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  1. His spell yesterday was one of the best I have seen from a SENA fast bowler in India. Not a trundler. An extremely skillful bowler. Very underrated.
  2. Saw it last night. One of the better ones from the Daniel Craig series. In fact 2nd best after Casino Rayole. The rest were mediocre. Maybe I am biased for being a Brosnan Bond era fan
  3. Surprisingly I agree with that assessment. However you are overrating Pandya here. While I will over look the fanboyism , the reason Hardik is not in the side is because of himself. Was he given a long run- yes was he backed and protected- yes has been dropped/ rested rightfully- I will let you answer this one. You will never get a like for like replacement of any player, we have to do with the options we have and as I said while potential of Pandya sounds way more exciting than thee other names, they have gone ahead in the pecking order for a rea
  4. Ashwin, Axar and Jadeja will tear a new one to this Nzl side
  5. Good start. He could have made it great but bought himself more chances.
  6. A prime DK (if he ever had one) would have bossed this format. Perfect for him.
  7. Good thinking no poal. I am going to cast the only 2 votes from @Adamant and @putrevus
  8. Bump. As I said wonderful utility cricketer.
  9. looks dishonest because you have an agenda. You still haven’t told me what is a better solution. All I hear is whining and bitching like housewives from a reality show
  10. Oh yes Bhuvi needed to be dropped
  11. No justification required it is the most logical decision. Firstly, the selection committee Is still from the old regime and the new capt-coach combo had no say in this. Now look at our bench, we mostly have openers instead of middle order. Rohit, Rahul, V.Iyer, RituRaj, Ishan. V.Iyer is accommodated in the middle, Rohit is the new captain playing the last game of the series where he will be holding the trophy and he is official captain for the first time. That leaves you with the obvious option of dropping Rahul and accommodating one of Ritu and Ishan. Ishan
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