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    Friends XI!

    I don’t think Bhajji is his friend bro. He does take shots every now and then, he used to openly on TV when he was in MI but now he masks it carefully because he has to suck up to him. Mohit, Chahar and Thakur we can add them.
  2. maniac

    Friends XI!

    MSDhoni Jadeja Rayudu Raina Chawla Jadhav Any non-tamil nadu player playing for CSK
  3. Better than Sachin,Lara,Viv and Bradman? that was my only list. Top 4 creme de la creme of Cricket. The Don- Legend Viv-Changed batting Sachin- The most popular cricketer ever almost god like status, became a brand and industry on his own. Cricketing accomplishments self explanatory Lara- The greatest left handed bat of all time. Kallis is a great allrounder, as a bat not as impactful as the rest but as an allrounder top 1 or 2 for sure. Sobers has a case but as this is a fun fantasy scenario, I will put him on my Allrounder Mt.Cricmore as @zen says.
  4. Also here is my Rushmore of guys who changed world cricket but are totally forgotten Joginder Sharma- The man whose face should be on the every IPL trophy Sandhu- that iconic inswinger to Gordon Greenidge that would set the chain of events to change world cricket forever. At that moment the balance of power in cricket shifted to India Sachin the bowler- Sachin the batsman alone didn’t make him reach a god like status. His magical last over in the hero cup or his 3 crucial wickets in the 2001 Eden test and many such crazy and miraculous performances is what made him Sachin. Sachin the bowler is never mentioned as an added attraction for tourists I will put him on this smaller Rushmore Chawla: 2 time WC winner , Play him as a lucky charm alone.
  5. Zen bapu come up with your rushmore. Also stats shouldn’t be given here importance here, I mean George Bush might have been more days in office than Lincoln but Lincoln changed history that’s why he is on the monument. So who is on your Rushmore?
  6. @gollum I meant Chandrasekhar not Prasanna my bad
  7. maniac

    Family XI!

    Why the bias against Manju I mean a father and son duo representing India in test cricket and scoring 100s for the country is a pretty elite club.
  8. I tried to do justice to each spin variety. Herat is one of the top 10 highest wicket takers ever, a left arm spinner( quota) and won his team a test match in SA a rare for a subcontinent team leave alone a weak test team like Srilanka. Underwood was just an inferior version of Kumble glamorized by the likes of Alan Wilkins and Sky team. Bedi was my left arm pick but on volume of wickets went with Herath. Prasanna in the freak spinner category.
  9. Sobers and Kallis would belong on the allrounders mt.Rushmore which was the next one. Steve Smith has not reached that elite category yet. You cannot rate a player In elite category based on a few years of purple patch. Hobbs who??? Just kidding, maybe in the same category as Dravid,Gavaskar, Border etc. The 4 are elite who changed cricket, they are household names. Hobbs is not the cream de la creme.
  10. Mt.Rushmore for batsmen Bradman Sachin Viv Lara I will stick with 4 for this. These are elite category. I don't want to put likes of Dravid,Gavaskar,Border etc because they don't belong to the same level as these 4
  11. Making it a larger topic instead of having separate threads for each category Mt.Rushmore for Spinners Warne, Murali ,Kumble, Herat , Prasanna A leg spinner, Off spinner, A fastish leg spinner, A left arm spinner and a mystery bowler just missed out : Underwood
  12. If you were assigned to build a Mt.Rushmore for fast bowlers who would be on it. Since it is a cool newer version of Mt.Rushmore I will give you a choice of 5 names instead of 4. Here is mine McGrath Wasim Akram Marshall Ambrose Hadlee Closely missed out: Steyn
  13. maniac

