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    Team A vs Team B

    Team B can win only because of the presence of the perennial loser in Team A.
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    Need Sanskaari commentary too I want Simon Doull to describe Rohit’s innings from the verses of Garuda Purana I won’t Danny Morrison to screech and quote Ramayana by saying RCB is like ancient Lanka and Virat is like Ravana, a prosperous city and a great leader but because of his stubbornness and stupidity led to the destruction. I won’t fair play award to be replaced by Yudhistra Dharama paalan Agarbatti award. Every time a batsman gets out for a duck, people should hereby call it Aryabhatta and when a batsman gets out he should walk to a graphic of Aryabhatta on the screen. I want cheerleaders to be called apsaras. Dhoni- Jadeja friendship should be described as strong as Karna-Duryodhana friendship and CSK fans should call MI fans kauravas and Vice versa as taunts. More to follow.....
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    Only Pakistanis? Here in India there has been so much crying over Palestine for the last 70 years, an issue that doesn't concern us. Rallies and protests related to this are so common that no need to point out examples. When Bangladesh war crimes tribunal handed out death sentence to Sayeedi and his ilk (incl rape squad leaders), there were mega protests in Bengal including one of the largest of its kind in Kolkata's Maidan (huge part of the city came to a standstill that day because of the crowds and mobilization from mosques/madrasas). Imagine the state of affairs, Bangladeshis had this Shahbag Movement for justice wrt 1971 crimes and it was their national affair. WB based Muslims were supporting the killers of Bengali Muslims/Hindus, the 1971 villains, and Mamata administration allowed that to happen. But then this is Bengal, much worse things have happened when it comes to pro-Pak (and pro-CPC) sentiment. 1971 war crimes: In Kolkata, Islamists rally for genocide Even 'The Hindu' then under Ram/SVardarajan reported this A dangerous connivance It is worrying that West Bengal’s political class remained tactical spectators to the Kolkata rally organised by Muslim groups in support of Bangladeshi war criminals Azad Maidan Riots over Myanmar's affairs (Rakhine riots) is quite famous now....Mahesh Bhatt, Javed Akhtar and other prominent Muslims even attacked (and demanded action against) a Mumbai policewoman who saw her colleagues get molested/stabbed by the mob....Raza Academy is yet to compensate for destruction of public property. What isn't well known but happened around the same time is the vandalization of temples, and a giant Buddha statue in Lucknow...I think even a Mahavir statue was torn down because they confused him with Buddha. Reason: Myanmar. SP didn't take any action, MSM blacked out this event. First we were told only Taliban destroys statues/idols, then only Taliban+Pakistan, then only Taliban+Pakistan+ISIS.....well 7 years ago this happened. The whole video is available I think (or was?), actually shows them destroying the statue with hammers and iron rods. Bodh Gaya (UNESCO World Heritage Site) serial blasts because of Myanmar violence, imagine targetting the holiest shrine for Buddhists in India !!! Very soon HR activists will start crying for those convicted jihadis...or already started, dunno, haven't kept track. Not even going to discuss the spate of communal murders and other violence in reaction to things happening 1000 km away. So common, so many innocent victims, murder and even rape victims !!!! These things happened, no amount of deflection (or chants of Islamophobia) can alter history. If we go back in time wtf was the Khilafat movement supported by our top Congress leaders? Why did a genocide take place in Malabar region because of some event in Turkey? None of these are isolated instances. Anti-CAA protests were just a continuation of the radical extremist mindset of a sizable % of Muslims. They simply wanted to shield the evil actions of majority Muslims in neighboring countries, actions which rendered 1000s of their minorities stateless. All that drama had nothing to do with Indian citizens, yet..... We have seen non-Muslims wiped out in Afghanistan and Maldives, kafirs in ICU in Pak, reduced from 22% to 7% within 40 years in Bangladesh. Have Indian Hindus/Sikhs/Christians/Buddhists reacted like Muslims? Unfair to blame just Pakistan, I think the above examples from India should make that much clear. This is an Islamic trait....you have jihadis bombing resorts in Bali over something that happened in Afghanistan. You see 100s of schoolgirls kidnapped, raped, converted in Nigeria because of something that happened in Syria. Because of Danish cartoons controversy terrorism/violence happened in France, Russia etc. Some troll made a troll movie on Muhammad (Innocence of Muslims), there was violence in Benghazi, Chennai, Beirut and 1000 other places. Salman Rushdie's Satanic Verses caused violence in Milan, Tokyo, Oslo and Sivas massacre (Turkey). MF Hussain did much worse, did Hindus do bombings in Dubai, Sydney and London to avenge that? There is a famous 70s movie about the origin of Islam called 'The Message' directed and produced by Muslims including