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  1. No trolling. Shardul can also go For 9 Overs 80+ type of spells that are main bowlers are going through but I have seen he has the knack of picking up wickets. He always picks up 1 or 2 wickets every game even though he is expensive. Honest trier in the field. Big fan of his batting. He can maybe not match Pandya with the bat but definitely can match Jadeja with his hitting ability. Needs to be in the team as of yesterday. He will win you the next game.
  2. goddy is a golt ? (nice ring to it even though don’t like the word golt as it’s more dumb than offensive). Ishu is a golt? doesn’t have a ring to it but there is another conspiracy there why I like Ishant @gattaca will explain it better
  3. Moeen Ali was considered to be good enough to open batting for England. As a spinner he is good enough to be strike spinner for England. In fact he did more damage than Anderson and Broad to our team. May be his bowling quality in LOIs May be utility or below par like Jadeja
  4. Jadeja is absolutely bits and pieces in LOI’s. He is not a strike spinner, never was even when Ashwin was around and not good enough to make it as a bat. I agree with Sanju 100%
  5. how many utility players you see in England or Australia? Guys like Maxwell,Curran bros at least Sam, Ali,Stoinis are proper cricketers and not bits and pieces who can singlehandedly win games.
  6. That’s definition or hacking and not exactly batting acumen. That’s exactly a lot of people’s judgement of Pandya
  7. not fun for us. Had he flopped in the SF he would have probably been dumped by now. Based on that fluke he got another run.
  8. Pandya struggled yesterday too. Also now he is actually considered a threat by teams which wasn’t the case a year ago, let’s see. I have a feeling Aussies are working him out slowly.
  9. True. All I am saying is the results are not as doom and gloom as we are making it out to be. Aussies had better conditions and obviously it was fair and square. I think the Indian bowling has been average rather than poor and so has been the batting. Fielding has been poor though.
  10. His USP was he can contribute with the ball. Sure I can buy the argument that he is a rare commodity, competent bat and can bowl 135-140k and gets extra leeway. Now if he is not bowling why should he get a special treatment over all those guys who are toiling in domestics and A tours. For example why should he be given preference as a pure no.5 bat over say someone like Pandey who has been topping batting charts in domestics and has done fairly decently in internationals including a 100 in Australia? T20 absolutely I will pick Pandya as a batsman alone. IPL is
  11. yes one fluke innings or spell and go back to sucking again till Manju comes into the picture again. Rinse and repeat
  12. more or less the same Indian team made 350 In WC batting first and Aussies with pretty much the same team folded for 315
  13. Aus pitches back in the day used to be Aussie fast bowlers running through our line ups. Now it is a batting shoot out on flat pitches and our batsmen are not able to keep up. Remember India in recent times has lost due to poor Batting and terrible fielding and our bowlers have picked 20 wickets and had opposition on back foot on every away tour.
  14. He has been guilty of bowling of half volleys but when he gets it right, batsmen have been a little rattled with his pace. Even guys like Finch,Warner were a little bothered by his pace. They have the confidence of playing at home, flat pitch and also won the first game and on top of that they see an inexperienced rookie they target him a lot more. If you saw him bowl live, he was pretty good with his intensity and composure despite being hit around. He looks like he belongs at this stage.
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