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    Vladimir Putin to remain Russian President till 2036 @velu
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    Why would they want to chat with some Baba who is in love with Rohit Sharma. Grinder is the app @maniac uses.
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    That curse

    @Laaloo is behind this, with his voodoo dolls and black magic. Sachin is grateful
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    Fresh buying of Russian Jets.

    Ok lets dispel some myths. HAL Nashik factory produces the MKI, they are not buying from Russia. They are effectively signing an agreement for HAL to keep its Nashik factory open for another year. (12 a year produced). This means the factory and parts suppliers are open for a year extra. Which means IAF wants to simply supplement a its MKI lost to crashes etc and maintain the MKI strength at 272. It also means a factory remains open to churn out more MKI's quickly if there is indeed war with China and/or Pak with any money paid to Russia quickly. Its about retaining the inbuilt capacity. I expect another 1 year extension apart from this. Mig 29.These are already built in Russia in brand new condition. To them the IAF pimps them up by applying anti jammer radars (so reduce radar cross section or reduce being detected) alongside some latest technology to bring them to the 4th gen + standard. The cost of doing so and fully arming a Mig 29 is around $15 million-20 million. In May and June the IAF carried out sorties and found the Mig29 does well in the thin air of Ladakh and Kashmir. India already has around 60 of these planes. So our pilots are already trained on them. Experienced Mig 21 pilots will also be easily be able to operate them. Thus the Mig 29 is an option which can be delivered and implemented quickly. Especially on the western front v Pakistan they offer good deterrence against the F16s and JK17s. They are limited jets but are good as interceptors used in a defensive manner. A big step up from the Mig21 we currently operate. Rafales (a) Cost money (150 million per bird) (b) Are not built in India which means there is a delivery date issue (c) Our pilots needs some extra time to train on them. Usually it takes around 2 years and many hours of flight time for pilots to be fully comfortable. Hope this post clarifies things.
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    Don’t have to feel sorry for him. I don’t think lack of income has anything to do with his behavior, I don’t think even if he wins the lotto tomorrow, he is going to change. In fact money in the hands of such idiots may cause more harm than good. It’s just the upbringing and environment that matter. Look at someone like Munaf Patel who is a Muslim as well, comes from a remote area and from what I heard didn’t even own or wear a pair of shoes till he started playing active cricket. He carries himself way better than even some of the “dar-ul-Oxford” and imtiyaaz-e-Cambridge” educated padosi cricketers.
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    Imran Khan's Naya Pakistan

    Kaali Daal says India was behind the Karachi SE attack No.1 - When the fukk did this happen ? Have heard nothing about it. No.2 - There's a stock exchange in Pakistan ? https://www.dawn.com/news/1566145
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    Christians protested over some movie where a corrupt priest was shown, Malamaal something and that scene had to be cut. Then there was that play 'Agnes of God' in Mumbai, I think it was cancelled. AIB morons, Hrithik had to apologize to the community over some low level jokes. Many more such examples of individuals apologizing for crossing the line. That movie 'Da Vinci Code' was banned in most of our states by liberal Congressis cos of blasphemy. At a time when it was running in screens in many Christian majority countries. Thankfully the Christians don't damage public property, chop body parts or do boom kaboom like them who must not be named. And they have relatively short memories. They are similar to dharmics in that respect and max you can expect some black ink attack, vandalizing of sets or dharna...annoying but tolerable. And I am grateful for that. Compare that to what happened with Vishwaroopam or Zulfiqar....latter was directed by a LW sympathizer and it accurately portrayed a certain part of Kolkata where minority gangs run the show and an area notorious for producing terrorists. What happened next was blacked out by MSM but there were a few burnt theatres, hostels, shops, schools and Mamata personally had a screening of the movie at her residence along with leading clerics (all of them vocal critics of 1971 war crimes tribunal) and they came together to decide which scenes to cut. Those are the tolerant, liberal champions of FOE and us lowly guys are the threat to the nation who want to make India a Hindu Pakistan. Why? Because we make some online posts about certain depictions in our movies and TV shows, figure that out.
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    Shankar has to be in the scheme of things for our tour to England. I always felt his batting had a higher ceiling in red ball cricket, the kind of conditions we have been seeing in Eng in recent years even his bowling would be useful. Our own Collingwood.....we must do something different for our tour to Eng next year. Shankar comes in for Rahane in my team.
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    Dude Andhra girls are one of the most active users :) You might as well check this one out lol
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    Imran Khan's Naya Pakistan

