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FIFA World Cup 2018 | Russia | 14th June - 15th July

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For UK folks...




Thursday, June 14 (4pm): Russia v Saudi Arabia ITV


Friday, June 15 (1pm): Egypt v Uruguay BBC


Friday, June 15 (4pm): Morocco v Iran ITV


Friday, June 15 (7pm): Portugal v Spain BBC


Saturday, June 16 (11am): France v Australia BBC


Saturday, June 16 (2pm): Argentina v Iceland ITV


Saturday, June 16 (5pm): Peru v Denmark BBC


Saturday, June 16 (8pm): Croatia v Nigeria ITV


Sunday, June 17 (1pm): Costa Rica v Serbia ITV


Sunday, June 17 (4pm): Germany v Mexico BBC


Sunday, June 17 (7pm): Brazil v Switzerland ITV


Monday, June 18 (1pm): Sweden v Korea Rep ITV


Monday, June 18 (4pm): Belgium v Panama BBC


Monday, June 18 (7pm): Tunisia v England BBC


Tuesday, June 19 (1pm): Colombia v Japan BBC


Tuesday, June 19 (4pm): Poland v Senegal ITV


Tuesday, June 19 (7pm): Russia v Egypt BBC


Wednesday, June 20 (1pm): Portugal v Morocco BBC


Wednesday, June 20 (4pm): Uruguay v Saudi Arabia BBC


Wednesday, June 20 (7pm): Iran v Spain ITV


Thursday, June 21 (1pm): Denmark v Australia ITV


Thursday, June 21 (4pm): France v Peru ITV


Thursday, June 21 (7pm): Argentina v Croatia BBC


Friday, June 22 (1pm): Brazil v Costa Rica ITV


Friday, June 22 (4pm): Nigeria v Iceland BBC


Friday, June 22 (7pm): Serbia v Switzerland BBC


Saturday, June 23 (1pm): Belgium v Tunisia BBC


Saturday, June 23 (4pm): Korea Rep v Mexico ITV


Saturday, June 23 (7pm): Germany v Sweden ITV


Sunday, June 24 (1pm): England v Panama BBC


Sunday, June 24 (4pm): Japan v Senegal BBC


Sunday, June 24 (7pm): Poland v Colombia ITV




4 matches on Saturday, 16th June... aha.gif


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16 minutes ago, Nikhil_cric said:

Not a fan of soccer apart from watching World Cups so can any die hard soccer fan explain to me why France is struggling against Australia. Wasn't France supposed to be one of the strongest teams this time?

Australia punched above their weight. They cannot match France in set plays.

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On 6/13/2018 at 8:49 PM, someone said:

So Spain to win? It would be a fairly tale story, sacking coach at start of tournament, low morale and yet going on to win it all. There are so many such stories in football.

Germany by far looking good compared to others

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16 hours ago, The Dark Horse said:

Heartbreak for Peru..

Yeah ,Peru must be kicking themselves for not winning that match,they had so many chances to score but poor finishing and the penalty miss cost them dearly .

France must be wary of Peru and Denmark,it's not that easy to qualify from this group 

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