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  1. But when it does happen, it will be because she gave you salt.
  2. You must avoid it, and especially avoid giving it to your kids. If you are going to eat it, make sure it was grown by vedic farming methods - the toxins do not appear in these plants if grown in that way.
  3. Don't be so quick to dismiss such advice as mere superstitions. 1000s of years ago, our ancestors did these things because of some scientific reason and passed the wisdom on. And the effects could manifest weeks or months down the line - the next time you get upset with your little daughter when she throws a tantrum, it will be because of the salt-exchange.
  4. Just read the OP. What they're saying may be true, but the evidence they give is flimsy. OK, he talked to Shami and Pandya. How th F do they know what he said? Maybe he simply gave them encouragement as a captain should do to younger players (Pandya) or non-batsmen (Shami). "B C, jam ke khelo, aaraamse jeet jayenge."
  5. Elders have their own ways of knowing. You have to believe.
  6. They don't cause any harm if the tomatoes and soppu (spinach) were grown by vedic farming.
  7. The "give him responsibility and he will improve" idea sounds a lot like "Shaadi karaa doh, sudhar jayega."
  8. I'll be honest - I think subconsciously it irritates me a great deal that Pakistan won a match there recently, and India is laying eggs. That's why it was so important, from a fan-ego perspective, to win at Edgbaston when the chance was there.
  9. Ya know, this same mgmt and team stood up and fought to the end in South Africa. They lost but with heads held high. What happened on this tour?
  10. The hope could be that the newer guys will be hungrier, and thus more disciplined.
  11. Rahul's expression was more like "I don't give a S h * *. Not worth it."
  12. Open with Rahul and Pujara, play Rahane at 3, draft Nair for 5.
  13. I voted epic save. Can't pull for India to lose, no matter the long term consequences.
  14. No copouts allowed. Please pick from given choices :)
  15. (1) India channels it's inner 2001 and pulls off a miracle partnership or two to grind England out of the match. (2) As most people expect, India folds like a pack of cards, prompting some selection shake ups.
  16. Thank you for all your years of service to Indian cricket, Vijay. Wishing you great success in your retirement!
  17. Plus, I think recent ODI/T20/IPL and home test performances consciously or subconsciously cloud the judgment of team management. This is especially true in the case of batsmen like Dhawan and Rohit Sharma. I am betting that, if RGS was available in the 14 and was in good form in LOIs, he would have made it in Rahane's spot. They seem to have a good horses-for-courses policy with bowlers, but not when it comes to batsmen. Pujara is the one guy that is easily dispensable using bad county form as a reason (rightfully) because he has no recent ODI/T20 runs to demonstrate his form. JMHO.
  18. One could argue that Marshall shared the spoils with the other greats, or else might have had more wkts to his name.
  19. Marshall, Ambrose, McGrath. All different types of bowlers - one would kill you with speed and skid, one with steep bounce and one with nagging accuracy and a potty mouth. Marshall is my all-time favorite non-Indian cricketer, bar none.
  20. Why not bring them (and Siraj and Saini) in for the last two tests in England. For WI series, them as well as GHV and SSI are a must.
  21. Seems like a pretty logical extension of the nightwatchman concept. Should be tried.
  22. Man, cynicism is at an all time high on ICF.
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