several national govts, all Muslim countries. They were respectful in the portrayal, the prophet was never shown in the movie, movie was hailed by critics and audience. Yet what happened in some US cities after that is common knowledge....terrorsim, hostage crisis, killings. I mean WTF !!!! Recently a legendary Iranian director Majid Majidi made a movie about Muhammad...ARR composed the film score...what happened in the Sunni countries after that? What happened in India, is happening in India....now Indian Muslim scholars are agitating and the Maharashtra govt is thinking of banning its release on digital platforms. Minority rights in Muslim countries are practically non-existent, even in Malaysia/Indonesia where 100s of temples/churches are demolished each year. Yet anything happens to Muslims elsewhere, whole Islamic world erupts. I have just presented facts above, as truthfully as I can, y'all can verify all of this. I may or may not be Islamophobic (frankly don't care about the label) but anyone who refutes the above facts is almost certainly an Islamofascist and extremist. I am sure sensible Muslims see the damage that is being done, and how reforms are needed ASAP!!! PS- May have digressed here and there but I wanted to refute the popular notion that only Pak Muslims are a problem and Muslims elsewhere (incl India) are angels. Geography isn't an underlying issue, the common thread is Islam (cutting across denominations). PCness won't solve anything, to solve a problem first acknowledge that the problem exists. Damn it, hate typing these long posts, over and out.
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    Most healthy IPL Kapalbhati,Anulomvilom just before toss
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    I came here after 1 year just to post this...... hahahahahahahahaha @Gollum
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    India would have defended 277

    Say what you want but we would have won. so much for best phaast bowling attack lol
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    3-0 Is must for the sake of covid depression. They are saints to help us out for depression and you want to hinder this nobal cause.
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    Manchester or Multan, Lahore ya London, poyzz will be poyzz, Inshallah!
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    People who celebrated that wicket Shane Warne Pakistan Cricket Team Michael Holding Pak Cricket Team management Yasir Shah’s family Yasir Shah in that exact order
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    @velu picks up chicks at will. He is a pro. Last time we were drinking together, 2 waitresses came and sat on his lap. But later we realized we were too drunk, and those were 2 waiters , not waitresses. Happens
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    UAE pitches. Get your knuckles ready
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    Excellent idea. I also propose the below catchphrases: Kapalbhati Kamaal Catch Ashwagandha Churna Sixers Kachi Ghani Mustard Oil Strategic Timeout Anulom Vilom Vip Box Tulsi Panchang Juice Fair play award
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    Every ex Paxtan player has a YouTube channel? I don’t think their board pays pension. They are all monetizing their reach.
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    As far as I can remember, in 2017, that joker had also created a thread titled "Do runs against SL count?" soon after India whitewashed SL 3-0 (in test series) in SL. Then, guess what happened the very next month. Poyz got themselves whitewashed 0-2 against the same SL side in UAE (the fortress)
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    This thread is so therapeutic. Blissful state attained. Hari hi Om!
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    Seriously ? You forgot how super v mastered a brilliant run chase of 172 against kesrick Williams and co....
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    In addition to Gazwa e Hind in we’ll have to now worry about Gazwa e Murgh... if we send you a good supply of chickens and goats.. to erm whatever you want to do with them do you think you can stop sponsoring cross border terrorism? I mean its a fair deal. Win win
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    Beginning the process of the fourth member interview. Featured poster will be @coffee_rules, another veteran on this forum and among the 2-3 active ICFers who actually likes Mysore Pak , and the only one who has the nerve to make fun of Bengali sweets. Apart from Team India he likes WI/Aus, a fan/follower of Karnataka cricket team and its players, big fan of Sachin, wants RCB to win the elusive trophy and is anti-MI/CSK fans. From my experience he is very active in the 'Chit Chat' section, keen follower of politics and outspoken, political correctness be damned !!! He cares deeply about national, dharmic and Hindu interests, can keep discussions civil no matter how heated the topics become. He is a connoisseur of classical music, dance forms and Indic traditions/history/culture. One can also count on him for recommendations about kick-ass movies and TV shows to watch. Fire away your questions, please stay classy and avoid trolling.
