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  1. Shane Watson Rayudu Raina Dhoni Jadhav Dwayne Bravo Jadeja Harbhajan Chawla Tahir Karn Sharma 12th man: Mashallah “25 year old” youngsta beauty Monu Kumar
  2. Kambli got a lot of opportunities till early 2000s. In fact his last match was that infamous 54 allout game vs Srilanka at Sharjah. He debuted before the 92 WC, so he was in the scheme of things for 10 years. Also Kambli’s problem with performance was a relatively smaller issue than his drunken behavior. I would argue that Kambli got a more opportunities despite his behavior because he was from Mumbai a strong influencer in Indian cricket and also his friendship with Sachin. Do you think say someone like Dhoni from Ranchi would have been given the same feee ride early on if he behaved like Kambli ? On the other hand Ganguly came from a rich family, I am assuming he is Brahmin or some high caste Bengali. There was a lot of criticism on his selection. Grabbed his opportunity, became One of India’s greatest captain and played a role in changing Indian cricket. Do you think Kumble or Dravid were never dropped because they were Brahmins or because they never put a foot down since debut? Laxman was dropped multiple times. In fact he was sidelined for Dinesh Mongia of all people. He had to play the greatest knock of all time to become a regular and even then people tried to replace him with Yuvraj. Despite that he is one of India’s greatest match winners in tests and Yuvi was in LOIs. Not sure how casteism played a role here. Indian cricket has issues with regionalism, not as much as they used to be pre-80s but there isn’t casteism. Show me one guy in the team who is there because of his high class and is picked over more deserving lower caste players?
  3. maniac

    Rank MI films

    MI2 has some innovative and ground breaking stunts though. John Woo I mean some of these stunts are still being ripped off as we speak in some mainstream Masala South or North Indian movie.
  4. Blackwood has done it twice. 2 times is not a fluke. He won WI a test vs England 4-5 years go as well. Can’t call it a fluke.
  5. While clearly ignoring Kambli’s off field shenanigans and the fact that Laxman is one of the most disciplined and nicest guys around.
  6. Yes. The point is when he came back at 6 down with 10-15 runs to go, it could have looked a lot tighter with the WI tail. He brought in a lot more assurance. I am not saying in all situations but in a tricky chase it could be an option to send one guy at 7-8.
  7. Campbell the opener looked like a walking wicket in the first innings as well especially against Anderson. Had he not been injured today WI would have been 20 odd for 4. Also when he came back at 6 down it made things look much better for WI then say a lower order bat with 4 wickets to go. Can this be used as a strategy to push a more vulnerable bat lower down the order in a tight chase in tricky conditions. I remember Dhawan scoring valuable runs too overseas when he got injured and came back later in the middle order and many such instances.
  8. I do agree with the whole sentiment behind the BLM. However there is always a danger of pushing something too far to then start giving the other side a voice. That is why you see no neutrality any more.
  9. Blackwood for man of the match. Blackwood’s performance matters!
  10. Jokes apart, good to see Blackwood perform and Chase contribute. Hopefully these guys have found the next gear . Very talented cricketers. Whatta memorable win
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