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  1. Poor bodyguard. Sleep proved to be too costly for him.
  2. It was astonishing to walk in to a restaurant and bar at 2 AM and see every seat occupied. It sucks to be indoors by 9 PM where I am, no night life.
  3. Spent 15 years in Mumbai before relocating out of India early this year. There is nothing like Mumbai in India. You can head out at 01 AM and chill out like it's the most normal thing to do.
  4. Let China drive all the way to Delhi then.
  5. Not judging soldiers at all, they are the one holding fort. What is frustrating is governmental fascination of 'not a single bullet fired across LAC in 45 years' thingy. If we can't fire to maintain our territorial integrity despite being under attack then better settle all boarder claims by giving out. We wont have to count any more bodies then.
  6. Free hand as in can't fire despite being slaughtered
  7. They are exceptions not norm. An average Joe Hindu Bong don't eat beef both sides of border.
  8. Well each to his own since we do not have any structured data to bank upon. However I will have to disagree about urban south population being majority of Bong population as per 2011 census data WB has close to 70% rural population. BTW do u know any Bong who cooks beef at home?
  9. My arguments still stands. Once you step out of urban areas of Kolkata beef consumption among Hindus is negligible even within 150 KMS radius of kolkata. Kolkata has lots of 'We are Hindus only culturally' types though.
  10. So one post and it has become common from most popular. Bottom line is hardly 1% Bengali Hindus eat beef ( basing on instinct) and absolutely no one cooks at home. BTW I was born in rural Bengal and lived there for 24 years.
  11. It's not, hope you are not confusing Bengal with Nepal. Baby goat is the most popular choice as sacrificial animal here.
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