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  1. They are on 1st floor, and me,mom and dad are on ground floor, mom is in separate room, Dad in other room ,today I got me and mom tested, report to come tomorrow.
  2. You off course @Malcolm Merlyn my apologies tera wahi wala naam dhyan hai Mujhe.
  3. The isolation period ends on 25th so will get tested on 25th
  4. Actually no, coz, what I had was bit of fever and upset tummy not exactly loose motion, but I maintained distance from everybody also bought face shield, no breathing issue or taste issue
  5. Hello guy's, this is vayuu1 ,just wanted to share few things with you regarding my experience with corona ,my father use to go outside and walk outside as he is recovering from his spine operation, I use to tell him ,to not roam and plz stay home, but to no avail, around 3- 4 weeks ago my father got sick he was sick for 6-7 days and recovered, in between that period I got sick, but recovered, then mom fell sick ,it started with headache, by 3rdJune then she developed fever high fever infact 101.8-102.3 ,I got alarmed and shifted wife and kids to upper floor, I called 1075 but to no avail in fact for 4 freaking days I called them but no one picked the phone when I fell sick I told them that I will sleep in separate room same with dad, mom's condition started to get worse as she started having taste issue,unfortunetly during that time testing was stopped in Delhi ,but I got a feeling that she might be Covid positive, after lot of struggle to get test finally on 6th June I got both my parents tested, kn Monday morning got the report that my mom is Covid positive ,while my father's report was negative, I was scared TBH, in fact that would be understatement,but I couldn't have shown that to my parents, so had a chat with sunnyji and he told me to buy pulse oxymeter,i started calling hospitals as well had chat with Stuge as well, he told me to go to Max saket , beds were not being shown on apps, then I finally decided to put my mom on home quarantine, I informed my neighbors, one of my friend ,my wife and sister that mom has got corona, and I am opting for home quarantine, so I opted for Max akash healthcare, 5600 for 14 days in which they will provide, pulse oxymeter, medicines mask, 2 doctor's consultation, sanitizer,digital thermometer, Following were symptoms of my mom High fever Loose motions No taste sense breathing issue,(her blood oxygen rate was 89-91) in beginning Then I had chat with doctor, he first asked that if my mother has any heart,lungs and diabetic issue, I told him no, though she has hyper thyroid, he said that's OK and started 10 Day course straight away, sunnyji too was a big help, a gem of a person (DO NOT TAKE ANY MEDICINE WITHOUT DOCTORS PRESCRIPTION) The medicines doctor prescribed were Paracetamol 650(for fever) Cyra D (this is antacid medicine) Cetil cv 250(antibiotic medicine) Retodil (this is to stop loose motion) A cyrup brozedex sf 2(antibiotic) A Respulse budesal 1mg (for nebulization) I also bought oxygen pumps used by trekkers (4-5) , Also bought ppe kit Was looking for concentrator but didn't found it early on rent so purchased oxygen cylinder Those were tough 10 days for me, especially first 5 days as her loose motions were not stopping, though with medicine things started improving very slowly, she only use to have few spoons of khichdi, 2 biscuit of threptin and 1 bottle of ors for whole day, I use to monitor her 4-5 times in a day , For food told wife That Won't come inside when you have prepared food just call me and put food outside on disposable, I was very much exhausted, mentally and emotionally, Finally round 13th day her condition improved It's been 3 weeks and finally she is better, finally govt also woke up and called us on 14th and told us that they are going to put us under isolation for 17 days, after much request they agreed to backtrack date on which my mom's report came, thought of sharing this with you, I know it's long, but so much was happening, I'd like to thank sunny ji for helping me a lot, Stuge way a great help as well, now I am planning to get myself ,mom and dad tested again, so that tension khatam Ho, My mistake was I should have got her tested earlier, should have been firm and stopped my dad from going outside, but guess now he too got his lesson and plz guy, don't panic coz that's ur biggest enemy, stay safe guys, Thank you Vayuu1
  6. There is no forgiveness for this sin, biggest sin in Hinduism, killing a garbhvati.
  7. Sir Viv Sir Don Sunny Rahul Brian Punter Tendu Ab Sir Gary Smith Gilly Sehwag was difficult to get out once set but most intimidating and most difficult to bowl are 2 different things, sehwag has also been made to look like tailender in certain conditions, that is why you need to have a certain criteria, I haven't seen much of Barry and 3Ws or Graeme pollack, atleast sir Gary's classics are available, of modern batters none more difficult than Smith, guy is absolute clutch and puts every bowler under pressure and have dominated teams in almost every conditions, yes Kohli is undisputed odi king, but he is a bottler in knockouts ,Kohli has better skills no doubt, but it's grit and determination plus temperament that makes Smith superior.
  8. Ambrose vs Australia 1-7 that was a brute spell, bond 6fer against us, Bumrah vs Australia, McGrath vs pak at Perth, waqar vs Africa, shoaib vs Africa, Umesh vs Australia dharamshala.
  9. 90's :ambrose,donald,wasim and warne Ambrose serious pace and bounce as good as McGrath albeit quicker. Donald:swing it both ways plus superb Yorker. wasim :left arm angle not only swing it both ways but can reverse it both ways plus a hard hitting lower order bat Warne :unarguably greatest leg spinner of all time, plus a very good lower order bat.
  10. Telangana extends it by two weeks further.
  11. Abhi lockdown 4.0 bhi. Aayega, so not surprised at all.
  12. Yep shocked to read this can't believe this damn.
  13. Bhai lockdown 3 ko bhi nhi Khulna dekh Lena.
  14. Pasta was made by urs truly. Sent from my vivo 1601 using Tapatalk
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