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    Adios Pakistan

    I had high hopes, naturally. Sadly, it was not to be. Yes I feel very sad/upset. But, I am proud of how you fought from being bottom of the pile to almost 4th. To beat favourites Eng & a unbeaten NZ was inspirational. The 92 vs 19 comparison was fun whilst it lasted..gave padosis a scare infact :D Indian’s can diss all they want but fact is Ind cricket is far superior. Good luck to them in the semi’s & final! As for Pak team, I am looking forward to the retirement of Malik & Hafeez..two very average cricketers that have had a free ride for the last 10yrs. I believe these two have been a massive obstacle. We’ll be back stronger in 2023.
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    PCB missing a trick here. They should let their players wear suicide vests as a tribute to the terrorists.
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    Advice by Dhoni

    Y'day, I went to a restaurant and loved the food. I complimented the chef for his good work but the chef gave the credit to Dhoni, who had advised on the composition of the ingredients! Dhoni
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    Austin 3:!6

    Umar Akmal, WTF!

    Umar Akmal should go back to cinema. Don't forget, prior to cricket he was a background dancer in bollywood movies. 'Tu Cheez Badi hai mast mast...saani dha...saani dha' Sent from my SM-G950F using Tapatalk
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    Every effing social networking site I visit whether it's Twitter , Instagram, WhatsApp Facebook fukc even Reddit , all I am getting is the nauseating worshipping (read asslicking) for grandpa. I mean wtf is wrong with people? How are they buying this easily into the thala PR machinery ? Or are they just choosing to be delusional? Don't they fukcing know that their hero grandpa is also one of the reasons why we lost yesterday ? Had he supported Jaddu a little bit by hitting a few boundaries or atleast....atleast rotated the strike better , we would have fukcing won. Every facking newsfeed is filled with utter cringeworthy filth of obnoxious and irrational Dhoni asslicking. I almost wanted to smash my phone out of frustration at a point. No one's even acknowledging Jaddu for what he did. All they want is their favorite thala to continue playing with those beautiful lunges until the next world cup. Maha chutiye bhare pade hai BC is Desh mein !!! P.S - I am not hating on him nor I have any agenda against him , but it's just sickening to see his whole PR doing the cover up job and everyone falling for it.
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    Sent from my SM-G950F using Tapatalk
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    He seems to do it quite often in the commentary. In today's match .. "That's a big one. A west indian one." ... when the windies opener hit a big six. "Small man with a big one." ... when Rayudu hit a six.
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    Kohli=Robert Baratheon...great batsman/warrior, arrogant, both terrible leaders, hot wives, not very intelligent Sachin= Sups...holds most records, Kryptonite=Choking, huge fanbase, God like status for many Viv=Goku...GOAT, mental giant, charismatic yet simple, Viv avoided helmet just like how Goku avoided the Saiyan armor Smith=Kid Buu...weirdass technique, no one knows source of their power, both dominant at what they do, villain since this is an Indian forum Gavaskar=Yoda.....uhm they look similar Ashwin=combination of Dexter, Mysterio and Aquaman. Nerd, bag of tricks and ghar ka sher KLR=Broly...doesn't realize his power, more powerful than GOAT when in mood...since mentioning Hanuman would be blasphemous for some Random Pakistani cricketer= Dick Dastardly and Muttley....cos cheating Dhoni=Two-Face.....hero who turned villain Ponting=Frieza...villain who gave us max tension in our childhood McGrath=Voldemort, another villain who tormented our younger selves Rohit=Fat Thor Rahane=Scooby-Doo...always scared Lara=Achilles, Brad Pitt one...STYLE Pandya=Kirk Lazarus (Tropic Thunder) plus Johnny Bravo...wannabe Black and complete tool Dravid=Batman...though not as talented as Sachin/Superman compensated with self-improvement/determination/analytical skills, also better leadership material, both Dark Knights Ganguly=Iron Man...rich families, spoiled, bratty in their youth but matured, egomaniacs, great deal of heart/pride, sense of sacrifice, leadership quality ABDV=Hulk...SMAAAASH Kumble=Rocky Balboa...not talented, hard working, never give up attitude, played despite injuries, widely respected, honorable men Shastri=Drunken Master Warne=Po Jaddu=Spiderman...everything sticks to his hands Pant=Juggernaut...powerful but brainless Shami=Bronn Kapil=Ragnar Yuvi=Walter White...cancer, badass Broad=Draco Malfoy...not just cos they look similar
