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  1. WTF is this song,bc Chandu ke chacha ne Chandu ki Chachi ye gana hai ki school rhyme
  2. Its just that current Punjabi music is so full of itself,its not my Cup of tea,its full of clan and self boasting
  3. Melody main se Me to gayab hi ho gayi hai bas l reh gayi hai,ye bhoosewala,copper T jaise singer's ke aane se yhi hoga hi
  4. BC aukaat $@@lo ki cycle ki na ho pr har k!_!ttay bille ne buggati aur Lamborghini se niche baat hi nhi krne
  5. Honestly speaking i find current Punjabi music overrated, its all about caste booze,girls and most importantly beech beech mein doggy bn jana singers ka, har gaane ke beech main aaeeee aeeeyyy to krna hi hai ,la ke teen peg baliyeeey,pyar tenu krdaaaeeyy gabru,saala koi singer normal insaan ki tarah ga hi nhi sakta,upar se jatta ka ye jatta ka wo,mun krta hai jutti utha ke maaru,so f overrated and this is coming from Delhi ka launda,na to gurdaas maan,sardool sikander ki class hai ,na chamkila,bindrakhiya aur maans si mass appeal
  6. With all technology how many teams were able to contain devilliers,not a lot,viv with twice the power and ceiling would be too hot to handle,a tall brute force with one of the best techniques against Both pace and spin,he would have made mockery of current bowlers
  7. Viv today would have averaged 60 plus in all 3 formats with a sr of 70-80,115-125,165-180 respectively
  8. 151 and 150.4 kph,may be he believes in mixing it up he has been very impressive,dont forget its very hot,so bowlers won't go full tilt, Umran Mohsin Tyagi Arshdeep Dayal Chaudhary
  9. Chaar baans chaubees gaj Angul asht pramaan, Taa upar sultan hai , Mat chuko Chauhan , Prithviraj along with raja nimi aka dashrath and eklavya are three person to know the shabdabhedi vidya
  10. Actually its jo bole so nihaal ,sat shri akaal,wahe Guru ji da khalsa wahe guru ji di fateh
  11. Dont forget yash dayal, arshdeep,nattu as well
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