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  1. I can’t digest that Indian team refused to play 5th test match and get that series win. England will be coming from NZ matches county season where as India is coming from some T20s. Expect India to lose test match easily. Maybe they deserve to lose it.
  2. You always seem them mixing up formats. Dropping someone in T20 based on ODI form and vice versa. Backing 36 years old players to play when main players are resting instead of giving chance to some youngster to see their potential at international level. Now you will see SR110 Dhawan coming back to play T20s when there is no way he will be selected to T20 WC when all main players come back. What is the point of even him getting selector? Are they looking to have him after T20WC when you will see some retirements? This is just school level stuff from selectors who are supposed to be professiona
  3. Haha Pujara scoring against club level players will face different reality.
  4. Selectors are smoking some good stuff if they are thinking about making Dhawan captain.
  5. That Inning against Pakistan in 2003 was very special. True Cricketer! RIP
  6. Would you rather have Dhawan or Shubman opening in Australia?
  7. I wouldn’t even waste watching 2 mins of Akshay. Why in earth people are interested seeing him 20 times on screen a year?
  8. Bollywood wives are expensive.
  9. Why should he? If he wasn’t that important to mI, they had whole option to not even offer it to Rohit.
  10. People would love to bring Yuvraj Singh as well.
  11. No, if he was international player, he would have been benched. He is not going anywhere and rightfully so for RCB. He can keep playing for them as long as he wishes to, i enjoy watching RCB matches. Watching him struggle for RCB is one the best things i look forward to.
  12. Kohli won't be seen playing any format by end of the year. Ganguly will have his revenge and his form isn't helping.
  13. You need to find better excuses. Kohli hasn’t been the same because he is getting old, so many professional players in the world in every sport decline the same way Kohli did around this age. He looks like on wrong side of 30s now. Even you are **** at your job, you will always feel exhausted.
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