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  1. pretty much same Nzl team as the Op Some names that can be considered are G.Turner for opener C.Mcmillian for middle order M.Gutpill for opener Rest pick themselves. Surprising to see lack of options for other departments. Southee probably only other guy who can be in reserves. Chris Harris in these days of big bats will get clobbered.
  2. firstly the whole concept of people giving back to their country by donating is fine, very noble concept however this guy has taken begging to a different level Mashallah I have said many times my first year of as a Proper cricket fan was 1991-1992 so 92 WC is something still etched in my memory like it happened yesterday. So I have not seen Imran’s peak so my earliest memory of him was begging for the hospital He seems to have really mastered this art Hospital,Dam, debt write offs, corona funds I mean is there anything this guy cannot turn into bheekh? He might be the First Nation builder who builds a country on begging. Reminds me of this comedy scene
  3. Thankfully not. Why do you ask?
  4. In such circumstances everyone feels fast. I actually Batted against an off spinner Who made it to the A side for his state in a timepass match and felt his regular darts were scarier than some of the amateurs trying to bowl fast. His every delivery was coming at a good pace straight into my jewels. so yes being scary and cautious and being express and taking everything out of the equation are 2 different things. Bring back the unlimited bouncer rule again and WI bowlers will be back in business. Even their not so regulars like Russell can be lethal with that length and line he bowls.
  5. Already have been at home for a month it’s only semi-lockdown in my state.
  6. GWB fits in like a nice treat in the middle, kind of like an extra helping in your dynasty sandwich
  7. I have seen a small enough sample set in day to day life to kind of agree with him even though it is a stereotype/generalization .
  8. ^ @Harsh Thakor interesting that you have placed Bradman below Sachin in your overall list and Viv below Sachin in the test list. I just want to hear your take why you feel that way.
  9. The speeds are questionable. Shouldn’t we factor in if or when the speed gun calculation methods have changed or not. No way Thompson was bowling 100 miles per hour to batsmen without helmets and there were hardly any fatal injuries. I mean we see guys like Cummins,Rabada,Starc hurting batsmen with full body armor. we have had an unfortunate High profile cricketing death too In the modern era which was from a bowler who usually operates between 135-140 ks. i am not saying these were trundlers but I won’t buy there were bowling even 90mph leave alone 100. At best the fastest bowlers then were between 130-140ks max on a good day but obviously they had more leeway with the lengths they could bowl all day
  10. Yes what a useless organization. What is the point of this when they Can’t prevent such pandemics. Heads need to roll.
  11. He is just playing to the galleries. I don’t see how india comes out bad from this, we export something and in turn get money and maybe use this for future leverage. However there needs to be a diplomatic play here by having trump acknowledge India’s help in an official statement or something. This is were the focus needs to be. All these guys Trump,Johnson,Modi or even a dumbo like Imran have to show a little bit of showmanship which is what world leaders need to do these days unfortunately.
  12. Should have retired after Aus in 2012 in tests. Tbh should have retired after the WC win completely but he was in such red hot form in the wc that it made sense for him to play the next 2 tough overseas series but that should have been it. in 2010-2011 after the Sa series and the wc no one would even dispute Sachin as the greatest of all time but unfortunately he left gaps in his stats due to post 2011.
  13. As a keeper Boucher was technically better than both Dhoni and Gilly even though he never kept against quality spin. Also played some clutch knocks even though just like every sa great he was a choker too. however Gilly has that xfactor that Dhoni doesn’t have. We are talking about a guy who revolutionized the role of a keeper bat. If I have to rate them on keeping then it is Gilly Boucher Dhoni as batsmen Gilly Dhoni and Boucher. You can find plenty of alternatives for Dhoni the batsmen in m.o but as a total package Gilly all the way.
  14. there are atleast 30 names I can think of ahead of him just off the top of my head . Unless you are picking only keeper-bats then sure he would be 2nd to Gilly Because of his captaincy track record- only the good moments of course
  15. maniac

    Fixers XI !!!

    Umar Akmal has been banned recently for fixing
  16. maniac

    Fixers XI !!!

    They already have Amir. Also to add Hafeez who was banned for Chucking , Malik for being a trouble maker or something, Sarfaraz’s for racist comments . Now they have the red carpet laid for Sharjeel Khan and also already a few voices counting down come back of Umar Akmal. Mashallah what a Bad ass team
  17. Bradman shouldn’t be counted. Yes he is a legend of the game and there should be a separate category for them. When you are listing the top 5 fastest vehicles of all time you don’t go with a horse buggy because at that time it was the fastest vehicle known to man. Bradman bullied the same team over and over. Let any of those ATG’s tour overseas for 2-3 months with all 3 formats , play a home series for a month all 3 formats , IPl, ICC tournament etc etc day in and day out and perform and we would have known their worth. At the same time obviously can’t say the current gen is greater because there were definitely some challenges back then which the current lot have it on a platter. So I usually rate players who have held on to their legacy even amidst changing generations and still came out of top. Here are my Top5 Sachin Viv Gilchrist Warne McGarth close contenders Wasim Lara Kallis
  18. https://www.cnn.com/2020/04/06/uk/boris-johnson-coronavirus-hospital-gbr-intl/index.html Hope he recovers Also to be fair he was being a bit of an idiot a couple of months back shaking hands with everyone and playing this down
  19. he is the guy responsible for BJP’s rise in the north East even though he is originally from NY, India also known as Andhra .
  20. Maybe NJ is better off than CT and Ny which are in trouble. NJ is the Pakistan of USA anyways so forget about such etiquette but I was concerned for our friends from there. surprised though Newark is much closer to NYC
  21. Also to folks in New Jersey Laaloo, Coffee and Sandeep (Also folks I am missing out on). My friend lives in CT and he went on a shopping spree at Patel brothers on Friday as he was told they were totally shutting down for now in the Ny NJ CT area Atleast in the Philly area they have grocery stores open both Indian and Regular supermarkets.
  22. Has anyone heard from tics @Cricketics recently. I have family in the DC area and I have been told the situation in Maryland,Delaware,DC area has gotten worse. stay safe bro
  23. Here is a true feel good story though. I went to target yesterday to pick up something, saw a few Chinese folk and stared them with total disdain just like some stares I have gotten in the past in some areas of USA. Finally felt like I made it.
  24. That Looks like a stunt gone wrong from a honorary paratrooper
  25. Wow we have come a long way with the T20 gen. I have seen a few Vengsarkar knocks probably at the end of his career and if he was at one point considered aggressive then we sure have come a long way
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