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  1. This is false. US had a very bad deal when it came to NATO in present circumstances. Right now, US is trying to rebalance it as Cold war is over (Russian one) and a new enemy(China) has cropped up. while spending in NATO is not too much but it is US who is Unilaterally spending money on tech advancement and all NATO states have got free access. US wants others to contribute equally to secure their border via NATO. For example, Germany cntribute just few hundred millions on NATO budget and in return , it has got safety/security against someone like Russia and tech skills of US. Now compare that to US defense budget or Pakistani defense budget.
  2. Also Karakoram Paas is what everyone want a share of. Russi stayed in Afghanistan for ages for that. US tried the same. Now Chinese are trying. We dont want anyone near that. We are better off simply having a treaty which allows us access to US defense equipment. Post Balakot, IAF did realise that Sukhois are not as good as they should have been. For those who like to read into details, they should also read that 4+ Gen Rafale was unable to get missile lock on F-16 despite being faster and better equipped(Same happened with Sukhoi when Pakistanis came with F-16). So upgraded Rafales can only acquire lock on 3rd Gen F-16
  3. mishra

    Indian media !!!

    So now our top reporters are supporting drug trafficking.
  4. I think, You make some very valid points. With all Bravado, iirc, post war on terror, It was Russia (Putin) who once proposed to US President "OK, When can we join NATO" Joining NATO is big thing. Look at Turkey, Its bullying everyone in its neighbourhood simply because its part of NATO and have access to technologies and part of Treaties. Question is, Is US willing to do it? Answer=No. Unlike others I am being realistic here. However putting US bases in Aruanchal is absolute NO from startegic point of view unless we get NATO or say quad become some serious stuff
  5. Dont forget, Yesterday, Thala hit 3 huge sixes in last over. Seems these guys are batting too cautiously
  6. If only he would have done same in Internationals. Nowadays, umpires are only their to lay eggs.
  7. Thala left it too late to change his bat. He should have done a over earlier. However CSK lost because of some crazy **** bowling
  8. OK. Dhoni still has in him. CSK is not as weak as they seem on card.
  9. Mumbai Police couldn’t register FIR when Payal went to file FIR, because Of lack of female official. Really, I feel ashamed that I belong to a country where system is so corrupt, even in 2020
  10. Those people are making money off their looks. They are in media, celebrity business. While @coffee_rules or @Real McCoy or @EnterTheVoid isn’t. They do not lead a private life. They are public figure
  11. Scary plans. Just in nick of time if below is true. Will be surprised if some very big names blessings were not there. https://m.hindustantimes.com/india-news/ncb-probe-in-sushant-singh-case-leads-to-amritsar-pak-and-drug-mafia-cartels/story-y5G6Stj1WD8yJBATkOflFK_amp.html
  12. See, statements like “jis khali mein khate ho oosee mein chhend karate ho” or “ to kya huva? roti to diya!” Or “So what, drug was personnal use” Shows that relationship between new comers or rest vs established one is like dimestic worker and master ( kaam vaalee bai and malkin) where malkin (master) thinks she is above law. When it comes to drugs same masters think its non issue as its allowed to consume in western societies
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