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  1. I liked this by accident cannot undue. It was less psychological issues and more his name and his beaming smile which was very heartening.
  2. West Indies series was drawn and the one match we lost Windies just barely won with 1 wicket remaining.
  3. All these home series but our spin bowling is weak. Yasir is old and injured. The current two spinners selected aren't very good. Also we dropped a close match in the West Indies and now we are gonna draw this rain/bad light affected match. I would say it will be India vs New Zealand/Australia in the final
  4. Team effort from the Kiwi's Ajaz couldn't have done it without the help of Somerville, Southie and Jamieson
  5. Thank you for your service but it's time to retire Azhar Ali
  6. Yes very true. Lack of variety in domestic strips plus rare, short tours away means these batsmen have very little idea on how to play on bouncy wickets. Indian batsmen have however overcome this hurdle exceptionally well while the rest of the subcontinent batsmen lag behind.
  7. Fast bowlers not taking wickets. It can't be all spinners or at least it shouldn't.
  8. He's a quick learner. Wasn't bowling the right lines and lengths for this pitch in first innings then came back bang on target in the second.
  9. Abdullah Shafique looks a good prospect opener ... he was selected after only playing 3 FC innings
  10. He targets the stumps and gets the ball to move. Shaheen and the spinners were poor ... so inaccurate serving up too many hit me balls.
  11. A populist leader will do the popular thing and not necessarily the correct thing.
  12. Almost got his 10 but the nervous 9's got to him.
  13. Modi speaks the best English he learned it from his good friend Doland.
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