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  1. Why do you think Majid Khan makes all his ATG batsman, Fast Bowler, Leg Spinner, off Spinner, WC, Fielder list etc.
  2. Bhai kisi ko toh baksh de. Sabhi me kuch na kuch problem nikalta rahta hai.
  3. Clueless may be, but knowledgeable enough to know an inch or 10 fee outside the bowling crease it's still a no ball. Did your bowlers perfect the art in last decade. You know subtlety saves you prison time in a foreign county.
  4. Not on the ground. But there must be some discount going on to celebrate thumping victory in Ashes 2.0
  5. Ngidi himself is an indecent bowler. Bowls 130k harmless stuff all the time.
  6. Listen up you clown Next time you wish death to someone, brush up your patronizing tone. I live in no less a first world then you but don't go to town shouting from rooftops.
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