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  1. Its high time to rotate Dhawan, get Shaw and Gill play a lot more games.
  2. They can lose at home to a very good test side. Losing at home would be end of Kohli.
  3. I felt so down after watching those pictures.
  4. This is just the start, i expect this cycle to be very long and draining.
  5. Next tour is pretty much at end of the year, no one has to go. That would be enough time to forget about this tour.
  6. He will never do that. Just wait for 4-5 years till he retires.
  7. Why should fans care if team doesn't care about results. I have already given up on this team.
  8. Lets not confuse him right now! Maybe in future, there is a place for KL Rahul for test matches.
  9. He is one of the rare dudes, that you questions everything that comes from him. I wonder if Anuksha believes anything that comes from his mouth.
  10. Kohli here, i will make it easier for you: Ofcourse, one bad Inning and KL will be sitting on the bench. Whereas One Good Inning, Dhawan will be back as an opener.
  11. No player is bigger than game for them. For Us: Player Ego is bigger than game for sure.
  12. 6 Kedar Jadhav I hope its different Kedar Jadhav who wasn't the one dropped in middle of World Cup!
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