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  1. Not judging soldiers at all, they are the one holding fort. What is frustrating is governmental fascination of 'not a single bullet fired across LAC in 45 years' thingy. If we can't fire to maintain our territorial integrity despite being under attack then better settle all boarder claims by giving out. We wont have to count any more bodies then.
  2. Free hand as in can't fire despite being slaughtered
  3. Did Kamran drop all those catches on his bowling deliberately? Religion above team interests?
  4. Wow, going through the last pages of this thread and it has reaffirmed my thought that liberal Muslim is an oxymoron.
  5. This also doesn't reflect well on our strategic defence decision making. With due understanding of Chinese compulsion we need to hit Pakistan hard when an opportunity presents. India's image has military power has taken a beating post 27 Feb.
  6. Well someone talking facts based on incidents needn't be a Pakistani. They had a shot down plane to show while we couldn't take down any of their planes despite being completely aware about a possible retaliation. Also frequently crashing Migs are not very confidence inspiring.
  7. Pakistan may not have best air defense system in place but when it comes to attack with their F-16s they have clear advantage over our Soviet era vintage plans. Even IAF chief has lamented this fact recently. May be once Rafale is inducted fully, that will tilt the balance towards India.
  8. Will Akshay Kumar vote in Canadian electio
  9. Well, Pakistan has superior airforce while India has superior Army and Navy, but modern warefare is dictated by air power. That's one of the reasons we didn't escalate on 27 Feb.
  10. Atheeism coated jihadis are more deceiving then bearded without mustache ones. #justsaying
  11. Lol Prithviraj died at age 26 and Akshay just turned 52. Serious work for make up artist. In the movie Prithviraj will lecture how no religion preach violence and Mohd Ghouri is not a true Muslim blah blah blah. Will pass.
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