    Some, may have noticed that if a person picks heated argument with another who owns the dog, The dog comes in defense of his owner. Sometimes, other person beats the dog grievously while its owner generally chooses not to get physical and both walkaway. India and China are arguing and Pakistan as a nation(including most Pakistanis and expatriats) are simply behaving like dogs to owner.
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    Why this Chinese app ban is justified

    yup.. good points.. 4th point I am hoping would be that other countries follow India and ban or do some sort of retaliation against China.. Their policies and hypocrisies are mind boggling..
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    The Judge (short film on love jihad)

    I must say this lady journalist, Swati Goel Sharma is very brave. She is the one doing actual journalism otherwise in India most of the TV news readers have become journalist by sitting in their TV studio.
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    Did he say ‘my wives’ ?
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    I will tell you where is PETA. They are saving Lakshmi, an elephant, which was venerated in a temple in Pondicherry and liberated it , only that it is in serious condition now. bloody hypocrites are in cohorts with dumeels and lemurians, missionaries and Islamists as well.
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    Oltmans was their field hockey coach for a brief period of time, he had coached us for many years prior to that. On a talk show when asked to explain the cultural differences between the two camps he said Indians were easy going while Pakistani players would try to convert him to Islam and explain stanzas from Quran, they would take out their lighters to explain hellfire...after a very short time (couple of months) he handed over his resignation to PHF and said that it is impossible to function in such an environment. Dressing rooms of Pak teams must be torture for sane people. Day is not far of when we see them start doing real life PUBG.
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    This happened and Grant let it go just like that? Looks a bit unbelievable. It is either something that was done in a fun kind of way or he is exaggerating. He couldn't be so hard pressed for money that he had to lay low and continue to work after having a knife on his throat.
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    Actually, it was paranoia around corruption that made it worse. AK Antony had a clean image and was happy to avoid any potential corruption charges at the expense of national security post telecom & coal scandals. Same thing happened post bofors with artillery guns, for a very very long time. Another piece of kick-ass western tech that our forces deserve.
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    Chalo agli baar sabziya deke Modiji ghar mein aake paka bhi lenge. Kus.Mind you this ration is for 80 crores people. Distribution is a nightmare.
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    People in India want to have their cake and eat it too. I am glad he is not consistent. I did not elect him to be consistent but to make right decision. In time of fiscal crisis, fuel is the easies way to bridge the gap. It will pay for the stimulus and can be adjusted when the fuel prices go up. I know this might be too subtle a point for simplistic meme sharing crowd, but India has a deficit crisis looming for 2020.
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    The wiki description of global times is jhakkas. The Global Times (simplified Chinese: 环球时报; traditional Chinese: 環球時報; pinyin: Huánqiú Shíbào) is a daily tabloid newspaper under the auspices of the Chinese Communist Party's People's Daily newspaper, commenting on international issues from a nationalistic perspective
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    Commies and Islamists hate each other, have committed multiple massacres/genocides against each other in other parts of the globe. Only in India do these two come together, their hatred for us dharmics must be at another level.
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    Dravid being called overrated test batsmen, lol. Guess i have seen it all. 52 average in test cricket, saving India's @ss so many times. Sorry to say, some of you guys have no clue what test cricket is about if you call Dravid an overrated test batsman. Your usage of the word overrated has been overly used. Need to figure that part out. Someone like Dravid in test cricket ca never be considered overrated. He was a gem and class apart who saved us more times than anyone did probably.
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    US 'martyred' bin Laden - Imran Khan

    First off, don't move goal posts - nobody is saying India is "doodh ka dhulaa". But You made specific accusations - not just accusations, you threw it around as if it were proven fact - that India was involved in the Karachi Stock Exchange terrorist attack, the Peshawar School attack, and others. There is zero evidence for any of this. And you have the blind foolishness to call me delusional? There is a long track record of evidence, about direct Pakistani involvement in hundreds of terrrorist attacks in my country. I was IN Bombay during the bomb attacks of 1993. My neighbor lost his father, another acquaintance's dad had to get a leg amputated. Those bomb attacks were proven to be carried out using detonators sold by NATO to the Pakistan army. This is just one example. There are reams of documentary evidence, so many murderers like Ajmal Kasab, who have been caught on Indian soil. I challenge you to find ONE single Indian citizen ever directly implicated in ANY terror event in your country. The reality is that your military has been playing with jihadis since the 1980s, and has suffered a lot of blowback, when the snakes they trained, and the ideology they fostered, turned against them. Its wrong, and false, to blame India for this. I challenge you again - find reasonably factual evidence that shows Indian involvement in a specific terrorist attack. I will be waiting. To be clear, I am not ruling out the possibility that it could have happened. But if India was responsible, especially at the level and frequency that you are claiming, then its simply impossible not to have evidence for it. After all Indian "terrorists" do not have super-powers that they can magically make all of the evidence and forensics disappear.
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    Imran Khan's Naya Pakistan

