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  2. So finally Live cricket action is back with some restriction
  3. Since Afretard's debut (2 Oct, 1996) Pak-Ind H2H is 41-39. Pak so lucky that we haven't played much since 2008, overall H2H would already be in our favor otherwise.
  4. Maybe mid or low probability but cannot be completely ruled out. How often do u see international level cricketers do this:
  5. Today
  6. Doesn't make any sense at all. The generation he played against did not have the prior ones baggage, which wasn't exactly lop sided to begin with. Pak was a better team in the 90s but not one that pummeled us.
  7. Fauci calls the current rise as the first wave. “We are still knee-deep in the first wave of this. And I would say, this would not be considered a wave. It was a surge, or a resurgence of infections superimposed upon a baseline,” Fauci said during an interview on Facebook Live.
  8. I was telling exactly the same thing to my friend. How do people expect Indian govt to pay for all the expenses that have incurred in last 3 months? Modi ji bhagwan nai he jo automatic sab free me fix karte rahe..... Abhi to bahot kharche ki payment karni he... Abhi se rona chalu kiya to aansu kam pad jayege.
  9. Fool. Already Trump's botched coronavirus response has killed 130,000 Americans under his bigoted presidency. The numbers are rising in key states like Florida, Texas and Arizona if i'm not wrong. Hope the 2nd wave doesn't cause more casualties.
  10. Hate Trump to the core.. he has no character, no ethics, no integrity.. but some Indians vote him because he is from Republicans party and Party is pro-business.. and that will benefit Indian business owners.. plain and simple.. And also, what other choices we got.. Biden? who just commented on NRC, CAA against Indian policies.. or Sanders who is pro-pak because his lead campaigner is Pakistani? On other hand, Trump is one of very few who is standing against China, although in a dubious way..
  11. Lagta hain Khansab ke saath saath yeh Afretard Pathan bhi kaali dal ragad rahaa hain!
  12. Isko China border mein deploy kar ko. Yudh karega Thala!
  13. Thala on active duty somewhere in Kashmir https://mobile.twitter.com/mayanky87704108/status/1280362255238918144
  14. Trump is just anti immigrant. He just loves only himself. He could literally say anything he wants to please a group. A con man to the core with no ideologies, core principles. He falls for flattery, gets easily triggered by even the mildest criticism. Essentially maturity level of a 5 year old baby. A man who decided to not to help states because they are not nice to them is not a leader.
  15. I know what u mean, in my opinion an anti-science person should never be the leader of a city, let alone a country. Having said that, a particular supporter cannot be the benchmark for judging the credentials of a leader. The best of leaders will have the worst of supporters and using the latter is injustice to the capabilities & contributions of the leader. Alexandra Pelosi did a very good piece once that I saw on real time, one episode had the Mississippi redneck Republican voters & the other had NY inner city welfare hogging Democrat voters. Neither of the two demographics reflected Obama or Romney accurately. Trump may have a strong alt right support but at the end of the day people vote on issues and feelings, not always on facts, which is the bigger problem at hand. Not all of them will be racists but fox news tells them something and they're naive to believe it.
  16. So looking forward to this game, been ages since we viewed live cricket. Hope ENG WI PAK IRE all stay uninfected and set a protocol for future tours.
  17. old one .. used Age of conquerors though we kept using AOE instead of AOC
  18. Afghans..... Sri Lanka Bangladesh Nepal . . . Fifty feet of krap.... . . . . Poyzz played well team
  19. Pre-Covid 19: Where every team stood in terms of points and whom they have to play for the rest of the championship
  20. 3 test match series. 120 points in play. 40 per win.
  21. The point is, a player cant be part of any sports management group in any form. I remember even Kumble had the same issue once.
  22. It's not very complicated. Trump is anti Pakistan which makes him popular among desis, and India is seen as a US ally only to keep China in check. Symbiotic relations.
  23. I dont watch their matches, but I quite like the Afghanistan team. They have good fast bowlers, class spinners and decent batsmen. I love their fast bowlers, obviously. So young in world cricket but already some bowlers bowl in excess of 88mph. And as much as other members would dislike, I have no hatred towards Pakistan. I love their cricketers and I would root for Pakistan if they were playing againt England or Bangladesh.
  24. It's the future it seems. There's youtuber called FazeCensor who is a millionaire through competitive gaming.
  25. She is my spiritual partner, so she teleports herself to spiritual realm whenever I'm bored of her. Meanwhile I have a long list of hotties to hook up with!
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