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  1. 6 minutes ago, zen said:

    Rahane’s failure put unnecessary pressure on the new lower middle order ..... Got the full series and only averaged 26 in Eng


    Looks like IE read the threads on Rahane :lol:

    Here's the thing:  Like many of us here, I am a big fan of Rahane and was very excited to see him get into the team and succeed like he did initially.  But, everyone goes through bad patches - the solution is not to persist with them in the TEST team and use the test arena to work out kinks, but to keep them on the short-list and let them work things out without hurting the team's chances.  It's not neurosurgery.    

  2. 10 minutes ago, wanted_desi said:

    All Matches Played by Yuvraj in VH in comparison with other Young players from same Punjab Team:

    1st: Yuvraj:48(41), Shubman 115(131), Anmolpreet: DNP, Gurkeerat 31(42)
    2nd: Yuvraj41(51), Shubman24(44), Anmolpreet DNP, Gurkeerat85*(80)
    3rd: Yuvraj6 (10), Shubman26(37), Anmolpreet DNP. GurkeeratDNP
    4th: Yuvraj26(31), Shubman40(66), Anmolpreet 35(51),Gurkeerat 15(21)
    5th: Yuvraj96(121). Shubman53(39),Anmolpreet DNP, Gurkeerat101(96)
    6th: Yuvraj9(6), Shubman73(88), Anmolpreet 141(114), Gurkeerat30*(22)
    7th: Yuvraj38(60), Shubman77(93),Anmolpreet 138(106),Gurkeerat 6*(2)

    Yuvraj:    Innings:7, Runs:237, Average:33.9, SR:74
    Shubman:   Innings:7, Runs:408, Average:58.1, SR: 82
    ANmolpreet:Innings:3, Runs:314, Average:104,  SR:115
    Gurkeerat: Innings:6, Runs:268, Average:89.3, SR:101

    This guy should be kicked out of Punjab team based on these numbers, there are more deserving players
    warming benches. And he wants to play WC

    Such stats are the best use of ICF space. 

  3. 33 minutes ago, kirkutfan said:

    Why would you not continue with the same team? People have been arguing about continuity, giving a player a number of games to settle and prove himself etc. Now they are doing that and getting criticized for not making changes after only one test.

    For how long?  Plus, the same team concept is contingent upon having the right team in the first place.  Not all leashes have to be the same length, and at some point, it must be yanked.  

  4. 19 minutes ago, Lannister said:

    Don't you get bored of watching the same set of players? I have yet to watch in this series and I don't think I am going to watch it, may follow scores online and that's it. 

    Like I said, I am a gullible sucker for cricket.  Having lived through the early '90s in the US with no access to Indian cricket coverage, I lap it up like a thirsty puppy.  After all the guys who are playing are also part of the Indian cricket team.

  5. 5 hours ago, Muloghonto said:

    As the title says, i think the next test will demonstrate whether this Indian team is interested in long term planning and the Australia series in mind, or simple short-term thinking for the sake of boosting averages against a minnow. 

    Let me explain. 

    India has a couple of concerns with its test team long-term, which would badly affect it in Australia: 


    1. Lack of a stable opening duo. Emphasis on the word 'duo'. Regardless of how many runs Shaw scores in this or next test (doesnt look like he will bat again this test), it doesn't change the fact that the 2nd opener's slot is wide-open for Australia. Says a lot about India that the slot that seems 'taken' is the slot filled by a debutant currently. 

    India has a few options here - go with Dhawan, give Rahul another shot to solidify his confidence for OZ or go for a new opener alltogether. 

    My recommendation - give Mayank a chance and see how it pans out. 


    2. Test Rahul in the middle order. His entire style of play, his runs, etc. are all indicative of a player not cut out to be an opener. He doesn't have the 1 in a million hand-eye coordination of Sehwag to make the late career middle order to opener jump. But he can learn, so that avenue isn't closed yet. Better to see if he can bat more assuredly in the middle order.

    My recommendation - given Pujara's form overseas historically and currently, he should still be our first choice #3 but a couple of bad tests in OZ can bring back his gremlins. Give Rahul a chance in the middle to see if we have a viable alternative to Pujara at #3. 


    3. Rest Kohli. Yes, he is amazing, but this team doesn't need Kohli to win vs the Windies. And if it does, we are in deep doo-doo in Australia. Rest him for the next test, to see how the batting order responds to him being left out. Will Rahane grab the chance with both hands ? Will someone else ?


    If Kohli is not rested, definitely rest Rahane. Barring scoring an unbeaten triple, there is not much Rahane can do versus this West Indies attack that will boost his confidence for Australia. 


    My recommendation ? Rest Kohli, give Rahane the captaincy and put him in the 'do or die' situation vs a minnow. This is the perfect opportunity for Rahane to test his mettle, as his sheer batting skill won't be tested by the Windies, so it will be all about his mindset & mental game.


    4. Bat Vihari. He has been our ace in the domestic circuit for a while now and he needs more than a debut 50 in England (though very commendable) and 3 months rest before Australia. Giving him the opportunity to score big will be a good boost to his confidence and demonstrate the meritocracy of the lineup. 


    5. Play next test with 3 pace bowlers. Yes, i know its counter-productive in India or vs the West Indies, but we need to see who amongst our pacers (apart from Ishant and Bumrah) can bowl well with the old ball. Maybe even give one of the young speedsters a go and see if they can seize the moment. Bottomline is in Australia we wont be bowling with 3 spinners and we dont need 3 spinners at home vs West Indies either. 


    6. Rest Ashwin. He is still not 100% since his hip injury. No need to get him 'playing fit'. He needs rest and recouperation. It also gives us the opportunity to see if one of our spinners not named 'Jadeja or Ashwin' can be a spearhead spinner, atleast at home. 


    As such, my lineup for test 2 would be:








    Pant +


    Kuldeep/another spinner



    Not any pacer pacer. Siraj and another pacer. If not now, then when?

  6. For the umpteenth time, Nair did not deserve to make the trip to England.  Just because MSKP's crew sent him does not mean he deserved a chance ahead of GHV.  His mediocre stats post 300 are posted all over ICF.  They pale in comparison to GHV or even someone like Bawne.  He needs to go back and score heavily in domestics and A games.      

  7. Hilarious thread.  Who was the chief selector who put Nair in the XVIII for the first 3 tests?  MSKP.  **This** was the big mistake he made because Nair was not lighting it up in FC cricket after the test 300.  During the same period, GHV (along with Shaw and Agarwal) have been piling on the runs, especially in A cricket.  Based on this, GHV was sent for tests 4 and 5.  Once this happened, it is out of MSKP's hands and into VK and RJS' jurisdiction.  They picked GHV and he looked good against a quality attack.  


    It's time for KN to let his bat, not Harbhajan Singh, do the talking for him.  Pile on the runs, leave no doubt.  

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