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India vs Australia | 2nd ODI | Adelaide | 15 Jan 2019 | 8.50 am IST |

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What an eyesore of a performance today by the blue tigers, what an anti climax after the first match, so near yet so far, only good thing is SC has resigned.


Man I can't even sleep, hopefully Indian team would ease bit of the pain tomorrow morning.


See y'all. Good night :((

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I think this team selection is good. Applying game theory, Kohli is not able to drop dhoni, but he needs alternatives if dhoni fails down the stretch and is forced to retire , so to play safe DK is played here today . So will gauge if dhoni or DK will aboard the flight to England. Pant to me looks a certainity as primary/backup for WC.


Now coming onto Rayudu, this is a conundrum, but guess he might fail here .and I am thinking Kohli still feels number 4 could be a toss up between Rayudu and Karthik .  Hence pitch them together in the same match to see their performance. So only one of Rayudu /Karthik will board flight.


If all 3 fail here, then pant, Gill, Jadhav,pandya,jadeja,kuldeep,bumrah and shami will make the 11 along with top 3.



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2 minutes ago, jf1gp_1 said:

Questioned what wrong have iyer or manish done ? Iyer got runs against WI but was dropped. Manish never got a run. To play dhoni at 5 others have not been given longer run.

Good.A series loss here will embolden others to raise questions 

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