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Forward Defence

Speed and Performance of Pacers, trundlers and Spinners in WC2019

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This thread is dedicated to all the pace lovers in ICF.

We will be looking at how quick the bowlers bowl in the world cup. Attention will also be paid to variations, guile, lengths etc.

Rabada has already touched 150.2 kph in the first match.

Attention @express bowling @Rightarmfast@Mosher@Suhaan@MultiB48@nitinbwj @vvvslaxman@vishalvirsingh@rkt.india

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Archer 2nd over

150 kph driven to cover (2nd in the 150 club after Rabada)

145 kph four to third man

142 kph dot

Slower ball dot

145 kph. Short Ball. Hits Amla on the grill. Physio out to attend to him. Morris running out with spare helmets.Amla leaving the field :yikes: Markram comes in

151.5 kph left alone




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Archer 4th over

142 kph dot

140 kph 1 run to square leg

148 kph excellent cover drive for four. This Markram can handle pace

144 kph Edged to slip. Jinxed him. Archer's first wicket. Bounced a tad extra that delivery

147 kph Beautifully driven for four by Faf

146 kph. Short ball climbing into the body. dot


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13 hours ago, Forward Defence said:

Surprisingly Lungi Ngidi hasn't even touched 140 ks yet:nervous:

Love this news that lungi is slow.

I saw some part of the match on hotstar.I have shifted to Bangalore from Mumbai as I have got a fair job in blr.


I have hotstar VIP services subscribed. Is there a delay or is it Live for me.


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9 hours ago, Forward Defence said:

Archer 7th over

slower defended

140 kph. Cut away but brilliantly fielded at point. 1 run

142 kph dot

145 kph. leg sidish four

145 kph. bouncer wide

141 kph dot

144 kph 1 run

This guy has strengthened England.

Now they have the strongest pace bowling attack in tournament

Woods is sitting out.

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Thomas 3rd over

137 kph left alone. Keeps a little low

141 kph. Rapped on the pads. Dot

143 kph. fielded at point. Dot ball

---- dot ball

143 kph. Very high bouncer. wide

141 kph Fuller this time. Driven through mid off for two

140 kph full toss dot


Thomas hasnt been that impressive today. Babar's wkt was a bonus


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