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  1. Its not just death over batting though. Our collapse started around the 9th over. It went downhill from there.
  2. #1 Malinga #2 Pollard #3 Bumrah #4 Rohit Sharma #5 Harbhajan
  3. This is a PG 13 thread... Watch it. Else I will be forced to report this post.
  4. The opposition choked because had their jugular. Give credit where due.
  5. Can we have one high scoring game in the IPL which includes a fast run chase? Is that too much to expect from a T20 tournament?
  6. Malinga MVP1 Pollard MVP 2 Bumrah MVP3 Rohit MVP 4 Bhajji MVP5 also MCP 1
  7. Pollard to the rescue. How many times has he done that for Pollard
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