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Analysis of Top 5 batsman in Test Cricket

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I am looking at top 5 players in test cricket based on performance in recent times (Virat, Smith, Root, Kane & Pujara).


Career Stats



Considering Joe Root plays most number of matches he will be leading run scorer but if you look overall i will say smith & virat have been best batsman in test cricket. Both have performed in almost all conditions to be considered as best of this generation. Root has scored runs everywhere but failed to convert start into big innings. Kane has poor stats in Eng, SA & Ind conditions & pretty avg even in Aus conditions. Pujara has been consistent performer in home conditions and won india big series in Aus almost single handedly.


Home Matches Stats



In Home conditions again Virat & Smith leads the chart. Kohli has scored double ton against almost all touring side in home conditions while smith has been consistent in most of the series. I will give this to virat just cause he has only lost one match in his captaincy tenure in home conditions. I think any great teams from past will have tough time to beat this indian side. Pujara has performed some clutch knocks in home conditions to help india win big series. Root has to bat in eng conditions where ball swings and seams so you can expect such average from him. Kane has been pretty good batsman in home conditions.


Away Matches Stats



In away conditions smith leads the chart where he has dominated almost all overseas tour. Virat has failed in countries like west indies and that's reason for his low average. Root again has failed to convert start into big score. Kane even though he has great stats he has failed against top sides. Pujara has been avg in most series except one against aus.


SENAI Matches Stats (SA, Eng, NZ, Aus, Ind)



Why SENAI? For players like Smith, Root & Kane SENA conditions will be familiar right? Well i have picked top 5 teams and most hardest place to win a test match. Smith has been exceptional once again in those conditions except series in SA 2018 which was lowest point of his career. Virat has scored runs in almost all conditions except Eng 2014 & NZ 2019 but he has scored runs in all SENA countries. Root has good average but just 3 centuries. Pujara & Kane has been inconsistent in SENAI countries.


SENAI Won Matches Stats (SA, Eng, NZ, Aus, Ind)



The reason i rate smith as best test player is this stat. Wins in SENAI country is never easy to achieve and scoring runs is difficult as well. Smith has scored 8 tons in 10 matches he has won in SENAI. Now some will say cricket is team game and this stat mean nothing. I do agree you can't expect individual to win you test match and that too in SENAI countries which are most difficult place to win test match but again smith has won many matches single handedly without much help from his partners. I am most disappointed with virat for his just one match winning innings. He has played many innings like smith has done in SENAI but he always falls bit short of win. Pujara has 2 tons in Aus series but again he should have scored bit more than that as per his standards. Root & Kane have been avg in SENAI Won matches.

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do not  take much from  the  'runs in win' data because wins are decided not by the concerned batsman alone. That being said, it seems Smith & Kohli are neck and neck over all as of now. If Kohli had this poor series at home, I wouldn't  have estimated it much but this is in SENA. Kohli has been pulled down by this absymal performance a lot .   But Root & Williamson still are below these 2 by some distance.

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