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  1. Mere saath bhi hota tha. My elder sister was so padhaku. Always immersed her books. I would never score as much and always get an earful from my mom/aunts/grandparents/neighbours/teachers/random people who also knew my sister. Can't believe that you are Najma's sister. HOW MANY TIMES HAVE I HEARD THAT How scarring was that.
  2. What credibility? Nidhi Razdan the journalist had the reputation of being a thorough researcher. Nidhi Razdan the anchor is a total sell out. No different from Barkha or Arnab. She has not a shred of credibility. In fact, being an anchor in India today means that you are completely biased and parrot the line of the hand that feeds your channel. Of course she isn't guilt free. But that is between her employer who may have tasked her with more responsibilities looking at the Harvard tag, herself and Harvard institute. Its a lie, but its not the same as lying to the people of India on
  3. Indian parents!!!! My son/daughter should have scored a 100. Be it in a cricket game or the board exams. 91 is just not good enough.
  4. great choice @velu This is a halal watch. I see the crescent and the star over the Meistersinger logo. Me likey.
  5. Perhaps this will refresh your memory. In her 2004 affidavit, Smriti Irani claimed that she was a graduate. She hadn't completed her degree. In her 2019 affidavit she changed that and claimed that she had finished a year of college. At 5:15 she claims that she has a degree from Yale. What she received was a certification of participation. And Smriti Irani was a Union Minister. She misled ( euphemism for lied) the people. Surely her transgression is a lot more harmful to the nation than that of a sell out journalist working in a private
  6. Why is he a jehadi? Everyone who wears a turban and has the name Mohd is a jehadi?
  7. You've directly translated " naak katna" to nose cutting!!
  8. One of the better things I've read on SM. In quite a while. I am quite thick skinned. Or at least I like to think so. But these days, stories like this bring a tear to my eyes. You can add young Jaiswal's story to this list too. Matter of fact, my eyes are moist as I type this. Here were a bunch of boys ( many of them are under 25) who barely could make ends meet a few years ago and have humbled the greatest test side in the world in their own backyard. Their struggle is their salvation. Most of what we see on social media is a cesspool of hate and vici
  9. Most people at my work place have taken a lunch break from 12:30 pm IST. Its 2:15pm now!! Wonder what must be on the buffet!
  10. @FischerTal awww I am more inclined to sing Zindagi ki yah reet hain Haar ( 36 ao) ke baad hi jeet hai
  11. Damn no one gets the reference/context I feel that my immeasurable genius is wasted on here.
  12. Na gaaliyon ke bochar se, Na cricket ball ke seam ki dhaar se, yeh team darti hai, to sirf parwardigaar se!! cough cough *jaani*
  13. Whack whack mariyam, you kept bringing in bollywood in this thread Don't hate me for that. That's all I know
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