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  1. Fans to gavaskar Sent from my vivo 1601 using Tapatalk
  2. Too emotional right now ,hands shaking as i type this
  3. Oh tau tham ja thoda this is a slow spinning spongy wicket,even eng would have struggled here with newbies,these are not ideal conditions for batting
  4. Tbh this is not a wicket to judge a batting unit its a slow spongy wicket,not ideal for t20,plus we had to play conservative coz of obvious reasons
  5. You have to look at who is better suited in their position Rohit should stick to odis,so does kohli and dhawan It should be Shaw Kishan Rahul That provides u better option shaw and kishan can attack from ball one with rahul he can be accumalator as well as dasher Sky Pant Pandya Sundar They can attack and provide you late order options Jaddu Bhuvi Bumrah Shami/thakur Gives you fire power and ability to pick wickets
  6. Kaalkoot is the poison originated from halahala was used by pootna to kill infant krishna and halahala is the poison which is the first gem arised from sagar manthana and was consumed by devadhidev maheshwar and for which he was named neelkantha
  7. One is kaalkoot other is halahal pick ur poison
  8. Worst of all bad hour and bad minute
  9. Bcci should do this[emoji116] Sent from my vivo 1601 using Tapatalk
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