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  1. Iyer looked surprised that he hit a 6!
  2. I think KKKKK.....umble intimidated him.
  3. NRR has 007. Its a sign from the God(s) that we are going to win this season.
  4. Why? Why not work harder and try again next season? We really don't know his motivation. He may really want to be a good pacer, and it may not be familial pressure at all!
  5. He has been bowling in the nets for 2 years. If he had to be fast tracked, don't you think it would have already happened?
  6. No doubt he is impressive. More so in the context of the game. Here is a contrarian view: QdeK dropped a Gaikwad sitter early on in the innings. Gaikwad was quite slow ( around 100 or sub 100 SR) for his first 30 odd deliveries. He accelerated when he got to face a hapless Krunal, one bad Pollard over and an out of form Bumrah. I'm going to not rush to a verdict here. This kind of an innings won this game because batted terribly, but is not really one that should get him an India call up.
  7. But Kishan isn't going to open for India. So he has to be able to perform even lower down the order. His position in the Mumbai Indians team is similar to his position in team India. Even as a 2-3 down its fair we expect fireworks. I expect the world from Shaw, Kishan and Pant in the T20 WC. They remind me of a Sehwag in their approach.
  8. Jayawardene said he was given precautionary rest. Make of it what you will.
  9. From the game today... Bumrah 1/5 SKY 1/5 Kishan 1/5 R Chahar 3/5 D Chahar (thus far) 4/5 Thakur (thus far) 4/5
  10. Guess I'm thick skinned. These intricacies, or your attempted barbs don't really get through to me.
  11. Only if CSK https://images.app.goo.gl/iS7hzu8AkueHXTNr7
  12. Lol. What has RoSha done in all of this? Did he run to the press and whine? Did he run to Jay Shah?
  13. As a people we tend to eulogise personalities after their demise/retirement/end of their stint. Many a times losing track of all sense of objectivity. So many of you are eager to heap credit onto Ravi Sashtri for the win in Aus? What exactly is his contribution? What decisions of his helped the team? IMHO he is a colossal failure. A coach who inherited a strong (ODI) team and lots of resources. We have been very ordinary post the group stages in multi nation tournaments. Our fielding has been a huge let down in the last few years. Our batting is at its weakest since a l
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