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  1. And not to forget the late great U. Srinivas. Also Vikku Vinayakaram. All Carnatic Giants.
  2. Grew up steeped in Carnatic music. Only Hindustani musicians I listened to were Shiv Kumar Sharma and Amjad Ali Khan, and Kumar Gandharva for vocal. Loved Bhimsen Joshi's Hindustani-style devotional. All-time favorite Carnatic singer: Madurai Mani Iyer. Dude did not pronounce any of the words, but had magical speed-singing ability. Unlike most Carnatic singers who droned on with 2-hr alapanais, MMI was a maverick entertainer. Fast paced and energetic. Another speedster: Kunnakkudi Vaidyanathan - absolute genius violinist. Another total maverick who did all kinds of tricks with the violin - probably just to pi$$ off the purists.
  3. My favorite video of my favorite song. This song is my favorite across all genres and all singers. Note young (19 yo, I think) Rahat Fateh Ali Khan stealing the show with his range.
  4. One of them is lying. Or they have different ideas of what communication means.
  5. Mayank Agarwal's bat had a conversation with team mgmt yesterday. It just said 90 (111). Karun Nair's bat needs to do the same. I agree that he deserves an explanation and proper communication and respect from selection committee and team management, but selection itself? Not really. The mistake was not that he didn't play in England. It was that he was in the entourage in the first place.
  6. Spot on. People get too caught up in pretty boys. This guy is a street fighter and a true asset.
  7. Thank you for digging up Nair's stats. For all the angst about his non selection, it is clear that he was not exactly lighting it up on the FC circuit. Whether or not it was due to dejection due to post 300 dropping is immaterial. He was on the radar, but not knocking doors down. Plus, IIRC, there were some catching issues with him too.
  8. If he missed it, would Kuldeep have said "Stumping karoge ya keeper change kare?"
  9. And not just in the xiv. He needs to be in the xi and told to let it rip with the guarantee that he will be going to Australia no matter what his stats are against the WI. Confidence is key. This level of talent is rare.
  10. He seemed totally disinterested; for sure, he didn't want to have anything to do with Kuldeep's request for him to move.
  11. We only need 3 pacers on Indian pitches: Shami or Umesh, Bumrah, Siraj. Keep one in XIV. Rest Ishant and keep him fresh for Aus.
  12. Not everyday do you see a bowler with not only potential but proof that he can become a mainstay pacer. Of all the pacers we have seen in the last 5 years -Saini, Rajpoot, Thampi etc - Siraj is the best. He has backed it up time and again in FC cricket, especially with the A-team recently. He is healthy, in great form and brimming with confidence. You really should have picked him for test 4 or 5 in England, but please don't wait any longer. Oh yeah ... and make sure the curator makes a pace friendly pitch. Sincerely, Pace hungry Indian cricket fans
  13. No need to swear. And all of those wrongs that other people did do not absolve him, and just because "everyone does it" it cannot be forgiven. They have all been condemned. What he has done is immensely disrespectful to the game. It's not just the ball-tampering. The blatant DRS crap that pulled and the "Brainfade" excuse that he made showed what a weasel he is. The ball-tampering issue that followed was just gravy. I am glad he was nice to you, so go ahead and hero worship all you want - but all evidence points to him being scum.
  14. Respect for the game trumps respect for the fans. SS severely lacks respect for the game - a multiple offender who thinks he is above the rules.
  15. ... and all this only exacerbates the pain of the CT2017 thrashing we took from them. Tough to get over it.
  16. Nice does not necessarily equate to good, kind, honest or virtuous. We've all met the nice-in-person-but-total-jerk types. Steve's one of them.
  17. Who was the fielder in the clip who was starting to yawn? Khaleel?
  18. Plus, guys can get hurt or lose form. Being transparent that BhuBumKulCha is our core group and the others are back ups until one of them is hurt or out of form, we can rotate them judiciously.
  19. Mast angreji bolta hai. Oxford University ka chokra hai. West loves such "well-spoken gentlemen" even if they are hollow within.
  20. I want to argue with your logic, but can't. Given how selections have worked recently, this line-up is quite possible.
  21. Here's a similar thread from about a year ago:
  22. Experience matters. Coaching matters, too. Looking at their list of coaches above, only Phil Simmons is a somewhat accomplished cricketer (even he has a test average of 22, but played 140+ ODIs). Langeveldt was serviceable and their batting coach is a complete unknown. If we went further back in their history, their improvement seemed to start under Lalchand Rajput. Which brings me to my other point: Often, we wrongly get caught up in the cricketing accomplishments of the coaches. I've heard things like "this guy has a 25.00 test average, yeh kya sikhayega batting?" Well, great players don't always make great coaches, and often, fringe players make great coaches. Guys like Kumble and Shastri were successful international cricketers, but either lack management skills (AK) or analytical skills (RJS). OTOH, Chandrakant Pandit was a mediocre international cricketer but has proven coaching credentials, and IMO, would make a great national coach - if our star players would respect him for his **coaching** abilities. While lacking a bit in natural ability, guys like Pandit and Rajput scrapped and clawed their way to maximize their potential and can share valuable knowledge. But our culture won't give them a chance because it refuses to recognize that cricketing success and coaching success require vastly different skill-sets.
  23. Here is their coaching staff: Afghanistan National Cricket Academy: Peter Anderson Head coach: Phil Simmons Batting coach: Umesh Patwal Bowling coach: Charl Langeveldt Fielding coach: John Mooney Fitness trainer: Azeem Malik Head Physiotherapist: Azeem Malik
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