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  1. He was a good allrounder if you ignore the chucking and take it for what it was when he was doing it without getting caught. In fact Hafeez 1.0 would have made it into the Indian side in LOI’s as an allrounder for Indian team of that time 2010 decade as we kept looking for a competent allrounder. Hafeez 2.0 can easily replace Pandey and Iyer in T20’s adding to the fact that he can also bowl. Usually Pakistan players are overrated by their fans while everyone else sees them for what they are, in Hafeez’s case it is the opposite. He is underrated because he is n
  2. Since Lyon has said it we got our gora validation. There you go case closed. Ashwin or any other Indian spinner would have been accused of being a BCCI stooge.
  3. Also he has a “K” factor but don’t know if koffee bhai kares
  4. Good to see him embrace these memes. I have followed Shastri the cricketer from 90ish- Hated him As a commentator- always cringed listening to him As a coach- rekindled my childhood hate But in the last few months he is really winning me over After Pappu is a nice guy opinion, I will add this to my list. Desh badal raha hai @coffee_rules
  5. May be it has to do with the fact that Jadeja kept getting opportunities to succeed while Ashwin didn’t put a step down since debut. The only time he did, he lost his LOI spot. Jadeja is a great bowler though but it took us all permutations and combinations to figure out what he is good at, where as Ashwin was a strike bowler or played in that role from day 1.
  6. As a total package (batting and bowling) Ashwin. At his peak though Harbhajan was more threatening. I don’t want to get into the full sleeve/chucking debate. He wasn’t banned and it is what it is. As a cricketer: Ashwin As a bowler: Harbhajan only marginally ahead as of now. Ash has caught up quickly with the Aus series but one more defining overseas tour and he will be comfortably ahead.
  7. Not interested in indulging in rhetoric. Next
  8. By the same account Kohli had other bits and pieces players similar to Washington as well in Krunal and Axar (in LOI’s I think he is one). Krunal more or less had a similar impact in his first few games and on top of that he is Hardik’s brother and he is close to Kohli at least it comes across that way. Washington however seems to have gotten the nod and rightfully so obviously in this case based on future long term potential. Also observe the way Kohli praised him during IPL. I think first season he didn’t handle him well but has now started to use him better.
  9. I don’t know, just get the feeling, Kohli is the guy totally backing him the fullest. Washington was rated highly by Dravid during his U-19 days but all of a sudden caught everyone’s attention as this 18-19 year old bowler who had this incredible maturity for his age. Fast tracked to internationals , Went on to be Man of the tournament in his very first international outing. Next thing you know, he is picked by RCB. He has a mediocre season with RCB but still isn’t forgotten and continued to get international opportunities as a bench player.
  10. @Laaloo 3 day pitch is not exactly a upgrade just because it’s a different ball
  11. @zen how about replacing Pujara with SDP? serious question. We will get 27(18) type cameo instead of 27(189) type innings. along with 1-2 wickets on a good day and improve the fielding dramatically.
  12. Dravid was defensive but he had all the shots. Both him and VVS were slow between wickets by modern standards but could rotate strike and pick their spots at least RD later on. Initially he used to hit those crisp drives straight to fielders. Pujara unfortunately has become very one dimensional. Early on he used to smash spinners or pick his bowlers, now all he does is block and lunge with no intent almost like a test version of MSD in his later years. It works for us because our opening overseas struggles and middle order is hit or miss so it comes across as a fighting effort. W
  13. He seems to either leave or block with the bat or body. Hope he gets any other scoring shot than the edges between slips. Also remember he can’t run because of his knees, so it becomes even more difficult for him to keep score board ticking. May be he will surprise us this IPL.
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