    Site Feedback

    Not able to login on Safari through IPhone. I just realized I was logged in on the chrome browser on my phone but not sure if its a safari only problem.
  14. I agree on Birdman, started watching but turned it off 20-30 mins into it. Shakespeare in Love no thanks, not a fan of such movies. I would rather watch my Con Air or Face Off DVD’s/ digital copy for the 100 + time.
  15. Corrections DC universe is critically panned. I think apart from wonder woman which was genuinely well made rest all are not well accepted. I was talking about the Marvel universe. In fact don’t you think it’s a big challenge to put together a tightly bound script based on characters that have evolved over so many years and fit that into a universe to tell a story? It’s easy to say oh what the hell is this power or this new planet etc but if you are thinking that while watching a movie you will never enjoy it. See some Indian movies be it bollywood or regional defy logic. For example Andaz Apna Apna is such a bizarre and surreal premise but it is still adored and admired but most because you were ready to suspend your disbelief. Difference between a well made surreal/ fantasy movie and a boring one is lack of entertainment or engaging performances more than the plot line itself. Marvel universe for the most part does this very well and they are very tightly made in terms of plot gaps etc. I am sure if you nitpick you may find 1-2 loopholes but over a period of 12 years they made a juggernaut and plugged gaps and told a great story. We all bought the emotional interaction between Ironman and his daughter, Captain America’s conclusion or Thor’s comedy because they built these characters over a period of time. Don’t you think it’s genius? Houseful series or Golmaal series also have been around for a while, do you invest the same way in those movies that you invest in Marvel movies emotionally? Yes Hollywood is greedy and the prequels and sub movies are an overkill but overall the Marvel movies are great cinema. HP movies is an adaptation of a literary classic based on wizards and different worlds, can you imagine the effort in translating that to a movie that is engaging. There will obviously be something’s left out or added for cinematic liberties. I don’t know because I haven’t read the HP books but from the potter heads in my family they think it’s pretty close to the books and for most fans seem to appreciate the adaptation. Forrest Gump for that time 1994 was a unique concept and story with path breaking special effects and performances for that time. If you see a Viv Richards 50(30) balls you want have the same appreciation now because we see every tom dick and Harry play such things in the IPL generation but you need to appreciate for what it was at that time and clearly it stands the test of time because Bollywood is adapting it after 25+ years.
  16. I haven’t seen 1917 and Seventh Seal in your list. Now I have to absolutely check them out based on what you think is overrated obviously there are a few other in your list like those French movies for example which I would never watch anyways because not my cup of tea.
  17. Never seen memories but Zodiac is definitely one of the finest thrillers ever made on that genre with some amazing performances. Funny that it has 3 Marvel actors (if you include Gyllenhall) pre-Marvel days giving outstanding performances. Love David Fincher. The Game is one of the most underrated thrillers directed by him as well.
  18. I have noticed people criticizing mostly fantasy movies like Harry Potter etc and superhero movies as overrated or even movies like Forrest Gump. However people need to realize that it takes a lot of creativity to come up with a universe, give a certain rules to the universe, give some logic to why the characters are the way they are and within that space make us suspend our disbelief and get engaged. We all know dragons and hobbits don’t exist but when we watch it most of us are drawn into that universe. That’s what makes them that much more amazing. You see a movie like Avengers, people were invested with those characters, they followed the universe, they had great characters with depth played by really good actors. The attention to detail on CGI was incredible. If that is not great filmmaking then don’t know what is. For me a bad/ overrated movie is where the narrative logic has a lot of holes, bad acting, lack of character depth or technical errors like bad CGI or leaving a coffee cup on a medieval set etc. Slumdog Millionaire to me would be an overrated movie. Caricatures and generalization , lack of depth in the characters and really bad acting. Dev Patel has evolved into a fine actor since then however rest of the cast was real poor. Now it won a lot of oscars and that is an undisputed overrated movie in my book.
  19. maniac

    Big B Movies

    it had Tabu in it. Just googled the other actress was Jayaprada. Movie name Kohram @Mariyam Thats a different movie I think with a less Michael Jackson looking Shilpa Shetty in it as well
  20. maniac

    Here be Dragons

    Let’s see scripture from a islamic scholar- check Theft of international art- poem and painting-check sounds like a KJ/Yash chopra movie lets see I am going to throw in a guess - Dil to Pagal Hai
  21. maniac

    Big B Movies

    I watched that movie in theatre first day first show bunking college,the audience went crazy especially the front benchers the moment they saw Nana Patekar in a typical trendy dress I also remember the hum hai banaaras ke bhayya song from that movie Apart from that the movie was so bad that I have totally wiped it out of my memory, I can’t even tell you the plot anymore
  22. More than cringe fest I am curious about the pseudo history that we will see as basic premise of Forrest Gump is covering significant American pop culture events through the eyes of the lead character who is autistic. Now that brings to the second thing, how an autistic/ mentally disabled character will he portrayed by main stream bollywood. That itself should be a scary thought.
  23. I failed brother I just saw it as yet another spy thriller and the liberandus have got me there. I am ashamed.
  24. Somethings are overhyped and fans buy into it. Heath Ledger did not kill himself due to the whole Joker role and how it affected him, that’s all bs apparently. I saw a video somewhere were even Nolan and Maggie Gyllenhall said he was pretty laid back on the set and would turn up the volume once the camera switched on. Obviously no one questions his dedication to his craft and the hardwork and his talent but the whole “the role of Joker killed him” was just unfortunate hype to sell tickets. In fact after learning how he took it as just another performance as a good professional made me appreciate his performance a lot more than all the crazy conspiracies.
  25. Funny story, I loved Raazi and even recommended to some of my American friends calling it an amazing must watch. They liked it too and then I discovered the sanskaari critic who rated that as the worst movie of that year After hearing his review I felt my soul die a little. I questioned my existence if I was a poser or really had my values
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