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  1. He sings quite well. The video in the tweet embedded with the news article. https://www.indiatoday.in/sports/cricket/story/vinod-kambli-dedicates-mashup-of-songs-for-sachin-anjali-tendulkar-25th-wedding-anniversary-1682064-2020-05-26 That is a lot of sunglasses!
  2. My response is not just to you. I have seen many on this website talk down the judicial system to no end. There needs to be some clarity here. In most (mainly criminal) cases in the country, the courts are forced to defer dates so that the police/ investigative authorities can gather evidence. In this particular case, Hershelle Gibbs simply refused to tour India for the fear of arrest after this news broke out. He even refused to answer questions by Indian police who were sent to RSA on a fact finding mission. It was only when he saw the amount of $ that the IPL had to offer, that he returned to playing cricket in India. He was subsequently questioned by the cops, but by then, Cronje, the match fixer in chief, had died. And IIRC, there were discrepancies in the statements given by Cronje and Gibbs. Even basic stuff like the amount offered for underperforming, for example. Also, Delhi police have been accused of 'leaking' the details of the case to the media. They could have kept it mum, continued their investigation without much fanfare. Questioned the necessary South African players when they landed and gotten their hands on actionable evidence. None of that happened. In a typical day in the High Court, your case is not going to see the light of the day for more than 15-20 minutes if there is no additional corroborative evidence. That is because we have a HUGE backlog of cases. Its easy to cast aspersion on an entire class of people. However, the reality is that there is not enough evidence to get to a foolproof decision.
  3. Mariyam

    Here be Dragons

    @velu, Not Roger Binny An additional clue Who am I? 1. I have represented my country in more than one sport. 2. My son also briefly represented his country in one of the two sports that I played. There were however allegations of nepotism, which turned out to be false. 3. I never wore a certain "protective gear" when I played. 4. I am not from the sub-continent.
  4. Mariyam

    Here be Dragons

    This one should be easy. Who am I? Q1. I have represented my country in more than one sport. Q2. My son also briefly represented his country in one of the two sports that I played. There were however allegations of nepotism, which turned out to be false. Q3. I never wore a certain "protective gear" when I played.
  5. @Gollum I saw Virus. Thought it would be apt to see this particular movie given the condition that the world is in. Just today Maharashtra has almost 3000 new cases. I liked the movie over all. If you try and relate the response of the medical team today and their measures re:PPE and all that, the makers of the movie have got a lot of stuff right. The docudrama style narration is also really nice. They say that this is based on true events. Does Kerala have a centralized epidemiology department. The level of co-ordination among various departments seems too good to be true. If the health care in Kerala is really this organized, hats off! What I did not like is that there are far too many characters in this movie. Sometimes it is difficult to keep track. They should have made a series out of this. Parts of the movie, especially those to do with the silent spread of the virus are similar to the plot line in Robin Cook's book Vector. All in all I liked it. Thanks for the recommendation.
  6. Mariyam

