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    This is happens when you are a fundamentalist and the book you follow clearly says no insult to Allah or his messengers or there will be hell to pay, and these katlus take it verbatim. So it does not matter if it is a FB post or presidential speech. Not all, but a significant let their life be ruled by their religion. Religion is not just our personal connection to the Almighty. And then take illiteracy/ignorance into the mix and it is a potent cocktail. The Christian Bible thumping nut jobs here are sorta similar. Except that they will not kill you if they don’t like your message. That is a BIG difference, IMO.
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    7 pages thread for this , back when ICF was active. Hope he is named Aurangzeb just for @maniac's rants.
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    People like Ashok Swain, Aakar Patel and our very own @sandeep are much more dangerous than a Muslim terrorist can ever be.
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    Muslim personal law board made a tweet on Aug 5th more or less implying the same. They deleted the tweet after moderate Muslims called them out for revealing the tactics prematurely.
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    I think, Muslims are waiting to become a majority in a few decades time. If that happens, they can vandalize places like Ram Mandir again. Have to be proactive and have proper population (and pollution) policies in place. Can't continue with chalta hai attitude, follow convenience and $$$, and hope that future generations will deal with it.
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    Straight Drive

    Imran Khan's Naya Pakistan

    Saudis forced Pak to return 1 Billion dollar loan Pakistan had taken in 2018. Saudis move to show Qureshi what they can do when he said if OIC does not stands with Pak on Kashmir issue, thy will form a separate group. Clearly Saudis opted to demand the loan back. Ofcourse the repayment money was given by China. What a Juggad country, take loan from one nation and return loan by taking from other. This is Juggad at international level.
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