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    https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/sports/cricket/news/in-modern-day-cricket-its-ok-to-go-for-runs-shardul-thakur/articleshow/74185178.cms "It is OK to go for runs. As a bowler, you can't end up bowling extraordinary spells every time you go out to bowl. The idea is that if I am going to go for 20 runs in a particular over, then I should be able to bring the runs down to 16, 14 or 15 in the next over." "Certainly I have my eyes on World Cup. The positivity that I bring into the game and the amount of confidence I have, the way I am passionate about the game will help the team to win the World Cup or at least do the job fairly,"
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    My heartiest love and kisses to Team Blue for defeating 5 time world champs (and defending champs) Team Yellow. It gave vibrations of a Night Shyamalan twist in a Manmohan Desai classic. Magnificent to see saffron spirit on fire like we saw a few minutes back. From the depths of despair a new life was infused into Indian cricket. It looked like a mighty army of dead resurrected from the grave, like how old Big B jumped out of hospital bed to fight 100 villains in Sooryavansham....only this time there were 11 Big Bs. I myself citizen Gollum wrote India off after they were beaten at home by Australia-Z who back then were literally dead and buried, but then spectacularly revived themselves like Team Imhotep in Mummy. Imagine losing 3 games on a trot at home where prey became predator in a classic role reversal epic. To me today India simply rose like Dumbledore's Phoenix and Kohli was like a Norse commander leading his troops to glory, Dhoni was an Egyptian God and Dhawan the Greek hero...there covered the 3 main civilizations in Age of Mythology 2012 version It once again proved that when Indian spirit blazes at its zenith only Majid's lantern burns brighter. It was like lion chasing deer, snake chasing rodent, shark hunting salmon, eagle in pursuit of hare, ED raiding Vadra, myself raiding my fridge on weekend night. Tiny little Hobbits pulled down Sauron of the cricket world. To me the best ever resurrection in cricket history. To summarize the match: Rohit: artistry at its supreme height with rubber wrists maneuvering the field like how we maneuver Rajasthani Thali Dhawan: poetry in motion like a pianist in complete control of the keys and inspiration coming from the gentle autumn breeze Kohli: mathematician, physicist, poet, engineer, doctor, lawyer, trader, teacher, lover and MMA fighter rolled into one Pandya: a perfect combination of Mozart's mind in Hulk's body Dhoni: an aging boxer landing them hard blows like sledgehammer on a cute kitten, taking the fans back in time when he reigned supreme Rahul: an atom bomb in a fish pond, a gymnast's mind in a panther's body on the field Bumrah: a cannon with the precision of a neurosurgeon, a ballistic missile fired with the grace of a ballet dancer Kuldeep: a painter using the pitch as a canvas to pay tribute to Da Vinci Chahal: like a wizard indulging in the dark arts while hapless batsmen look in bewilderment Bhuvi: unexpected thunderstorm mowing down the opponent camp blending the artistry of Picasso, genius of Kasparov and bravery of a Gurkha soldier Jadhav: why the * was he there? A great day for cricket, humanity, community, society and piety. It was tragic to see the once great hunters reduced to prey at home turf earlier this year. But now by felling the most powerful force in the cricket universe who knows even India may feel Majid Majid Majid a month later.
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    Rejects XI

    You’re keeping Rayudu out of the Rejects XI? How many 3D glasses does the poor guy have to buy?
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    No trundler policy

    I'd like to review this decision please. I love my trundlers!!!!!!
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    Pakistan's ongoing cricket streaks

