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And finally Dhoni announces retirement- (this is a work of fiction ).

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The discussions went on till morning, Dhoni had a video meeting with Rhiti CEO n his friend about the pro n cons n how it will affect his brand value.News from media sources is there had been a backlash n except for some Chennaiites everyone had seen the light of the day n the joke Dhoni played on us.

Kohli had a word with MSk and finally they have realized the public can't be fooled anymore, Dhoni along with his wife went to talk with their ssf piritusl guru also he had a some physical elements and was prescribed the blue pill to no avail.

Shastri has taken to his bottle after the game n was incoherent n Anushka talked some sense n asked Kohli to grow a.

Announcement will be made officially in a day or two or Dhoni might be declared unfit to save face. 

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