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  1. ? I am a MSD fan!!! CSK and the IPL won't be the same without captain MSD.
  2. Watching Pandya bowl today makes me question his role as an all rounder for team India. Take him in the squad but as a captain and/or a lower order hitter.
  3. Robin, Zaheer and Mahela were there when we won the IPL in 2020. Is this just their fault? We just have no batting. RoSha Ishaan Pollard are duds. SKY is injured. We left out Brevis and David for some strange reasons. We need to drop the three players I've bolded. Ishaan can be a substitute. RoSha and Pollard must be given a proper respectable send off for their years of contribution to .
  4. Yup. Taught as a part of Code of Criminal Procedure. Mainly to highlight the role of forensics and the changing admissibility of forensic evidence.
  5. Its quite a famous case and most law students are exposed to it. https://www.ijlsi.com/the-tandoor-murder-case-case-comment/ First case where DNA evidence and an autopsy done again to establish guilt.
  6. I've heard a lot about the purpoted greatness of Viv Richards and Brian Lara. Never seen em play. This thread is anyways an excercise in hypotheticals.
  7. This is the IPL section buddy. You are supposed to troll here.
  8. Tesla isn't available in India. GoI has (or had) mandated that the EV's in India have to be made in India. And Elon Seth isn't warming up to that idea just yet.
  9. Isn't that hotel the site of the Tandoori murder infamy?
  10. Only while dreaming, which is preceded by consumption of strong hallucination inducing narcotics.
  11. Isn't that the other Pandya? Also he bought it legally in the UAE. He was just trying to, umm, evade the harsh and wholly unnecessary customs duty on luxury watches @velu. Smuggling is such a strong word for that minor misdemeanour.
  12. Pandya danced to Srivalli from Pushpa with his grandmother for his IG account for likes from the aam junta. Kohli took money from Digit Insurance and monkey waltzed in an Ad. Even if Pandya scores 5 consecutive ducks, Pandya >>>>Kohli. Simple as that.
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