    Let us use this thread to track the various losing streaks of the greatest cricket nation of the Universe Test 0-14 in Australia 0-7 in RSA....may it surpass their 14 match ODI losing streak against same opponent in 90s 0-2 in NZ....also had a long ODI losing streak against them, 0-12 before they won a match in the recent UAE ODI series In Southern Hemisphere 0-13, can't even make a draw 72 years, ZERO test series wins in Australia ZERO drawn test series in Australia since 1978-79...40 years 27 years, ZERO test series wins in RSA ZERO drawn test series in RSA since 1997-98...21 years ZERO test series wins in England since 1996 ODIs, T20s 0-7 in WCs against Baap 0-5 in WT20s against Baap 0-3 across formats in Asia Cup against Baap WC drought since 1992...slightly off topic but that was also the last year they won an Olympic medal, largest country to win zero medals in 1996 Atlanta, 2000 Sydney, 2004 Athens, 2008 Beijing, 2012 London and 2016 Rio....sporting paawerhouse, beef eating monsters with best genes in the world Dil Dil Pakistan
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    Kohli's reaction on Pant's dismissal

    Just being an ass. He has no patience for his team youngsters. Behaves pathetic,taunts them in ipl...but acts like mother Teresa with other country players. Pathetic excuse of a leader.
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    List of Excuses by the Awam

    Duckworth and Lewis are Jews.
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    A team that has lost all world cup games against India giving tribute to an army that has lost all its wars. How fitting.
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    Get Dhonified !!!

    Seriously what's wrong with our journalism? Dhoni's PR team will put the KGB/CIA to shame, they have their tentacles everywhere. I won't state my honest opinion about the man nahi to phir se log grievance thread bump karke rona start karenge. But check out the gems in this article. Have these shameless buffoons lost their marbles? Now they will hail a player based on his judgement of running between the wickets. Kya naubat aa gayi hai Indian cricket ki, do runs/wickets matter any more? Do wins matter anymore? What we are seeing today is unprecedented. Even Kim Jong Un and Maduro will be put to shame by Dadu's off field arrangements. LINK
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    100-3, Rayudu and Dhoni in the middle , perfect time to kill yourself
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    Imran Khan is the biggest railu Katta in politics..
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    Reports of split in Team India

    i doubt even pandya rates himself as much as you rate him.
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    India, a country with population in billions with arguably biggest Cricket fanbase (crazy or casual). BCCI richest board minting loads of money. Decent infrastructure and reach within the country in this decade. Cricketers are like treated like Gods and paid in millions. Taking into view the above, it's amazing to see people satisfied with India reaching semi finals. Ridiculous. Why are we satisfied with mediocrity?
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    Well it took SL 21 years after 1975 to win their first and it will be 20 years since Bangladesh made their World Cup debut in 1999 in England!. Can life come full circle and Bangladesh win the world cup 2019 in England? They have become a good ODI side, become a force at home, whitewashed Pakistan, beat India, beat SA. They have many things going for them: - with all the rage about all-rounders, they have the best AR in the world in Sakib - A bowler in top 5 - The Fizz - An opening batsmen to rival one of Rohit or Dhawan in Tamim Iqbal - A pocket rocket keeper, probably current the best wicket keeper batsmen in Rahim and dance moves to put the West Indians to shame - A Saurav Ganguly clone in Soumya Sarkar - Kohli's nemesis Rubel will charged up and give 110% as ever - A captain who now has REAL political power - Reached QF of last world cup - Reached SF of ICC CT in England!, only to be denied by rulings to favour India - Nearly came close to beating India and causing a historical upset in the recent Asia Cup - And....contingent of hair-raising fans with emotions and tears to flood the plains of Brahmaputra
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    Title says it all, bhu -kha is a shytier version of kul cha and should be no where near the t20 format, especially kha.
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    Icfers, enjoy this moment. Congratulations Team India and fans. Moment we have been waiting for years. WHAT A WIN. Well done everyone
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    High time he grooms himself. PLaying like sh8t in the last few months.
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    Would rather pick the dude on the right as more likely to take a wicket and not bleed runs
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    Blame Jadeja for this cynicism. The triple triple centurion but mug with the bat has eroded the value and esteem of a Ranji triple century!
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    Today again, nowhere close to being out and walks off...this is pathetic !!!!
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    After the pic was taken, we have already over taken SA bowlers and are no 2 in that list. We can cross no1 in second innings easily
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    He may have been a dissappointment in recent time becuase it felt like he underachieves. He may never fulfill his true potential. He will fail again. But when was the last time an Indian Pacer picked up a 10-fer when India played 3 front line spinners. Who was the last pacer to pick up even 5 wickets with this combination? Heck other pacer only bowled 10 balls in the entire match. This thread is not to say Umesh will fulfill his potential but to simply highlight his wonderful performance in this match.
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    Don't grill shastri in the morning, he won't be able to recall India's defeat
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    Let's all laugh at ourselves

