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  1. I think ECB has taken correct decision. It gives correct message to every budding cricketer and even other sportsperson and bodies that you can not represent England if you were a racist bigot while a teen. Its unfair to Ollie but when Sports in England and world in general is so much plagued by racism, sometimes you need to make example. I think icfers need to understand larger context that main sport for England is Football and when fans make monkey chants in stadium targeting a black player, or sing “I’d rather be a P A-KI then Turk” then they may realise that something needs to
  2. He was a class, but saying top five will be injustice to many Indian bats like Azhar, Gavaskar, Dravid, Laxman, Hazare, Tendulkar, Kohli vishwanath and may be even to Pujara and Dada
  3. Kiwis are playing a series against England to acclimatise so Kohli is left with no option but plan or provide deliberate leak. Either of two is better then shopping with Wives or GFs at Oxford street.
  4. I understand the sentiment but ground reality so far is, This is wettest may we have had since records are being collected. Thats about a century old. It is cold and raining everyday. Feels like March. We havent had any sunny spell so far. Grass in fields are greenest we have ever seen. Its going to be tricky to make selection. We must be absolutely sure, We dont want to repeat what we did by selecting two spinners. https://www.espncricinfo.com/series/ind-in-eng-2018-1119528/england-vs-india-2nd-test-1119550/full-scorecard
  5. I don’t think Gavaskar needs to be in any Rockstars good books. Its other way round. He is influential person. His statements/recommendations do help a players career.
  6. Would be interesting to see what was their average before two new ball rule.
  7. Sachin-Viv Abdv-Kohli Sanga-Ponting-Lara Haynes-Hayden-Miandad
  8. Its different question that whole team took a cautious decision in advance to tamper the ball. Most likely few more knew what was going on, but didn’t participate in decision making.
  9. Chk what percentage of team runs he scored. He was in early and facing new ball each time he batted apart from when he came late and score a thirty and a fifty
  10. Trust me thats not bad considering how aliens the condition have been.
  11. Another issue is grass. If there is any , expect it to have grown even more. Wicket me must get has to be made on non English soil. Even that will give problems even if it becomes sunny. Five day test is only possible if someone puts some grass killer on top of pitch. Even then, ball will do tricks and may come slower after potching.
  12. Unless pitch curators do some magic, expect this to be going to be worst batting wicket on swinging conditions we have ever played.
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