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    @velu picks up chicks at will. He is a pro. Last time we were drinking together, 2 waitresses came and sat on his lap. But later we realized we were too drunk, and those were 2 waiters , not waitresses. Happens
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    This show is worse than bollywood. Its a soap opera where more than 50% of the time is focused on scheming done by 'nasty' women - wife, daughter in law, mother in laws, aunts. Add 10% slow motion horse riding set to music, sprinkle another 10% old school sword fights, 10% overt "Islam is great", some bits of a magic Islamic 'baba' who shows up at random times to help the hero. etc etc. All problems are due to infidels and 'traitors'. The villains are comically stereotyped, a catholic priest who looks jewish, hatching evil plans in his lair, while drinking 'sharaab'. Add a cardinal who 'kills the pope', and wants to bone everything that moves. And of course, the whole world is out to conspire against the "islamic" people.
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    Identities themselves are useless. But I have no respect for Pakistanis because of this tendency to culturally appropriate some other random culture just because they are islamic. Pakistanis are Indian muslims that should be your identity. May be make it unique as you can but wanting some random Turkish identity is pathetic.
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    UAE pitches. Get your knuckles ready
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    Beginning the process of the fourth member interview. Featured poster will be @coffee_rules, another veteran on this forum and among the 2-3 active ICFers who actually likes Mysore Pak , and the only one who has the nerve to make fun of Bengali sweets. Apart from Team India he likes WI/Aus, a fan/follower of Karnataka cricket team and its players, big fan of Sachin, wants RCB to win the elusive trophy and is anti-MI/CSK fans. From my experience he is very active in the 'Chit Chat' section, keen follower of politics and outspoken, political correctness be damned !!! He cares deeply about national, dharmic and Hindu interests, can keep discussions civil no matter how heated the topics become. He is a connoisseur of classical music, dance forms and Indic traditions/history/culture. One can also count on him for recommendations about kick-ass movies and TV shows to watch. Fire away your questions, please stay classy and avoid trolling.
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    This is what Dhoni has been thinking/doing for the last few years.
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    I don’t think anyone votes for Putin or against him for the matter of fact ,anyways.
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    Lol really? Rahane still averages more than ganguly even after being pretty mediocre in last 4 years.
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    Turkish History?? The movie Lagaan is more historically accurate than this medieval fantasy soap opera.
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    Can’t wait. Cricket in reliable weather
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    He never has actually, Indian batsmen milk his bowling. He has been a difficult batsman to dislodge for our bowlers though, always scores runs against India.
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    I met this Turkish woman while somewhere in Europe. It was a municipal office I was there on some work. Man she looked amazing she had a couple of young kids with her may be related.. I tried hard not to ogle atleast when she had her eyes on me. She was wearing a nice little nose piercing, I did not know they do that in turkey. Instances where I imagined converting lol won't be that bad.
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    @velu - Try cubbon park...might get lucky Sent from my SM-G950F using Tapatalk
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    India TV Serials

    My dad was (is?) obsessed with that movie. I remember when I was a kid he made me watch it as if it was some masterpiece. Crap movie. when I was about 8-9 yrs old, we were in Chembur eating lunch, at a south indian place, it happened to be Raj Kapoor's favorite apparently, and we saw him eating there too. My dad shamelessly used me to talk to him, telling him that "my son is a big fan", and I barely knew who he was. I remember my dad being so excited afterwards, and I was thinking what's so special about this fat old Santa Claus looking dude, without a beard.
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    Dada was just joking, no need to take these comments seriously and grill him on this basis. Take it as a joke and forget it !
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    Alert: Customary taqiya post to sound anti-Muslim/Pakistan. Latest tactic of ISPR
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    I think he is targeting middle order
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    Gollum Bhai, India is trying to reduce "Extreme Poverty" like the ones in Somalia, Nigeria and other third world African nations
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    Will do better than Rahane, for sure.
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    2020 US Presidential election discussion

