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The rise of the Nagins (Tigers)!

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We have relied on our neighbors to hand Ind KO games at important events more often than not. Have the Nagins finally managed to crawl out of the hole? Will not be surprised if the senior team takes a leaf out of its book to make Ind exit at the group stage in this yr's T20 WC. BD is likely to be in Ind's group :fear1:







On a serious note, BD U19 played exceptional cricket. Will be worthy winners if they make it! :thumb:



5.52pm They are going off, and the covers are coming on to the ground. It';s gone from a drizzle to steadier rain, and Bangladesh are ahead of the DLS score at this stage, which would have been 145, if there were to be no further play!


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6pm The covers are being peeled off, the rain has stopped. Revised target is 170 - Bangladesh need seven from 30 balls!

revised target 



6.13pm Bangladesh have done what has looked unthinkable for at least the last three years at U-19 level. They have beaten India in an absolute humdinger, and won their first World Cup at any level!


Congrats BD! 

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They were more professional and deserved to win. Indian colts were amateurish. Bangla boys were pumped up from the start which took Indians by surprise and they just froze there after.

Anyways, where all these players are in 2 years time.

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