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  1. Modi will eff chinese between 4 and 8. It’s correct that Chink has considerable infra till f4 but building and maintaining are two different thing. Ideally Chinks can only maintain it till 14. Once boats are in, its blood between two nations. 5 times defence and economy budget of chinks Actually apso means 15 times border as well. China can not forcibly occupy territory that belongs to nuclear nation. IMO, Modi will go to limited war if need be. Sovereignty is supreme. Lets not fall into trap or advocate salami slicing. Ie Chinas end game
  2. Trade route blackade can happen. And will happen. For example, Russians ships were tracked during Assad crisis. But it was Putins military vehicle, so no one had balls to say anything
  3. See, i have allready given the analogy. Its not trade route. This is something which Chinese need in event of a war and sea blockade. Now Pakistanis are smartest bunch in whole world and their military is best and most honest and not corrupt and serving the nation and no kickbacks happened to sell their nation to Iron brother
  4. Not just PoK, They own Pakistan. But, they can not sleep walk 1.5 billion Chinese into a nuclear war. So, No, they don’t and cant afford military aggression which may have reaction. They can not convince world to go to war with India if say India completes unfinished LoC ( Pakistan one , check position of CPEC karakoram, Aksai Chin Siachen) without dropping a single blood. Leh was allways in reach but, DBO Road is designed by military with military objectives. For example, There is a lake along CPEC, just reach to that lake and get rid of bridge and put boats in. Easier said then done but putting boats in Pangong tso will give enough knowhow.
  5. No, I am saying that most Indians are like that monkey (including myself). They dont want to let go of that coconut even when they know that (hunter) war is already on. Modi is collecting all that tax so that his family can have a lot of money for next generation. PS: I myself am trying to NOT buy anything made in China despite alternative being costliers and difficult to find
  6. Some thing can be argued, But for China, Its all about backup plan. CPEC is the backup plan for them. If you carefuly look at map of international map of India. There is Indian Map, Then on that there is dotted line for LAC between India china which cuts a segment of Laddakh but there is another dotted line, called LoC between India Pakistan. The LoC ends in J&K and doestn cuts the laddakh , ie there is a part of India in Himalayas where CPEC goes through. All it needs is a Infrastructure and will of GoI to demarcate that regions. China or Pakistan can not wriggle out of this Leh, to Karakoram is just couple of Years. Pakistan cand do anything about it, But China can. and this whole standoff is all about bringing India on a table to halt the infra build or get some assurance. Santosh Babu screwed whole plan of Chinese
  7. Lets be absolutely certain on one thing. For China, this fight is for trade route. For India, This fight is for its borders. Jaishankar has made it very clear that both nations have red lines and mutual interests. What it means is, India is saying to China that they wont have to worry about CPEC route from Indian side as long as we are allowed to secure the border. However, Chinese do not think that they can control/sell pro China narrative in 1.4 billion strength democracy compared to 250 million strength autocracy. At the same time they cant afford enmity with 1.4 billion big nation. Whatever way they want to sell this to their people and world, but imo, it was very calculated move by them, however what they miscalculated was courage and valour of Bihar regiment , Santosh Babu and his men simply turned upside down, all their board room planning. Just take one step back, Think about whole situation if 15th June Galwan battle didnt happened. By giving his life, Santosh Babu and his men, Gave India a lot of ammunition in current stand off. The more I think, I feel Dadhichi has new name. Santosh Babu
  8. FYI, Arms, Fuel and forex is minimum you need to save your army in event of two front war
  9. We are at war with China. Some people are worried about their coconut.
  10. She is fake news queen. But its her masters, which includes Washington Post and New York times, They should be asked to re register themselves as propganda outlets in India, who will run propaganda on behest of the highest bidders
  11. A very good and balanced article. Looks like factually correct too. No wonder both India and China have issue in explaining this to their general population https://fijisun.com.fj/2020/07/02/india-china-faceoff-was-it-inevitable/
  12. See, extending support means dud against Chinese. US needs to give us F35s. even if its count is say just one or two squadron only. And that too in next quarter. By the way, if you look at positive side, When British imperialism was on rise, France Spain and other who were under attack, They improvised and faught. India may have to same as China is following Imperialist ambitions and path of Brits
  13. They dont get basics like that they lost when world number one US was on their side and there was no difference between firepower among Indians and Pakistanis, so now they think that they will win when world number two is on their side.
  14. mishra

    Fcuk China

    There is a article which says 5 wars, China must fight. Plan is till 2050. Russia is second last in list.
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