    He's not good at facts & figures but he is smart at selling the Trump brand, which got him the presidency with some extra help :) You might know how Scott Adams had predicted his victory based on the effect his words have for the avg white voter and even some non-white Americans who believe in coal jobs & anti-immigrant rhetoric. There is some extreme talent to the guy in the way he smashed the typical Republican candidates and then the tenure ready democrat nominee. One can highlight all the ifs and buts such as electoral college & Bernie or bust movement but it was an incredible win which no one could have predicted in 2015. It is unfortunate that snake oil sales can get u the presidency and with that skill he beat everyone in 2016. Although Biden has the lead for now, he shouldn't take it for granted. If the Oxford vaccine or something else comes out well, Trump will be claiming credit for how "he got it done" while saving the economy and possibly winning another term.
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    Straight Drive

    The BSE/NSE Trading Thread

    Gold has given good returns. It is also a safe investment. Since 80's I have seen it's price increase well and without any risks that are associated with stocks or MF. Always nice to have a diversified investment portfolio. Each of the investment types has its own benefit and a mix of them offers very good diversification and risk mitigation.
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    Big B Movies

    It is a remake of a popular Kannada movie - Shankar Guru starring Rajkumar. It was made in other languages later in Tamil Thirisoolam (SGanesan) and Kumara Raaja (Krishna)
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    Miadad can't hold a candle in front of Ponting. Ponting is 2 wc winning captain and only behined Tendulkar and Lara in that generation. Played great inning against ATG bowlers. As said miadad was benificary of dodgy umpiring. Have you seen miadad overseas avg compared to ponting. Miadad was complete tuk tuk in odi like dravid, just beacuse he hit a last ball 6 in odi against Chetan Sharma doesn't make him greater batsmen than Ponting. Even chandrpaul has hit last ball 6 against sl and our own Karthik hit against bd once in blue moon inning doesn't make him any great. BTW have you seen ponting avg and sr in odi and avg overall and avg in overseas test compare to miadad. Kapil also won wc with a mediocre side against ATG WI so Imran Khan is not that great as you suggest he is no where near to Kapil in odi. Khan was only good in test and that too as bowler in one phase and batsmen in another phase. I would pick Sobers or Botham ahead of him in overall format.
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    Most players- Dhoni Bhuvi unadkat
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    I look forward to Biden addressing the covid 19 pandemic for the sake of Americans & joining the Paris climate agreement for the sake of the world. The nuisance factor that they will create on Kashmir, CAA etc will be dealt with. Even if it comes down to giving handouts to empower Pak army like it happened in the past, we should just handle it diplomatically or otherwise. For the sake of America & the world, even Bernie would be better than Trump in my opinion since the two major problems need focus. The expectation I have with Biden or if another Democrat was nominee would be that don't be so soft on China or any other foreign power that they continue to abuse their own people, try to bully their neighbours, give u an unfair trade deal, hack into ur core systems, try to manipulate your elections and get stronger after all these actions. America doesn't need to be the world's policeman but protect your internal interests and your relations with like minded partners in a reasonable way. Once America backs off from East Asia, it is a matter of time that there will be multiple wars initiated by Communist China against Taiwan, Japan and the South China sea nations. Ditto for the middle east, although that will be a problem area due to American actions as well as without them.
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    Money.... See all these associations and ranji cricketers coaches groundsman etc you need money to pay their salaries. Fans need to understand this is about livelihoods which need to be protected. Cricket Australia are on a staff sacking spree.
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    Just before the tour down under.... We never learn do we ?
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    India TV Serials

    Quality 80s movies comedy movies - Angoor, Chasme Badhoor. Katha , (Paranjpe is my fav female director) , Khubsoorat, Romantic movies of Gulzaar - Ijaazat, QSQT Action movies - Arjun, Shiva, Joshilay (Shekhar Kapur directed Sholay clone) Drama- Junoon, Shakti, New Delhi Times, Govind Nihalani movies were top notch. apart from Ardh Satya, he did Aakrosh, Vijeta, Tamas
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    India TV Serials

