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  1. vayuu1

    Indian media !!!

    Man I am genuinely worried about his safety why would anyone support bjp if it can't save it's supporters and rw reporters,if anything happens to him, you will see lots of supporters ditching them, personally I feel India needs a RW party which works on plank of hindutva and development, and not trying to be secular like bjp, a group of hardcore Hindu leaders with business sense as well.
  2. vayuu1

    Indian media !!!

    Who isn't a sellout, ravish, rajdeep, barkha, swati, nidhi, ye to bade wale hai
  3. but FIR mentions India today, chicha thread banane se pehle padtal to kr lete ,khair khilte kanwal aur Madison mawali ne udta teer le liya hai
  4. GDP growth contracts by -23.9% in fiscal quarter.
  5. Also jhanak jhanak payal baaje, Madhumati, Hahk Koshish(i consider this one of the finest performance by sanjeev Kumar along with naya din nayi raat) Chak de India Deserve mention.
  6. I actually like haye sharamau, kis kis ko batao, kaise kaise main sunau sabko apni Prem kahaniya more.
  7. Surprised people haven't mentioned Fire,haqeeqat(dharamendra),guide and Zanjeer. Fire for touching the issue of homosexuality Haqeeqat one of the greatest war film early on, Guide need I say more Zanjeer that's where it begins.
  8. The problem with kuldeep is with the slower speed batsmen can line you up, you have to vary ur pace according to conditions, Shane warne sucked here for good part of career, but during 2004 tour to India he realized that bowling flatter and quicker is the way to go, so he started bowling a bit quicker and flatter so that batters can't line him up or charge at him, so batsmen were indecisive and as a result lost their wickets, swann and panesar were hammered in 1st test in 2012 ,later they started bowling quickly off course with the turners it helped but they knew they have to do something dif
  9. Kuldeeps problem is lack of variation, currently he bowls either chinamen or Googly,he doesn't have a flipper or skidder or top spinner,plus he doesn't vary his pace, also one thing you notice is he bowls chinamen with conventional seam ,same with wrong un
  10. Reading green ghetto and the butt hurt there is at insane level, the chewts are not able to digest that Indians are bowling at quicker pace compared to Pakistani,solid jali padi hai unki.
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