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  1. And promptly, GHV scores a 95 and Siraj takes a 3-fer. These guys are run and wicket machines. Hope they're duly rewarded before their confidence and form dip.
  2. No. And I am not sure whether to celebrate or complain about that.
  3. Here's the thing: Like many of us here, I am a big fan of Rahane and was very excited to see him get into the team and succeed like he did initially. But, everyone goes through bad patches - the solution is not to persist with them in the TEST team and use the test arena to work out kinks, but to keep them on the short-list and let them work things out without hurting the team's chances. It's not neurosurgery.
  4. Let me guess: (1) "I have been batting really well, I just need to get more runs." (2) "I back myself to succeed under any conditions." (3) " I am in a good space now - physically and mentally." (4) "Sachin Sir has told me to play my natural game." ..... and last but not least .... (5) "Dhoni-bhai showed my how to score my first 2000 runs."
  5. I am starting to hate the word "space." It is over-used in business, psychology, and now sports. ARRRGGHHH!! ... and the word "ecosystem."
  6. For how long? Plus, the same team concept is contingent upon having the right team in the first place. Not all leashes have to be the same length, and at some point, it must be yanked.
  7. Like I said, I am a gullible sucker for cricket. Having lived through the early '90s in the US with no access to Indian cricket coverage, I lap it up like a thirsty puppy. After all the guys who are playing are also part of the Indian cricket team.
  8. I really don't think they give a damn. And there will always be suckers like me who, no matter what, will tune in to Willow TV at unearthly hours to watch this team play.
  9. I am probably the most naive, gullible fan out there - I think the team management has decided that it is better not to expose Siraj to the world now, and have a plan to unleash him against the Ozzies and catch them by surprise. By believing this, my old-man blood pressure issues don't flare up.
  10. Social capital. It's the in-thing among elites today.
  11. Social capital. It's the same crap that drives the organic foodmovement. http://jaysonlusk.com
  12. How do we know MV and KN are telling the truth? We all have our preconceived ideas about BCCI, selectors, players, alleged regional biases etc, and process information accordingly. Confirmation bias 101.
  13. Not any pacer pacer. Siraj and another pacer. If not now, then when?
  14. Well ... time for me to make an appointment with my ophthalmologist then :)
  15. On the 2nd wicket, his arm rotated so fast it looked like a slingshot.
  16. Surprised that Baba Ramdev hasn't come up with a cure yet. Patanjali Simharakshak.
  17. Shaw 134 (154) Ippudu kooda difficultaa, Prasad gaaru?
  18. For me it's a no brainer - accurate consistent searing scary-a$$ pace.
  19. If rebirth is real and God is real and gave you the choice of one cricket skill you could have and all the requisite physical attributes to succeed in it, what would you choose?
  20. This non-selection has me more bummed out than any other selection crap that has been pulled in the last 10 years. What more can a guy do?
  21. For the umpteenth time, Nair did not deserve to make the trip to England. Just because MSKP's crew sent him does not mean he deserved a chance ahead of GHV. His mediocre stats post 300 are posted all over ICF. They pale in comparison to GHV or even someone like Bawne. He needs to go back and score heavily in domestics and A games.
  22. Hilarious thread. Who was the chief selector who put Nair in the XVIII for the first 3 tests? MSKP. **This** was the big mistake he made because Nair was not lighting it up in FC cricket after the test 300. During the same period, GHV (along with Shaw and Agarwal) have been piling on the runs, especially in A cricket. Based on this, GHV was sent for tests 4 and 5. Once this happened, it is out of MSKP's hands and into VK and RJS' jurisdiction. They picked GHV and he looked good against a quality attack. It's time for KN to let his bat, not Harbhajan Singh, do the talking for him. Pile on the runs, leave no doubt.
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