    This is what happens when ur boss is on vacation and no control
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    1. Mumbai Indians Strength- Everything, even if they wont have gone in the Auction they still wud have been a very good team. Addition of boult n Lynn have made them very powerful. Bowling lineup - malinga, Bumrah, boult.....wow best and experinced Fielding- Boult, Hardik, Pollard, Rahul chahar are outstanding fielders Indian all rounder- Pandya bros Think tank has great minds- Rohit, mahela, Sachin, Bond, Zak, malinga, Boult, Bumrah , Wright Weakness- Post Rahul chahar spin bowling Dept looks weak no backup Hardik pandya which isnt even avl . Other comments They Shud include Lynn instead of kock which wud be more ideal with somone like Rohit and they enough depth to go bang bang from ball -1 How the Fck does tiwary get picked again n again 2. RCB Strength- Batting looks mighty good now . Finch n morris are very good buys ....they shud pray morris finds some form Good Indian core- Kohli, Sundar, Dube,Chahal, Saini,Siraj, umesh, Devdutt Weakness- Bowling still doesnt look great and Kohli the captain will somehow screw a good team again Other comments How do they fit in Devdutt, they shud think about making Gurkeerat keep wkts. Neways Parthiv is a terrible keeper and Siraj or umesh if u play them extra bowler will leak runs only so if ur bowling aint that good make sure ur batting can put or chase any total . Hesson n Katich shud take more charge of selection n tell kohli to be more of captain on field n take help from finch Why did they spend 4 cr on Richardson 3. KKR Strength- Batting looks very powerful with inclusion of Banton, Tripathi n morgon. Wont be wrong to say they have the most powerful middle order Weakness- I wud say depth in Indian batting n spin bowling. Overseas backups in batting doesnt look great either Other comments They shud include banton instead of Narine as narine the bowler isnt same banton can bowl a bit. KKR top order needs a force and banton is being touted very highly by every expert. They need someone who can give great platform for the middle order. They shud hope mavi stays fit and kuldeep form get better 4. RR Strength- one of the best 4 overseas any team can have which covers most bases - Butler, Smith, Stokes, Archer. Some young Indian talent - Samson, Parag, Kartik tyagi, gopal, markhande, Rajpoot can actually surprise people . Addition of uthappa is good Weakness - Backup of overseas batsman isnt good ....just miller They shud give uthappa finishers role as it ll allow smith to bat at 3 his best alone position n stokes n parag to bat up. uthappa has done that for India in few innings and can do here as well....while finishing u need experience and he has it Gopal, markhande, Tewatia are lucky to be working with warne for those days. 5. KXIP Strength- KL Rahul, Pooran, Cottrell . Jordon n Neesham are good buys Weakness- To many mayank, Nair, mandeep, Sarfraz, hooda,sucith hasnt set IPL on fire ....so Indian core isnt great Gayle n maxwell are very inconsistent. If none has a good season they are screwed Shami their best indian fast bowler isnt good in t20 backup indian fast bowling doesnt look good To many loopholes wont allow them to play best 4 overseas players Owners interfere a lot For them a lot of things have to click or else they i dont seem them doing well and their owners are worst in this situation. Will depend a lot on Rahul n Kumble keep team enviorment. They have some match winners but not team . In such cases a lot depend on resources are used when they arent that great. 