    B R Chopra's Mahabharat is an ABSOLUTE MASTERPIECE. Have a listen to the dialogue below. You could cut the tension with a knife. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OadmMzk2eKk https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2uuPgnGVS-w Even the title song has stood the test of time exceptionally well. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HRVHluptQio
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    I am 100% certain Trump will win,he could walk into a republican home and kill the father but his wife will vote for him,he has 47% of the vote down no matter what he does,all he needs to do is swing a few key states and he is through and he has Florida in the bag.
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    Women in Pashtoon Areas (my experience)

    Don't need to bring stuff from other forums over here. ICF is a special community and unless posters overstep the mark (by a big margin) here we should get along just fine, nationality and/or religious/class/caste/gender/colour yada yada (100 other civics book terms) background shouldn't matter. In fact we could do with more diversity, even though I may not comment in every thread I enjoy when some posters challenge the dominant narrative over here, when they make contrarian points. PS- no need to give traffic to peeepeee. If some ICFers are still in the habit of spending time there I would request them to stop it, those folks need Endian traffic for revenue, why oblige?
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    ICF Member Interview: maniac

    Just a reminder. Those who haven't read this interview please do so immediately, epic answers by maniac garu. Those who missed the opportunity to ask questions, those who have other questions in mind, floor is yours!
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    Velu, if it isn't too much to ask why don't you post a couple of serious questions from time to time in these questions threads?
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    1) favorite Pub in bangalore 2) favorite pickup spot in bangalore
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    You know, when Boycott used to say "my grandmother could do that", he didn't mean it literally.
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    This is due to the reason that even talking with the strangers is a "sin". Even if one woman has to talk with a stranger in emergency, then she is ordered to keep her voice hard. This is the real Sharia. But obviously it is not practical, and thus majority of Pakistani women are not able to act upon it (except for ultra religious families).
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    Raste ka maal saste mein. When you have a country that is easily available for rent, and for cheap, Lots of folks are going to happily use them, and then throw once done. And then you will have the traditional al-Baki crying whinge about how its "allies" are betraying it. Unkil Sam, Unkil Saud, Unkil Cheen - all these uncles have lined up to molest their little nephew, and then moved on when the time comes. All they have to do is throw a few coins at the fake jernails, and they will ensure that their brainwashed masses will hear whispers of how this new Unkil is going to make them great again, mashallah.
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    Hinduphobia In Secular India

    Karwa Chut comedy from a rice bag convert
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    one of my regret is that i cant vote for Trump another minor regret is that i cant vote for Putin as well , but it doesnt really matter for thala putin @vvvslaxman all my votes so far went to thalavi JJ
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    He is jain. As is current cm of guj rupani
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    Coronavirus in Pakistan

    https://www.worldometers.info/coronavirus/country/pakistan/ @First class @Autonomous IS it true the cases in pakistan are declining ? or just wrong data provided by govt or low testing
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    We should just decide all our LAC issues with the Chinese on the cricket pitch. The only problem is that if they win the toss, they will choose a bat.
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    Why is pakistan the arse of so many blocks ?
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    Only pakistan is not part of any block more like chinas arse maybe specifically arse hole hehe..
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    Natural super power doesn't spare anyone. No matter what you do.
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    Current attacking 11 (U30)

    If this cute guy is 25, I'm in my nappies
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    ICF Member Interview: maniac

    banjo I'm so insulted I'm at a loss for words. I do think of @maniac as a buddy though, sort of like that twerpy kid who lives down the street and tends to annoy you now and then. But still is part of your 'tribe'.
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    Does that surprise you? Everyone is a Harvey "two face" Dent. One face while in opposition and the other when in power. Have you not heard that Laloo Prasad joke? Laloo ji was in the parliament and someone mentioned India's huge population and the need for family planning. Laloo ji said " Hum bilkul sehmat hain. Abaadi ko control karna padega" Some other parliamentarian pointed out that Lalooji had 9 children himself, to which Lalooji's retort was: " Us waqt hum opposition mein the"
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    India TV Serials

    Mahabharat (Br chopra) has to be the greatest indian tv show of all time
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    India TV Serials

    Only the OP says 80s was good, i hve never seen anyone say 80s was good apart from him
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