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  1. I think Shastri gave out the right speech and emphasized on enjoying the moment as not many current or upcoming players might be able to enjoy such moment again as this is freaking special. Lack of practice due to Quarantine/lockdown, Injuries, pandemic etc stacked all the odds against us but we were unwavering. I really hope India run with this momentum and build something special.
  2. Semi Final vs Australia. I think Shastri wrote an article on cricinfo giving india no chance to beat the Aussies.
  3. I believe we need to realize that Captaincy alone does not yield results. We need to start picking a truly best XI to compete and win games.
  4. Was the plan to use Pujara’s block as a decoy while others slowly assault to try to chase the runs down? What the * has happened to this Indian team management? This all feels surreal. Brilliantly done!
  5. Australia did not have fully fit Warner or else India would’ve lost
  6. Gave away too many runs and fell in Australia’s plan of declaring by tea. I think India were thinking too much about the rain more than evaluating game’s scenario. They have to make Aussies earn every run post lunch and stop the freebies. I appreciate Saini’s efforts to be on the field and bowling to reduce other Bowlers stress but it’s not helping at all. Australia have earmarked his fielding position and will look to add +1 run every time Saini has to chase the ball. Needlessly to say he’s bowling is unfortunately toothless at the moment due to the injury he’s carrying.
  7. No biggie, it’s just one of those “Brainfade” similar to what Steve smith suffered when he relied on dressing rooms guidance for DRS reviews.
  8. Injuries forced India to think outside the box and utilize benched players to the fullest. This has to be our biggest lesson for future to ensure we pick team based on skills and not reputation. Without these injuries I do not believe we would have seen such rotation in our playing XI and perhaps the results might have been similar to what we suffered in Melbourne. Full credit to this lot of players and staff for the fight they’ve shown throughout this test series. I would coin this tour as an overall mildly successful.
  9. I understand Ravi Shastri’s presence has made it difficult to even slightly praise this team, however spirit of each and every team member post 1st match is creditable and commendable. We need to tone down our expectations as we have utilized 20 players during this test series and it’s not easy for any captain to lead such depleted side in foreign conditions. Let’s not act as if shoddy fielding and inability to clean the tail even with our best bowlers has not been a problem for over couple of years.
  10. I think India is banking of batting long to see if they can pull out a draw. Thakur and Sundars addition ‘makes’ our tail a bit smaller. Hopefully, we are able to bowl such that Australia is not running away with the game in 1st innings.
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