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  1. Hope we lose then if thats the attitude, i can't support this team if such corruption is going on.
  2. Are people who were calling that only fake farmers and Khalistanis were the only one protesting going to apologize? Unless the supreme leader gave up to Kahlistanis.
  3. He is following other great leader of the country with such pointless moves.
  4. Kick Rohit, Kohli , Bhuvi , Pandya and Jadeja out. That’s a start and always look at SR when selecting players.
  5. They were showing him at start of India vs Pakistan match, at end they were only showing Shahstri’s face.
  6. They will fire SKY and Kishan.
  7. I think it will be also end of Rohit and Kohli in T20 International. Its time to blood young team.
  8. Rohit, KL and Kohli don’t give me confidence of staying when pressure is on against left arm swing, it is time to change it. Bring in someone else in line up.
  9. He should focus on ODI and Test matches, there are better batters in India for T20.
  10. I don't think Kohli would be happy with whats going on behind the scenes. I don't see Kohli being in charge of any of the formats within a year, his control over the dressing room, his form as batsman and his support in the main office is all but gone. End isn't too far for him.
  11. Babbar can't play those Innings Shubman played in Australia.
  12. Best thing for Shubman would be if Kohli can be gone from Indian cricket sooner than later.
  13. PBKS should still retain him even if he doesnt want to play. That way they can trade him to different team and get some youngsters in return. Maybe Shubman GIll and Iyer for KL Rahul.
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