    Here be Dragons

    Does his business/enterprise in the food sector have an immigrant name? Last guess: The Pizza Hut founder, born to immigrants from Italy and based on your last clue probably the first person to revolutionize the franchise model.
  7. ^ any of these on Netflix/ Amazon Prime? Else please send me the link.
  8. @Gollum At the offset, I am not saying that mobs Muslims did not agitate and riot against the state,mainly the police. That was the first phase of the riots. Of course they should be identified and punished. In retaliation various arms of the state decided to against random Muslims as an act of retribution against the rioters. That is a travesty of justice. That is what I am talking about. You may have your reservations about the Justice, but he has gone about his work quite diligently. Most in the Bombay HC at that time refused to take up this task. He was hounded by the Congress and the press in those days as he was a devout Hindu, and they did not want his appointment. They wanted a Justice Cardozo (sp?), who flatly refused. He was hounded by the SS after he released his findings and they disbanded the Commission and it was later *demoted* to an inquiry (which isn't binding). His methods and witnesses and sources are all mentioned there. He had also presented saved radio conversations/ telephonic conversations between the police and various leaders. I have linked the entire report. It includes the testimony of Rajdeep Sardesai, especially about his interviews with Shiv Sena leaders who admitted, or rather gloated about their role in the riots. Volume II, section 4.1 -4.16 is a list of his statements. Most of these statements have been cross referenced by others /other witnesses.
  9. Sure go ahead. On which platform do I see Agantuk? PS: found it on YT. Thanks :)
  10. Not in one continuous sitting. Had seen it over a period of 2-3 days. It is a nice movie. I won't give out spoilers, but the narration is great for a story that has been done to death in Bollywood at least. Probably he set the trend for movies of this genre. I seen six of Satyajit Ray's movies thus far. Apu Triology Sonar Kella Shatranj ke Khiladi ( Hindi, and the worst of the six) Charulata Yes, Bengali is easier than South Indian languages. Maybe these guys speak very fast. And it seems very tonal.
  11. I'd mentioned this in the chess thread nearly a month ago. It was on my YT feed. The chess player in the hat is hilarious. I've never heard of most of these chess players. But the comedians are surely making chess more popular. There is even some 4 player chess that these guys have started. I saw a few minutes of that. Recognised nobody apart from Biswa (formerly of Pretentious Movie Reviews) and closed the video.
  12. Saw Sonar Kella by Satyajit Ray. I quite liked it. Totally gripping movie. Saw it with subtitles and I'm not a fan of that. Would love to see a version that is dubbed. Bengali is difficult to comprehend. Aside of a few words here and there, I didn't follow much. Or maybe the Bengali used here is a pure/text book kind. I'm kind of spooked too. Will have to keep the lights switched on in all the rooms for a while, much to the displeasure of the others.
  13. It is nauseating to see our political class on TV arguing passionately about the welfare migrant workers. And there is a huge double standard involved here. The centre decides on a minimum wage in India. State and Local bodies have the freedom to lower those already meagre minimum wages. This practice has been always criticised by labour activists. Most of the construction lobbies, in cahoots with the local political class offer even lower wages than the decided upon local minimum wages. These very politicos now want to cash in on the migrant labour tragedy by appearing on TV with their indignant portrayal of pseudo concern. Even in the so called Communist states like Kerala, minimum wage was altered to a value below what the centre saw fit. Migrant workers are not a political force. They can't vote in the state they are employed at and do not have the means to travel to their home state just for voting. As they exert no political push, their interests are generally neglected in *ALL* political calculations.
  14. What you so callously call as "course correction" is nothing short of sections of the State aiding the attacks on Muslim establishments. Most of this "correction" involved butchering the weak and burning business establishments. No one has claimed that this was a one sided riot. That is not being contested at all. In riot like situations, I don't like to do the entire "he started/she started" arguement. Everybody involved, regardless of who started it, is guilty and is deserving of punishment. But your recollection of events is simply wrong/incomplete. The Shree Krishna Commission is a two volume report. Volume I has to do with the preliminary findings of the commission re local politicians and the police before and during the the riots and Volume II with the evidence . The report is mainly focused on the partisan approach of the Mumbai police wrt the entire episode. From July 1992, 6 months before the Babri Masjid was demolished, the SS and VHP combine held rallies across parts of Mumbai urging their followers to break the Masjid. Some of these rallies were in Muslim/mixed areas. Many of these rallies were disallowed by the then state government, but they took no action to stop the rallies. There were reports of damage/destruction of Muslim property and the police did nothing to stop the proceedings, even when the mobs went on rampage. All this while, the police were spectators. Sometime egging on the crowds and in some rare instances they fired tear gas at the mobs. Even on the 6th of December, the *first* rioting happened in Dharavi when a SS started a celebration in a mixed neighbourhood. The subsequent rioting was in two phases and you can read about it in the report in my earlier post. The Commission points out clearly the double standard of the police when dealing with Muslim rioters vis a vis Hindu rioters. The Commission also points out the role of the Shiv Sena and its various leaders in the phase 2 of the riots. None of these guys have been tried. Some have been elected to the LS: Gajanan Kirtikar and Madhukar Sarpotdar. The 'Supremo' got a 21 gun salute during his state funeral for his efforts instead! The entire episode isn't as black and white as you are making it out to be.
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