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  1. I wouldn’t care if Anderson runs through the Indian batting tomorrow. I am that happy
  2. May be last time I was shaking with this much tension watching a sporting event was during WT20 2007 final over
  3. Yes yes yes . Phew congrats all ICFR’s its coming home
  4. Ro starts off the same way in every format before he hits the beast gear
  5. Lord Thakur still chips in with 2 wickets
  6. He just looks like that. One of the most exciting cricketers in the world.
  7. @velu and @Laaloo ‘s favorite player :)
  8. Good luck. Players like this who put their countries name on the map against all odds deserve a lot more respect
  9. Zim without Curran bros gets wins vs Pakistan, just imagine if they had them and even Grandhomme who is a Zimbok.
  10. ok, fair enough, may be bowled well in the previous spells. Has been short this spell
  11. cricket ok it makes sense because honestly Pakistan is still competitive and might beat us once in a while but trolling india for hockey and that too for women’s hockey team losing in semifinals, that is a new low. I mean how pathetic does that look.
  12. Why the f is bumrah bowling short of length
  13. Bumrah is not bowling good lengths either bro. Very harmless, 140k short of the length is of no use at this level against proven batsmen like root and Bairstow
  14. oh I thought he was Indian all this while
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