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  1. Now that you have uncovered the secret to IPL success, you must clean your entire home, mown the lawns, do the dishes, tend to the laundry, unclog all the drains & wash the car. KxiP will win the IPL then.
  2. Haven't seen many games of ABD. Dunno who Butler is. Mayank is a fair point. He also did that second super over 6 save. But who do you put him in place of?
  3. Krunal : He plays for Kohli : Bollywood connection + marketability. He can also bat sometimes. Hit a 100
  4. Idea is to make the strongest XI based solely on performances in this IPL Based on whatever I've seen thus far QDK (wicket keeper) Dhawan KL Rahul Virat Kohli Ishan Kishan Nicholas Pooran Krunal Pandya Jofra Archer Rabada Bumrah Shami/ Boult/ Chahal
  5. What is the fuss about this guy? He hit a 50 in an out and out losing cause. He ensured that CSK lost in 10 overs and not in 3.
  6. How do you remember such a random factoid? Zara humein bhi batein aapki hairatangez yaadash ka raaz
  7. Is Shankar okay? Looks concussed. In a way good he got out, he can get medical attention now.
  8. @ DC These guys are supposed to be our competition??
  9. Absolutely. Right after playing Azaan over a 150 Decibel loudspeaker for the benefit of the naive kaffirs, I got around to making this match thread. *evil laugh*
  10. Must have been a one off. Rusty sides after a long Corona lay off. Players not a 100% yet. etc This CSK side would lose to MI 9 out of 10 times. I say this without any kind of a bias.
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