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Nerdy puns from a doctor's twitter-feed

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"I have a pediatrics joke, but it's too childish!"


"I have an emergency room joke, but got to hand it off to someone else."


"I have an anesthesia joke, but it will put you to sleep."


"I have an emergency room joke, but you'll have to wait 4 hours before I can tell you."


"I have a pathology joke, come back next week and I'll tell you."


Anyone want to add their own puns from their fields of work?

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it's a pretty self explanatory meme, like a cousin of a knock-knock joke. Twitter users say they have a joke related to a specific topic, and then describe it in some sort of tongue-in-cheek or punny way. Considering our current events, we all just need some good jokes — which may be the reason the meme has gone so viral. Here are some great examples:

Some Twitter trends are so Nerdy, like 20sTwitter, SaffronTwitter, RainbowTwitter . These above are called Dad jokes.


The best one is:


And finally, arguably the most deserving of a rimshot: 

i have an intern joke and it... nevermind. https://t.co/SCHRGYVIJV

— Monica Lewinsky (@MonicaLewinsky) July 24, 2020

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