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    Love the thread title. Imagine going up to SRT, Lara, Ponting and that other ATG, Shahid Afridi, with this line: "Mr SRT/Lara/Ponting/ Afridi, how are you today? I'm from ICF, and I've got excel and statsguru tools to, erm, expose your holes....."
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    Winning captain will get these presents Free yoga class in podium And this for IPL champs But to get the trophy and prize money someone from winning side has to beat Babaj in dance-off, @Mariyam ,@coffee_rules and Prabhu Deva will be the judges
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    Super over to be replaced by Dwand Yudh IMO.
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    Plenty of folks slow down on the highway to ogle at a car-wreck....
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    Far better than those ching Chong chinese companies
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    People get sentimental about his contributions to our WC wins in 2007 and 2011.
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    Wasnt there a thread by that joker a couple of years ago that Pakistan tour to england and australia draw more crowd ,viewership and money to ECB and CA than An Indian tour . To top that ,there were plenty of fools on that forum who believed in the sh1t this guy circulated, had a good laugh back then visiting the PP
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    There There are many chewts in that forum,if you ever feel depressed and nothing to rejoice or just about to commit suicide ,i recommend better visit Peepee before a psychiatrist ,they have got those funny out of the world comparisons,it will instantly uplift your mood and you will feel "life is beautiful with such comedy" You will search for one, you will get many...(mmm no....not quality ...only comedy)
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    PeePee is hilarious. There is joker named Junaids who calls himself to be an Englishman lives in Australia but worries about Pak team more than players themselves. He once famously said Faheem Ashraf is better all rounder than Ben Stokes Sent from my SM-G950F using Tapatalk
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    Poyz are our true neighbours. They always manage to keep us happy. I remember that 2007 WC, where we were knocked out in the 1st round after losing to Bangla and SL. Poyz also got knocked out simultaneously by losing to Ireland.
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    Fixers X1

    my Pick CSK x1
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    Ganguly pulled Indian team out of the pits of match fixing. Under Dhoni, the word fixing came back to our Indian cricket with direct involvement of the IPL team Dhoni was part of. Add to it the whole Rhiti sports episode, Test cricket becoming 2nd priority for the captain, the whole concept of optional practice, our away test record going to the pits and captain retiring from test cricket in the middle of a tour. Ganguly began the real transformation (foreign coach, focus on away test wins, backing young players, looking for pace bowlers, aggression on the field etc) which subsequent captains benefitted from, but unfortunately none of them have been able to keep the legacy going on for too long. Biggest damage to that legacy was done under Dhoni after the 2011 WC, when despite a 0-8 thrashing he shamelessly clung onto captaincy taking ZERO responsibility. Ganguly also had the grace to retire from the game (albeit after getting a nudge from Cheeka) and did not hang on shamelessly like Dhoni despite being way too over the hill. Watch any of the players who played under Dada and Dhoni - Sehwag, VVS, Yuvi, Gambhir, Bhajji, Zak or Nehra talk publicly on camera, all rate Dada better than Dhoni as a captain. That should be the end of the debate.
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    I am always happy to see Pakistan lose. But at this point we should worry about our own shi*ty team who is on crazy losing streak overseas. I am still furious at our debacle in NZ. Couldn't get out Kyle jamison Trent boult. Until we start winning something in these parts we should just shut up.
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    Paxtan Paxtan Paxtan Paxtan Paxtan Jokes apart poyzzz played well.
