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  1. Shaw Kishan Sky Pant Hardik Washington Jaddu Bhuvi Bumrah Chakraborty Prasidh 4pacers 3 spinners all wicket-takers With batting upto 8
  2. The England & Wales Cricket Board is ready to offer IPL franchises a stake in Hundred teams and the Indian board a slice of Asian television rights in a bid to attract superstars such as Virat Kohli to play in the competition. Talks between the ECB and Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) have been ongoing since before the pandemic but moved up a notch when Tom Harrison and Ian Watmore, the ECB’s chief executive and chairman, were in Ahmedabad during the pink ball Test last month. It is understood the ECB are considering a number of potential partnership opportunities wit
  3. Kapil dev provides you sixth bowling option plus a gun batsman and change match with his hitting replace him with iyer or Rahul and you have an insane line-up Rohit Dhawan Kohli Iyer/sky/Rahul Pant Kapil Pandya Jaddu Shami Bumrah Chahal
  4. Cheeteh ki chaal,baaz ki nazar aur padmanabhan ki umpiring pe sandeh nhi krte.
  5. Also you forget one thing despite Steyn india still managed to draw series ,but that 96 attack was nightmare,no respite what so ever.
  6. Donald at peak was anything but manageable, Steyn himself idolized donald,a peak donald would run through teams,on top of that you have equally good Pollack, skillful Fannie and battery of highly skillful allrounders
  7. Also 2006 eng was a better attack deffo quicker,compared to 11 eng in india harmison, Freddie,jones,hoggard
  8. Surprised nobody mentioned south africa 96 Pollock,donald,klusner,fannie they were all breathing fire,that sa side had some world class allrounders, mcmillan, Jacques, klusner.
  9. Warner broly Sent from my vivo 1601 using Tapatalk
  10. Jaddu vegito Sent from my vivo 1601 using Tapatalk
  11. Rohit , champa Sent from my vivo 1601 using Tapatalk
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