective bargaining not just to negotiate wages and benefits but also to control the disciplinary and appeal processes that make it next to impossible to fire bad cops. Reform advocates also want to build a national registry of police officers fired for misconduct and to repeal state laws that shield police discipline records from public view in order to keep bad cops from moving to new jurisdictions. -----------------------------------------------------------------------
  14. Lol, Dua is a harami, part of fifth column. Not just that, a molester who was even fired by 'The Wire' .
  15. These clowns can never do that....Das may insult the Sikh Gurus, Buddha, Christ but never the Prophet. Offended Hindu may start an online petition, Sikh may throw ink, Christians may protest outside his house but when it comes to.......sabko apni jaan pyari hai.
  16. Malappuram India's most violent district, an elephant killed every 3 days in Kerala: Maneka Gandhi
  17. No matter what you do some wild herbivores will always be danger to crops. Nilgai and wild pigs are two most biggest threats to farms.
  18. Now LGBT community disowns and condemns Pride Kashmir. They can kill their own brothers, these cucks.
  19. https://www.opindia.com/2020/06/vir-das-islam-prophet-muhammad-comedy-ramesh-solanki-netflix-hinduphobia/ lol lol vir das phattu saala
  20. You are absolutely right. Those actions are not justifiable. But in every one of these discussions, let's recognize what started it, and how the aftermath could have been avoided by swift action against the guilty cops.
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