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Top test batting performances in a series

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that you have seen/followed 


Top 3-4 for India esp. in series wins from the top of the mind recall 

1. Pujara in Aus (3 top innings)

2. VVS vs Aus (281 in the 2nd test  (best inning that I have seen from an Ind batsman) + 50 odd in a low scoring inning in 3rd test)
3. Sehwag in Pak (First triple for India and the level of dominance. Sehwag v Pak anywhere was usually good)


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Below is a list of top 25 innings (not necessarily series) as rated by cricinfo in 2018:







The innings that missed the top 25
26. Doug Walters, 104 not out v New Zealand, 1973-74
27. Brian Lara, 226 v Australia, 2005-06
28. Adam Gilchrist, 144 v Bangladesh, 2005-06
29. Clyde Walcott, 220 v England, 1953-54
30. Tip Foster, 287 v Australia, 1903-04

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Picking 3 different than Zen: no order


Dravid 2011 England. One man army vs the #2 test side. The rest of the team folded. 


Pujara in Sri Lanka(although he only played one match in that series 2015). He gets replaced by Rohit but he gets a second life as an opener. He carries the bat to the next innings and arguably saves his test career. It was a green pitch as well. 

That innings will be a big milestone after his career is over. If he ends up an Indian great, then that innings will be the one that saved his career. If he ends up a mediocre player, that one will be an innings that set Indian cricket back a few years.   


Gambhir in NZ 2009, particularly Napier. We are leading the series 1-0 after the first test, but the 2nd test they have scored over 600. Gambhir plays over 400 balls when we are forced to follow on, making it impossible for NZ to win the test. We go on to draw the 3rd test as well and win a series in NZ. Gambhir basically denied NZ a drawn series in the 2nd match. 

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