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  1. Kufar toot gya apparently babar agreed so kafirs lost, celebrations amongst usual suspects but hey secularism zindabad
  2. Atleast those crappy mauka mauka ads will be done away with
  3. actually batting first is difficult here tbh yes shaheen looked great but you also have to consider dew that is here
  4. I know its irrelevant to this thread but couldn't stop myself posting from this and its a tight slap on those loveda lassan Aman ki asha guys
  5. The one on right Sent from my vivo 1601 using Tapatalk
  6. He reminds me of the actor who played charlie's friend in the fright night movie old one
  7. still remember him and hilfenhaus ran through us in 2012 series after disasterous eng tour,excuses on eng tour were injuries here it was pure destruction,clarke punter hussey pilling runs and hilfy and pattinson running through team,match after match,those 8 matches (eng aus)were worst performances from a test team so much so for me personally that i genuinely took break from watching cricket for next couple of months
  8. He is perfect example of rassie jal gye par bal nhi gya
  9. Actually one thing people are forgetting is the match is at Dubai international stadium abd not icc Dubai stadium,so that pitch will have a bit of help hopefully
  10. With guys like giakwad,iyer,shaw,kishan in ranks dont see him as t20 player though if he wants to evolve needs to evolve game like abdv but he is a rare commodity a freak
  11. The key in t20 is strike rate ,gill is an accumalator not a striker,u can expect 25 ball 35 or 39 ball 48 at best 50 of him but he dont have power game like kl ,pant or kishan or dash like shaw iyer ,he is an accumalator thats it
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