    Apparently even their exchange is sold out to the Chinese https://indianexpress.com/article/explained/pakistan-stock-exchange-attack-karachi-balochistan-liberation-army-6481916/
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    That curse

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    NDTV Journalism

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    Escalation at India-China border

    China has the whole world by the balls. The 21st century superpower is not Amreeka, but China. As detestable the Chinese Communist Party is they have brought the whole world to its knees and literally toying with Do-lund's Amreeka. So then what is a do-takey ka Chaiwalla going to do? Suck it up and continue buying Chinese! China has become Dilli ka laddoo now ... They are playing their cards and winning!
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    threads like these are due to no-cric-syndrome . waiting for kambli more talented than sachin thread.
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    dancing skills, 'break the beard' skills, cooking skills. Interview skills.
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    There is not much difference between favoritism and discrimination if it ignores merit.
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    Oh Putin - ok so where to start.. forced disappearances, megalomania, embellishment to prosecute opponents, political murders, use of national justice system for base thuggery. Nice but his trolls put some memes with him on sharks and stuff so he is badass so lets love him.
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    Fresh buying of Russian Jets.

    Some time back I looked up the Feb 2019 Ind-Pak air battle. Turns out that the undisputed superstar of the IAF was & is the Mirage 2000, a western aircraft. When we were fighting off the "non-state actors" occupying the Kargil heights two decades back, the aircraft that wiped out the morale & heads of those padosis was the Mirage with its Israeli bombs & targeting pods. Fast forward to 2019, the same aircraft hammers terrorist buildings deep inside enemy territory without being detected. Now all that's just ground attacks. What is also mentioned is the next day when PAF came up with 24 different aircraft to attack Indian locations and draw IAF aircraft into a trap, it was the Mirage that could lock onto the farthest PAF planes inside Pakistani controlled airspace and made them turn around. This was again with the updated MICA missiles, western tech on western aircraft. The Sukhoi, for all its stated prowess about air superiority, could not lock onto the F-16s which were firing AMRAAMs from quite a distance. Yes, it was able to defend itself via jammers or move away from the incoming missile with its powerful engines, but that's not what we thought was its primarily skill. The Russian R-77 missile was found lacking against the AMRAAM & the IAF is looking for alternatives including Israeli ones. Often, there's nothing better than battle proven western tech if you desire asymmetry in military tech and want to inflict damage to your opponent in battles and skirmishes. The IAF was so impressed with the Mirage 2K's capabilities post Kargil that it just wanted a lot of them, a terrific swiss army knife that does the job. The french offered the Rafale as a modern alternative and then MMRCA & good old bureaucracy struck us hard.
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    2 sub-inspectors, 4 others charged with murder for custodial deaths of father-son in TN https://theprint.in/india/2-sub-inspectors-4-others-charged-with-murder-for-custodial-deaths-of-father-son-in-tn/452847/
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    Jab bhooke ko muft mein ration de raha hain sarkaar. to petrol aur diesel ka kisko hain phikar aglo baar ...
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    We are at war with China. Some people are worried about their coconut.
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    Right that’s what I am saying there isn’t caste based discrimination but there is favoritism. However making this a high caste- low caste thing definitely is the usual anti-Hindu/ Hinduphobic agenda at play here.
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    Aa gaya CPEC ka mazdoor?
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    Vvvs might have singlehandedly increased a few downloads for this App. Has anyone seen @velu @vayuu1 @Stradlaterand @Texy around since this thread was started?
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    Over the years, Indian cricket hasn't only been blessed in terms of quality bowlers or batsmen at their disposal, but also have found able leaders, who set the path for excellence for the next batch. It all started with Sourav Ganguly's leadership, as the national side commenced the 'repair work' post the match-fixing scandal. While Ganguly brought in fresh faces and backed them to the core, he also made full use of his senior mates, such as Sachin Tendulkar, Rahul Dravid, VVS Laxman, Anil Kumble, Javagal Srinath, etc. Though most hail MS Dhoni after Ganguly's era, Dravid also held the responsibility of the side for a brief period. Many remember his captaincy for India's miserable run in the 2007 World Cup, however, the former captain had several achievements as well. Under him, India won its first-ever Test on South African soil, defeated England and West Indies in their own backyards in 2006 and 2007 respectively and became a much better side in chasing totals. Apart from his leadership, Dravid remains an icon for performing exceedingly in several roles for the team's sake in crisis. Some of them are: keeping wickets for a balanced combination, playing as a finisher in the latter part of his ODI career, opening the innings in Tests, protecting the batting line-up with his solid defence against the new ball, etc. In today's times, he remains an ardent servant of Indian cricket, being the head of the National Cricket Academy (NCA) after successfully stamping his authority as a U-19 and India A coach. Thus, former Indian opener Gautam Gambhir hailed Dravid and made a big claim on him. Gambhir said during Star Sports show, ‘Cricket Connected’, "I made my ODI debut under Sourav Ganguly, I made my Test debut under Rahul Dravid. It is so unfortunate that we do not give enough credit for his captaincy as well. We only talk about Sourav Ganguly or MS Dhoni and now about Virat Kohli. But Rahul Dravid has been a fabulous captain for India. Even his records, he is probably the most underrated cricketer and probably the most underrated leader as well. We won in England, we won in West Indies and we won 14 or 15 games on the trot. But look at Rahul Dravid as a cricketer," he stated. Gambhir further opined, "You asked him to open the batting in Test cricket and he did that. He kept wickets for India, he batted as a finisher. He did everything Indian cricket or a captain asked him to do and that is the kind of role models you want. For me, I think he has had a bigger impact. Sourav Ganguly has always had a bigger impact in white-ball cricket because of his flamboyance but Rahul Dravid overall in Indian cricket had a much bigger impact than probably anyone. You can actually match his impact on someone like Sachin Tendulkar as well. He played under the shadow of Sachin Tendulkar all his life, but impact wise probably the same." Without a doubt, Dhoni took over the team, made it a temperamentally stronger unit and raised their game awareness before handing over the reins to Virat Kohli, the platform was set for both of them by Ganguly, who in turn, had a selfless teammate in Dravid. Link - https://www.timesnownews.com/sports/cricket/article/rahul-dravid-had-much-bigger-impact-in-indian-cricket-than-sourav-ganguly-gautam-gambhir/609736?fbclid=IwAR3sAYSJW1VLki2EaimAjHWctn0YSDf5IpWUh-cGlM1mP-nBFH8dBSp9EbA
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    Terrorism in JK