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    Eng will give us false hope tomorrow. Judging by what Poms are having for lunch and their usual comedy against poyzzz - they will dismiss the remaining batsmen cheaply tomorrow, target under 250 - 60/1 in 1st session, ICF bumping haha Pak thread - Collapse to 135/6 after lunch, Root, Stokes failures, maniac opening jinx threads - Rearguard efforts courtesy Buttler counterattack taking them to 210/7, premature eja.. - Then we realize Buttler was only trolling (to secure his goalkeeping services for next 2 matches) and had no intention to win the match, gets out to a legside fulltoss by Yasir - Choke to 225 ao in last 2 minutes of day's play, pura din barbaad - Next day rain/storm/flood/earthquake/zombie attack...ah if only they had hung on for another over Sick of this rivalry. They are deliberately executing these scripts to annoy Indian fans
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    "Around him, players enjoy the intensity, they enjoy his aura. When you enjoy the aura of a player, you like to be positive and I think that is what he is good at," Raina said. "MS Dhoni was brilliant. He [Rohit] has won more [IPL] trophies than MS, but they both are very similar. Both of them, as captains, like to listen. When your captain is listening, you can solve a lot of problems, you can solve the mental aspects of the players. So in my book, they both are wonderful." Source: https://www.espncricinfo.com/story/_/id/29556678/rohit-sharma-next-ms-dhoni-indian-team Another slap in the face of rat
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    Amit Mahapatra: "Many can say that Broad is the best English bowler but I'd argue because out of his 499 scalps, 319 wickets were taken in England and his next best is 45 wickets, he took in South Africa. So he's a bowler for home conditions only and definitely." LINK Averages : 54 in India (6 tests) 83 in SL (3 tests) 40 in BD (3 tests) 37 in Aus (12 tests) 31 in WI (10 tests) Under 25 avg only in Eng and RSA. Total 41 wickets in Asia (SC+UAE) in 18 tests, not even 1 5fer. Just 1 5fer in Aus/RSA/WI despite playing double digit number of matches in all those 3 countries. Good player but if he were from India people would find 1500 ways to put him down. Also if not for his dad, he would have missed at least half a dozen tests cos of his behavior. Hate double standards.
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    I would give you a 100 upvotes for this comment if the site allowed me to. All this nerd talk is very tiresome. The very idea of using statistics/excel/graphs to determine the purported greatness of a cricketer is flawed. Greatness is measured by moments of magic on the field and by nothing else.
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    Daaktar saab's 'hain' exclamation at 0:20 mark
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    This show is worse than bollywood. Its a soap opera where more than 50% of the time is focused on scheming done by 'nasty' women - wife, daughter in law, mother in laws, aunts. Add 10% slow motion horse riding set to music, sprinkle another 10% old school sword fights, 10% overt "Islam is great", some bits of a magic Islamic 'baba' who shows up at random times to help the hero. etc etc. All problems are due to infidels and 'traitors'. The villains are comically stereotyped, a catholic priest who looks jewish, hatching evil plans in his lair, while drinking 'sharaab'. Add a cardinal who 'kills the pope', and wants to bone everything that moves. And of course, the whole world is out to conspire against the "islamic" people.
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    Indian star shits in their pants even if target is 160 even against sl. I remember so many chases in past 2 years where target was below 240 and we bottled it up. Same story in both test and odi. As soon as pressure build up our mega star feels stomach upset.
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    Would be fun if Bishop or Hayden can blow a shankh before every match or super over . I picked those 2 because I would assume they probably have the best lung capacity among the commentary team that has likes of Akash Chopra and Harsha Bhogle or smoker or party animals like Warne and Lara
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    Of course the aussies would prefer the Pakistani to them who forget winning a test match, haven’t even been able to draw a test match in 20+ years
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    The past few days if I browse Wiki this big banner comes on obstructing what you were looking for. It asks you for money. Don't fall for it. Wikipedia is another tool by the elite. They have their funding from them. Now they want to make extra money by asking you claiming their net neutrality is at threat. Net neutrality was never there to begin with. They used to have visitors type in the info on their pages and after that, they had mods who screened content to put offensive content off. Its like united nations asking you to spend a dollar a day to help the poor people in africa by showing some poor people in africa. its just the begging mafia. these people have enough money to spend but they still want ours. and the money some useless fool gives them doesn't go to the poor. its all a scam. websites or people asking you money on youtube via patreon or paypal is an instant putoff for me. I usually don't visit their sites anymore. I have to look for an alternative to wiki.
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    India's Greatest ODI cricketer

    Kapil, not only was he ahead of his time he also played a big role in helping that mediocre Indian ODI side win 2 big trophies in 80s, when standard of cricket was damn high. Win 2x over ATG WI, double phainty to Pakistan in BH, what more to ask? In my all time ODI XI, he will be among the top 5 picks along with Viv, Akram, Warne, Gilly. Ranking: Kapil Sachin Dhoni Rohit Yuvi Special mention to Srikkanth and Gambo, main architects in 3 ICC (50 overs) finals and both good players for their era, both match-winners.
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    Jimmy Cliff

    Rahane's future

    Ironically Lara has 0 MOTS awards in a winning cause against Test standard sides. Unlike Chanderpaul, Adams, Sarwan, Wavell Hinds who have all have won MOTS awards in a winning cause while playing for the same side.
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    We should just decide all our LAC issues with the Chinese on the cricket pitch. The only problem is that if they win the toss, they will choose a bat.
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