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    Kanpur Gutkhas sponsored by Vimal Pan masala
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    Impressive debut by young Padikkal so far. He has the gift of timing as well as power. Head stays still while hitting and his balance is good. Can hit on both sides of the wicket. Will look forward to his batting.
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    In international cricket, Dhoni is known to not appeal for anything & walk before waiting for umpires decision. Dhoni bhaiyya IPL mei serious hojate hain aur bc beimaani bhi Curran ko out karne ke liye, Buttler ho tou samajh bhi aata
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    First you should apologize to Marcus Stoinis for claiming players of his profile didn't exist .
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    I am coming back in the next game.
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    Can any of you Einsteins tell me how that catch on the boundary or that hit can be faked? Indians are Indians worst enemies and gives pakistanis a chance to parrot these conspiracies
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    Austin 3:!6

    Is Kohli finished?

    Close enough? Sent from my SM-G950F using Tapatalk
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    Shami looking fit. Looks like he was busy during the lockdown
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    I know you may have opened this thread for fun but take a serious advice - NEVER marry until you are sure that you are ready or absolutely confident that she is the right one for you. In India, sometimes we marry due to family pressure or pressure from padosi ke Sharma ji...never ever do that mistake. I dont know if you were in any relationship before but marriage is not random college love story. Your life takes a total 180 degree turn. Everything that you do or can do as a single person, you are only answerable to your own conscience. But after marriage, you have to answer everything to your wife, atleast she would expect you to do that. Everything that you do, think or dream...you need to share with her. The burden of responsibilty on your shoulder, not only for your wife but sometimes for her family, will make you feel like someone put 100 kilo weight on you. Have you seen a racehorse? They are controlled by the jockey with a belt tied around the neck (patta in hindi). They do what the jockey ask them to do, go in the direction jockey directs them to go. If by any chance the jockey fell down from the horse and no one is controlling him, you can see the internal happiness of freedom in that horse. He goes bezerk and run around the field in estacy. After marriage, in most cases man is that controlled horse and wife is the jockey. They say marriage makes a man matured and settled. Bhai yeh poora bakwaas hai. Marriage makes a man so burdened with responsibility that they feckking forget to live their life like they used to do as single. They naturally gets quiet and from outside it appears that the person has matured. Another reason many desi guys are so eager to marry is for sex. Its one of the main driving factor and everyone dreams about it. But shaadi ke baad, after couple of years...Kamasutra would probably laught at you and your misfortune. Anyway, after so much rant if you still want to marry and be the sacrifical lamb...go ahead. Follow the below chronological order: 1) Open a paid account in Bharat Matrimony. 2) Choose a good looking girl. In arrange marriages looks is the 1st thing you would see anyway. 3) Chat/phone regularly for atleast 6 months before even thinking of engaging parents. Dont be too formal or shy, talk about everything in those 6 months and access if you can spend your entire life with her. 4) If you both are sure, engage your parents. Be a man and say no to any dowry pls. 5) Fix a date and get married. And thats it...be another racehorse. Good luck. :) Sent from my SM-G950F using Tapatalk
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    How about you fix the goddamn match threads first? Can’t access page 2
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    Looking forward to the following Indian fast bowlers bowling really quick in IPL 2020. Bumrah Saini Prasidh Nagarkoti Mavi Shami Some other sharp Indian pacers would be Siraj K.Tyagi Avesh Umesh Aaron Ishant T.Deshpande Warrier KM Asif Nalkande Thampi
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    Man!!! It makes my stomach churn to back when i get horror flashbacks of thala & midget Jhadav playing for indian team not that long ago... damm we had these two at no 5&6 as our finishers.. even Bangladeshi middle order looked enticing... Ohh good lord thanks for being with me during those torrid times.. Now is the time to enjoy all those beautiful lunges from lord thala nd midget Jhadav trying to clear 30 yrd circle with all his muscles
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    I spotted a new all rounder Rohit....round from everywhere
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    I m high dhoni bhai stays not out
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    @velu @Real McCoy @Rasgulla @Forever Indian
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    Rajasthan Royals - the pink panthers

    No one has discussed or made a thread about RR. They have some exciting young India prospects in Yashasvi Jaiswal, Akash Singh, Riyan Parag and Kartik Tyagi. Hope to see them play and flourish.
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    Hope they don't play him ahead of Indian pacers for Aman ki Asha.... knowing srk that might happen.
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    Same is with Mr.Bollywood ,he takes IPL seriously,he talks about spirit, forgivenes(Smith case),dosti,mohabbat(Amir)etc in International cricket these days but mocks insults his national teammates in IPL(that too of Ashwin's stature,i can't respect the guy for that alone) Choker sala,atleast before bashing Dhoni i would look back to his ICC achievements,i just despise this fake personality of Mr.Bollywood
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    Cricinfo in pure trolling mode Archer to Jadeja, no run And he shows he has learnt from his master. A leave to end the 19th over. Dropping his wrists out of the way like proper Test match cricket
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    Came back to watch thala leave the ball in death overs.
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    Thala might even send the 3rd umpire and the match referee before him today
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    Might be trying to impress Bollywood Kohli,these antics are in his priority list
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    But I love the intensity undercutter baba shows. With his silent killer gaze, head so strategically facing low and master Yoda like stature, love his fireballs at 110k's
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    IPL Match 4 | CSK v RR | 22nd Sept 7:30 PM

    Looks like thala will promote both Curran and chahar today heck maybe even Chawla
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    Saini Fastest. 147 kph Average. 143 kph
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    IPL Memes thread

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    He flopped today like that thread you created
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    Sam Curran looks like a school kid hanging with all his distant grand parents....
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    Jab umer ke iss hissay main hamara wazeeer e azam pehlay reham aur phir pinky ke sath honeymoon par jasakta hai to you still have a chance. Buckle up bro and look around for yourself.
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    Send me your kundli, bio and three photos - straight, left and right profiles including one with you facing the North West direction and imagining Selena Gomez in your head. Sharma pandit at the corner of my street will take care of the rest.
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    Mavi 2 for 32 Bowling the crucial early and end overs. After the mess created by Cummins and Warrier and in an almost 200 run innings Really good effort kid. !!
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    Urmi always said that SRK prefers the company of young athletic men. Throw in his BFF KJo and anybody selected in KKR will start crying.
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    Breaking news .... The Speed Gun has slapped Unadkat !!
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    IPL Memes thread

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    Saini 2nd over 143 146 141 144 141 146
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    Selecting Mitch Marsh ahead of M Nabi. Josh "the hype" Philippe ahead of Moeenalisa Ali.
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    Mohit Sharma with his beard now looks like the love child of Ishant Sharma and Chetan Sharma. Not kidding,
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    Mumbai Indians in UAE. 0 wins 6 losses.
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    Glad I bought a wide screen TV so it can fully fit Rohit's paunch in the frame
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    Slow pitch Dhoni captaining Dhoni with a new beard / hair style Slow pacers and spinners bowling Boring game We are taunting So many witty or sarcastic comments. !! Missed this for 6 months.
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