6. Delhi Captial Strength- Batting became more powerful. Utility specialist like ashwin, woakes and then other all rounder like Paul, Axar, harshal will allow them to be very flexible. Good backup overalls. All their talent is on rise in terms of Skill and experience Weakness- Lower middle order doesnt have match winners its mostly in top or middle which might affect one of indian batsman position Problem of plenty in top order and utility all rounder can mess up combination. Playing Right combination wud be the key 7. SRH They could have looked at uthappa in Auction or someone to exchange in middle order or fast bowling during transfer Strength - What top 3 Fielding- Warner, Williamson, manish, Shankar very good fielders to have on field Captaincy Core- Warner, Williamson, manish are very good minds to have Weakness- Bowling - Bhuvi form n injury , Kaul was soughted last season. Sandeep is similar to bhuvi and Thampi leaks so fast bowling back isnt geart anymore due to top 3 they cant add overseas player in bowling or all rounder top 3 heavy Lack of impact players in Lower order middle order - Manish, Shankar, Virat singh, Garg arent very destructive. Garg n abhishek can be but they are very young Indian batting has option but lacks flair and experience apart from Manish. Garg n abhishek are good but are very young as well so u cant rely on them. No overseas fast bowling backup May be they have to look at benching williamson to add someone like Nabi or Stanlake to get balance better . 8. CSK A team being laughed off in last 2 years as Dad's army having last laugh showing how much experience matters. Their team culture is recognized as best by other IPL team players. Strength Experience- Most important thing in winning tournaments Captaincy core- Dhoni, Faf, Fleming Curran , Chawla are very good additions Backups for everyone apart from dhoni Team culture Weakness Lack of match pratice for most - Dhoni, raina, rayudu , bhajji . Even Watson doesnt play international so this could backfire big time Fielding- even though they have faf, bravo , jadeja, raina still they have many liabilties No death bowler apart from bravo who teams have figured out I wont comment on them as they prove everyone otherwise every year First XI MI CSK RCB KKR SRH KXIP RR DC 1 Lynn Faf Finch Banton/Narine Warner Rahul Butler Shaw 2 Rohit Watson Devdutt Tripathi Bairstrow mayank Samson Pant 3 Kishen Raina Kohli Gill Williamson Pooran Smith Heytmer 4 Pollard Rayudu ABDV Morgan Manish Maxwell Stokes Pant 5 Hardik Dhoni Dube Rana Abhishek Nair/Sarfraz Riyan parag Iyer 6 SKY Bravo/curran Sundar DK Shankar Mandeep singh uthappa Harshal patel 7 Krunal Jadeja Morris/Moeen ali Russell Rashid khan Suchith/hooda Lomror/ Kartik tyagi Axar 8 Rahul Chahar Chahar Mann (keeper) Cummins Nadeem Neesham/jordon/mujeeb Gopal Ashwin 9 Boult Chawla Steyn Kuldeep Kaul/Sandeep/Thampi Gowtham Tewatia/Markhande Woakes 10 Malinga Bhajji Saini Prasidh Bhuvi Cottrell Archer Rabadda 11 Bumrah Ngidi Chahal Mavi Khaleel Shami Rajpoot Lamichane/Stonis/Carrey/Keemo Paul Best Openers- SRH Best middle order n finishers - KKR Best Spin bowling- CSK Best Fast bowling - MI Best young Indian batting- DC Best Young indian bowling - KKR Best 4 overseas in one team- RR Best Indian Core without overseas- MI....Csk can also be but they fail due to lack of match practice
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    Ian Smith commentary in final moments

