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Dhoni: when will the torture end???

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Sachin Tendulkar believes MS Dhoni has done enough for him to be left alone and allow him to make this decision on his own terms. He also said that people should respect his decision and give him time to either stay or go out on his own terms.

From above statement I can make out is,  there is certain section of BCCI which clearly wants MSD to be unceremoniously dropped .


I guess Sachin coming out in defense actually means means  BCCI is mulling is it worth selling MSD Farewell series which has advantage that fans will forget how pathetic Indian team has been in WC.

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I was at the Bangladesh India game at Edgbaston last week


At the end after it had finished I was walking towards one of the exits and MSK Prasad walks past me


I'd had about 12 pints during the day so I grabbed him and said to him pretty aggressively at him 'Dhoni is finished and to never pick him again'


He looked like he **** himself and couldn't get away fast enough :phehe:

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23 hours ago, Mosher said:

Read in TOI today that "Sources said that Dhoni won't be an automatic selection from now on and MSK will speak to him soon" Ofcourse its an anonymous source so don't know how true this news is.

what is the need to speak, just dont select him like it happened with Dravid and Laxman.

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On 7/15/2019 at 11:26 AM, IndianRenegade said:

There are news reports he might not be selected for the WI tour, if selectors ignore him, he has to retire.

He was not picked for a T20 series and then promptly brought back with clarification from selectors that he is very much in their plans for T20 format. Similar thing can happen now also. If he is sidelined for the WI tour imagine the outrage in online as well as offline mediums as his bhakts take up the "injustice" done to him. It will be a PR disaster for the BCCI and selectors. To avoid all this unnecessary drama he should announce retirement. He dragged his sorry self along for the world cup, now what else is left to ruin? He better quit as a player and work as a mentor if he wants to help the team with his "invaluable" experience.

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^ Dhoni and Kaptaan saahab are the weakest Link in Indian odi squad. change both and we will be fine.


Yes, We have two weakest link in odi squad, a redundancy feature of squad failure. No wonder when both play their roles (Tuk tuk and Craptain), we are guaranteed to loose the tournament

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