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Harsh Thakor

12 hardest Asian batsmen to dsimiss in orderof merit?

Who was the most difficult Asian batsmen to ever dismiss?  

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  1. 1. Who was thehardest Asian batsmen to ever dismiss?

    • Tendulkar
    • Hanif Mohammad
    • Dravid
    • Kohli
    • Miandad
    • Vijay Merchant
    • Laxman
    • Zaheer Abbas
    • Jayewardene
    • Sangakaara
    • Mohinder Amarnath
    • Aravinda De Silva
    • Gavaskar
    • Hazare
    • Vishwanath
    • Mudassar Nazar

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This is my list in order of merit of the batsmen from Asia who were hardest to dislodge.

Hanif Mohammad

Vijay Merchant





Mohinder Amarnath

Younis Khan

Virat Kohli



Aravinda De Silva




Hanif was simply the ultimate boulder who occupied the crease for maximum hours.Merchant was technically the king.Gavaskar posessed concentration of a Biddhist monk.Dravid had a characteristic subtlety in his batting style which made him almost inpenetrable.Miandad was the ultimate man for a crisis who improvised strokes in perfect accordance with the situation. Tendulkar was the most complete of batsmen and could handle the greatest pressure.Amarnath superbly blended attack and defence in the hardest times ,like in 1983 facing Pkaistan and West Indies.Younis posesed the nerves of an army commander being a champion in ressurecting his side from the grave.Kohli was the strongest in the mind and in organizing a strtegy to counter opponents.Laxman was he best ever in 4th innings chases with great ability to manipulate strike and find the gap.Jayewardene was determination personified and even in the gravest crisis would never lose his nerves.Aravinda was the ultimate master of craft on bad wicket.

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14 minutes ago, Norman said:

Any Pak batsman when Shakoor Rana is the umpire. 

Especially Miandad :laugh:. Rana famously told Maninder Singh "“Aaja, aaja, ethe sirf bowled kar, ethe ohiyeo wicket milegi.” (Come back, you need to get batsmen bowled, that’s the only way you’ll get a dismissal here.)".

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