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Shankar and DK (WC19)

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Yeah.. I don't know the rationale behind playing DK almost directly in the semis. They had been grooming Jadhav for over a year in the mid order only to drop him after one bad game to divert the animosity of the public from Dhoni to him. If TM wanted DK to bat in semis, they could have sent him up the order in Bang and SL match to get him some game time, instead of the same top 3 hogging 90% overs. And he wasn't even in the previous ODI series vs Aus as well. Knowing DK's limitations, expecting him to deliver in a crunch situation  almost from the beginning of the innings would always end in disaster. Can't believe no one from TM saw this. 


Guess TM was in full panic mode since Afghan match. They muddled up the mid order and bowling combination ever since and settled with crap team in semis.

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5 minutes ago, Vilander said:

Actually if Shankar was no 4 in semis India would have won. Very ironic this is the one game he would have been suitable.

Shankar cracks under pressure. Highly unlikely to have gone into a double digit score. And could have run out someone in panic :dontknow:

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