    Then you have Ganguly next to him ‘Dhoni has been here before’ ‘he loves this situation’ ‘the stage is set for him, ‘this man on your screen’ ‘what does dhoni do now’ ‘something is gona happen’ ‘this man on your screen’ ‘he’s done it before’ ‘this man on your screen’ ‘can he do it again’ ‘this man on your screen’
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    Pakistan se haar kar gadhe ki tarah he he kar raha tha aur yahan itna gussa!!
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    ODIS: Bhuvi vs Kohli

    Note: This thread is inspired from Rohit vs Kohli Thread. I seriously feel Kohli is on other level right now but Bhuvi has all abilities to match kohli's odi records. Kohli vs Top sides in ODI's Bhuvi vs Top sides in ODI's Bhuvi in Top Cricketing Countries (Better than Bradman!) & No to all those haters who say bhuvi is home track bully he is better in overseas compared to home stats. Obviously Bhuvi has performed better against top sides compared to kohli but bhuvi is way way underrated. Bhuvi Infact avg more consistent against top sides in all big stages compared to kohli. I hope kohli fans are not angry on me for creating this thread. So guys post below who is better clutch player.
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    Fight might have been on the lines of Dhoni Bhai mujhse zada pyar karte hain, nahi mujhse etc
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    express bowling

    No trundler policy

    Pacers who can bowl quick or are quickish and tall in India now a) In Team India 1. Bumrah - skilled ( bouncy ) 2. Shami - skilled 3. Umesh - swing and reverse swing 4. Khaleel - skilled ( tall ) 5. Siraj - skilled for his experience level ( tallish ) 6. Ishant - accurate in tests ( tall ) 7. Pandya ( tallish ) b) Playing for India-A 8. Saini - skilled ( tallish ) 9. Rajpoot - skilled ( tall ) 10. Prasidh - skilled for his experience level ( tall ) c) Other prominent pacers 11. Mavi - skilled for his experience level ( bouncy ) 12. Nagarkoti - skilled for his experience level 13. Avesh - Bowls a heavy ball ( tall ) 14. Aaron ( bouncy ) 15. Khejroliya - bowls a heavy ball ( tall ) 16. Thampi - 17. Asif 18. Warrier - skilled for his experience level ( tallish ) 19. Nathu - skilled for his experience level 20. Aniket C - skilled ( tall ) 21. Sangwan Prominent medium pacers or short seamers without extra pace a) In Team India 1. Bhuvi - skilled 2. Kaul - not sufficient skills for his low pace and short height 3. Chahar - just a swing bowler 4. Thakur - not sufficient skills for his standard pace and short height b) Playing for India-A 5. Gurbani - just a swing bowler c) Other prominent pacers 6. Unadkat - not sufficient skills for his low pace ( tall ) played for India 6 months back 7. Dhawal - not sufficient skills for his low pace So ... we are seeing that most prominent trundlers are getting chances and quite a few skilled quicks are sitting out.
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    The Outsider

    Why no practice?

    This is essentially the difference between talent and tailunt. Yeah, some might be naturally more gifted at things than others, but at the top level when we speak of Tendulkar’s talent, it mostly refers to the immense hard work and hours in practice that he put in to achieve what he did. There is simply no substitute to practice. There was an interview of Tendulkar by Hussain I happened to watch a couple of days back, where he spoke about playing on uncovered pitches with dew before his first tour to England. His career is replete with such well known examples like his practice before facing Warne and playing on concrete surfaces before Australian tours asking bowlers to bowl from 18 yards. That’s why all this talk about Anderson being unplayable in these conditions is rubbish. Sure, the odds are heavily in his favor, but if you’ve replicated those scenarios as many times as you could, your chances of success increase. Would Tendulkar or Dravid be knocking off centuries every innings here? Probably not, but with the amount of practice and preparation they did, they would not be folding up like this either. Test cricket is replete with great knocks being played in immensely challenging situations, more difficult conditions for batting than India encountered at Lord’s. Those knocks came about because of intense training and practice, where like all great batsmen have said, the muscle memory takes over because you’ve done those things so many times before in preparation.
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