    Shameless parosis on twitter saying he was killed by Indian forces.... You have to be an A-Grade aß$hole to use the death of an innocent civilian to push your fake propaganda.
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    Why this Chinese app ban is justified

    1. Covid19 human-to-human transmission info and other critical info hidden by CCP , allowed spreading of Chinese people throughout the world knowing it would cause lacs of deaths around the world. 2. Border situation at LAC. Land grabbing intention and Soldiers losing life (albeit after killing more Chinese) 3. China itself didn't allow google, fb etc. how could it allow Indian apps to become big in China? It is jaise ko taisa... Modi govt. decisive. Good stuff. Leading the world on how to deal with CCP.
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    I like to look at old scorecards of past series. I don't know who else does it. Just by looking at how much each famous player made and performed. WI v/s Aus 1975-76 WI v/a 1979-80 WI v/s India 1974-75 India v/s Aus 1986-87 India in Pak 2004 - Sehwag series WI v/s Aus 1992-93 (WI winning this test by 1 run - https://www.espncricinfo.com/series/16470/scorecard/63593/australia-vs-west-indies-4th-test-west-indies-tour-of-australia-1992-93) India-Aus 1996/98 and 01 - Best series in In India Eng v/s Aus 2005 - Best series ever. Period. SA and Aus serieses in 2000s - very competitive. Even the last one when Aus toured SA.
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    The earlier we get rid of Sanjay Gandhi's family from positions of power, the better. Mother-son both useless, what purpose do they serve in 2020? Entitled clowns, and no loyalty. Even Varun, after the initial promise he has turned into a total libbu if you read his articles. Many snakes are tolerated by BJP just cos they are anti-Sonia/RaGa.
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    Pak Army IT Cell

    Know about his kaarname since circa 2015, Imran's dharna days. Nuisance character, Coupta gave him space on Print. And have seen him and Kavita Krishnan in cahoots spreading lies about Kashmir and IA, many Kashmiri handles and IMT scumbags (brumby's gang) used to be big admirers of his work. Some of his 3rd grade trends would also trend on Indian twitter thanks to these clowns. He probably has more enemies in Pak, fanatical PTI guy and some of the falsehoods he has trended against PMLN, PPP, ANP and other opponents of Taliban Khan will put our BJP/Congress IT cells to shame.......will surely land him in trouble one day.
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    what a joke this is... Would Virat Kohli the player at start survived Virat "The Captain" I wonder. Way too much chopping!
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