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  1. One of the better things I've read on SM. In quite a while. I am quite thick skinned. Or at least I like to think so. But these days, stories like this bring a tear to my eyes. You can add young Jaiswal's story to this list too. Matter of fact, my eyes are moist as I type this. Here were a bunch of boys ( many of them are under 25) who barely could make ends meet a few years ago and have humbled the greatest test side in the world in their own backyard. Their struggle is their salvation. Most of what we see on social media is a cesspool of hate and vici
  2. Most people at my work place have taken a lunch break from 12:30 pm IST. Its 2:15pm now!! Wonder what must be on the buffet!
  3. @FischerTal awww I am more inclined to sing Zindagi ki yah reet hain Haar ( 36 ao) ke baad hi jeet hai
  4. Damn no one gets the reference/context I feel that my immeasurable genius is wasted on here.
  5. Na gaaliyon ke bochar se, Na cricket ball ke seam ki dhaar se, yeh team darti hai, to sirf parwardigaar se!! cough cough *jaani*
  6. Whack whack mariyam, you kept bringing in bollywood in this thread Don't hate me for that. That's all I know
  7. Reinforces my disdain for mathematicians and all things mathematics.
  8. This is @Gollum right now. tagging @FischerTal too coz he is also a person of eclectic tastes who appreciates such cultural gems Just replace Laila with India
  9. Did they become your favs after the conclusion of the match?
  10. Not as a captain. Not in any format.
  11. Copyright strike coming your way. Already mentioned here Please give due credit when stealing content. Don't pull an Annu Malik on me. Legal notice coming your way soon.
  12. Kajol singing Saare jahan se achcha in London in K3G trumps this win, IMO.
  13. Joke of a team. Lost a series to the 17th choice Indian side at home, with a lot of umpiring calls going their way. We need better rivals. Bring on England!
  14. hate being pedantic, but *dangerously* That's what Nietzsche said! For believe me! — the secret for harvesting from existence the greatest fruitfulness and the greatest enjoyment is: to live dangerously! Build your cities on the slopes of Vesuvius! Send your ships into uncharted seas! Live at war with your peers and yourselves! Be robbers and conquerors as long as you cannot be rulers and possessors, you seekers of knowledge! Soon the age will be past when you could be content to live hidden in forests like shy deer! At long last the search for knowledge will reac
  15. How could we possibly lose from here? How pessimistic are some of you? Do you also worry every night before you sleep that a comet might crash into your bedroom?
  16. Stupidity by Washington making the headlines on the 19th and on the 20th (Inauguration)!
  17. Australia are minnows! Losing to our D team at home with all help form umpires. We need better rivals! Bring on England.
  18. Yeh naya Hindustan hai, yeh ghar mein ghusega bhi aur maarega bhi
  19. Nidhi Razdan pulled a Smriti Irani here!
  20. What song is this? Maybe I'm wired differently but somehow I always associate songs with a season. For rains: Pyaar Hua Ikraar Hua Lagi Aaj Sawan ki phir wo jhadi hai The frisky Tip Tip Barsa Paani Tum hi Ho Koi Ladki hai
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