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  1. 100% flop. Usually having too many actors with a big aura and reputation is counterproductive. Also I don’t remember when was the last time Kamal Hassan made a good movie.
  2. My first time watching Symonds was some time around WC 2003 before he played that knock vs Pak. The ball was inches away from hitting the boundary and out of nowhere this large guy flew from nowhere to stop it. It was incredible. Never seen anything like that till that point in cricket especially such bulky guys diving around like Jonty Rhodes. Then his legendary batting exploits in LoI. what a player rip.
  3. Yeah the old Chanakya show was one of the greatest Indian tv shows of all time. Surprised to see him associated with this type of a film. Hopefully it will be good. However Akshay Kumar is a terrible actor. Good for Masala movies but doesn’t have the range to carry a role like this. Trailer does look crap though.
  4. Disagree on Mavi. He can be very good in sc conditons. He is more in the mould of Umesh and Shami. Very good athlete too.
  5. Agree with most of your post but difference between guys like Rahul or even Gill and Kishen is they looks like they are in control when playing slow. Sure, it may be counterproductive and useless in T20 but they look set and steady. Guys like Kishen never look set or in control. Most of their lower strike rates knocks are because of a lot of wafts and misses and technical inadequacies while facing certain bowling.
  6. His batting is too one dimensional at the moment. What I have noticed is his range has gotten lesser.
  7. Quicker than Bhuvi. Moshin is good too but Mukesh got more skills, Moshin is probably consistently sharper.
  8. Someone has to take the mantle right. We live in a world with wrong numbers who put down young Indian talent and hype foreign talent only with the intent of needling emotions or with intent to go against the grain just to irritate people. Just trying to maintain equilibrium.
  9. The way he is making the ball talk and at at decent Zip of 135-142, he could be one for the future. Reminds me of Jimmy Anderson. didn’t want this to be in IPL forum so opening in cricket talk for future discussion. Has the highest wickets in PP this year. Much better then Bhuvi for sure.
  10. Kishen is talented but clearly can tell he has made no significant progress over the last 2-3 years. He will get by talent for 2-3 more years but concerned he won’t be able to go to that next level like a Kohli or even a Rahul.
  11. Great temperament shown. That’s why don’t pick talent from a couple of slogs from Instagram reels
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