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  1. Without bowling or facing a ball, NZ has blanked PAK 8-0.
  2. When I was a teenager used to watch Women's tennis. No incentive to watch Men's tennis at all.
  3. Yes, Bottler Bumrah. If India makes it to semi or final in WT20, we will see yet another example of his legendary bottling.
  4. I think damage is already done, hence the expression and distance from others.
  5. Nope don't have one. As I said, find something.............. I know it's hard but you will be ok.
  6. 287 all out. Eng winning by an inning and whatever runs.
  7. Suddenly the chick's I was checking out have started to look at them in a fatherly way. Oh this tweet.
  8. Hope NZ cricket has bought high risk travel expenses for the entire team.
  9. Any one who marries an actress doesn't have the attribute of sound judgment.
  10. Gave over for our brothers from West, these two East Italians are taking the game away.
  11. Agree, how can a fixer be a bigger star then a greek God.
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