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  1. Because of captaincy. That advice to Malinga
  2. Who wanted Rana in international team? was it @Ankit_sharma03 ? jhagda nahi chahiye bhai aise hi pooch raha hoon
  3. If he can’t get the job done in IPL then what chance he has when he plays for India. Also those stats are misleading that zen posted. one of the matches even when everything worked for him he couldn’t finish the job
  4. DK that’s a good sign it’s only amazing DK or terrible DK so let’s see what we get
  5. Because it blocks a foreign slot. He can be part of the think tank outside as well like Williamson for SRH
  6. 2019 mask was not part of our daily wardrobe , we never heard the term “social distancing” and we were not scared of common cold or flu like symptoms and we wanted to travel the world not just to the local mall.
  7. Mavi- A. Wonderful but started of a little shaky Gill- D. looked under pressure after playing out a maiden Rahul Chahar will he tested when he bowls to likes of Russell,Morgan,Dk Will update it as it goes. If someone catches something I missed please feel free to update
  8. He is going to be our main finisher In internationals but so far it’s always 15(10) 12(7) type knocks or cameos that don’t get the job done. Lets see if he can actually finish a game batting first or second at least in IPL
  9. In all seriousness Pandya is such a good striker down the ground and has solid balance and technique, he just over does this cross stance. Won’t work 9/10 times in crucial games.
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