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ODIs: Ind Lefties vs Righties

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inspired by @velu thread on lefties and righties but this one is for Ind in ODIs 


Lefties 11 















Righties 11 














Appears as if the lefties 11  will do relatively well in knockout games, and the righties 11 in bilaterals :hmmm: 

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6 hours ago, velu said:

righties do well in the wc finals though ..


Dhoni MoM in the finals ..

sehwag top scorer vs austarlia in the finals that we lost :((


zakk will screw us in the finals though :phehe:

Righties need to somehow reach the final first :dontknow: 


It is like when ppl say Gilly scores in the finals but he is able to do that because his team usually enters finals without much contribution from him. If he played for a weaker side, his contributions would not take his team to the final and therefore not have an opportunity to make play it :lol: 

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9 hours ago, Ankit_sharma03 said:

Right XI


  1. Sachin
  2. Rohit
  3. Kohli 
  4. Azhar
  5. Dhoni (capt)
  6. Ajay Jadeja
  7. Kapil 
  8. Shami
  9. Bumrah 
  10. Ash
  11. Kumble

Really wanted KL in side but has not played a lot 


Left XI

  1. Dhawan
  2. Ganguly (capt)
  3. Gambhir 
  4. Irfan pathan
  5. Yuvraj singh 
  6. Pant
  7. Raina 
  8. Kuldeep yadav 
  9. Jadeja
  10. Zak
  11. Nehra




Why would you put Irfan at 4 and Raina at 7? That is straight from Greg Chappell's book

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1 hour ago, bowl_out said:

Why would you put Irfan at 4 and Raina at 7? That is straight from Greg Chappell's book

coz irfan was revelation at 3-4 using PP and he didnt enjoy batting much at 7 and raina was very good at finisher

So 2 players become good but if irfan bats at 7 only raina remains strong. Yup staright from dravid n chappell book n one of them talked about how irfan batting worked better when ball was a bit new then old. Ppl forget actually promotion of irfan was sachin's idea. Chappell did talk about how dravid knew that irfan pref a newish ball on bat and he was right . Irfan played some damn good knocks at 3.

HE was like narine option but a far upgrade one 










Edited by Ankit_sharma03

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