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Meet the Official Cobbler of the Indian Cricket Team

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9 hours ago, Norman said:

Sad to see really. Not one single player out off all those could set up a shop for him ?  I mean they can buy match tickets for random padosi and SL fans but can't help out this guy....:facepalm:


Bunch of PR hunting shallow turdmouths !



Kohli doesn't spend time or money for anyone unless it has PR value with a broad base ,that translates to big bucks.

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Basically Afritard is right Indians dont have big hearts. A roadside shop will cost only few thousands. The permission is granted by policemen and councillors for monthly bribe. Atleast one cricketer can contribute to the shop and the cricketing establishment can keep the authorities happy. Actually a single cricketer can take care of that also. The people with more money want more money. This is our reality. No wonder there is poverty. Atleast this guy is hard working common man and working for the cricketers. Many beggars have more money in the bank account than this guy. Sad to see :((

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