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  1. This! Guys who secured spot in team all played safe regardless of situation.
  2. When you are as talented as Pant, no one can stop you. Pant is already most important batsman that opposition will target.
  3. Just look at the planning team management did 2 years prior to that match.
  4. I don't blame him, he saw Dhawan, Kaptaan, and Rohit playing safe to boost their averages. So why wouldn't he try to do same?
  5. Somehow he played that SemiFinal against NZ and gave away lollies at the end taking pressure off the Kiwis.
  6. Kohli never makes any important runs anymore.
  7. Maybe Sachin is talking to Gill? LOL In all seriousness, Kohli does get on my nerves. It was so refreshing to see team without him. Even if we would have lost the series, whole team made me enjoy everything. I can't wait for Kohli to be gone forever, Indian cricket will move in right direction after he leaves. Bollywood ki Dukaan!
  8. Its not scary, we are so talented but keep giving chances to friends and oldies. Once Kohli is gone, world will see dominance of India.
  9. These players aren't only needed to win games for India, but to keep fanbase growing. Kohli is the one who i am afraid of, he takes second to drop someone after few bad performances. There are few years left of him for being in charge of Indian cricket.
  10. Is there someone who thinks Kohli is better captain than Rahane in test matches and Rohit in T20/ODIs?
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