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  1. Since, long back, as soon as Kohli took reins, i was probably first among icfers to comment that Kohli is klueless kaptaan. He will never win anything. My this estimate was on 2 basic observations 1. his onfield captaincy and how he totally telied on Dhoni for field placing and bowling changes. You have to be in ground during Thala days to witness it and understand what I am saying 2. He has not got enough desire to win trophy. You don’t loose to archrival Pakistanis in a final with best team of tournament just because you don’t like your coach. The actions on that day s
  2. Parasis need to teach their kids some history lesson. They used to be inhabitants of Iran/ Persia. There was a time when they built grand temples and rich heritage. They as a culture and religious grpoup got completely eliminated , brutally killed in mass and only survivor are the ones who somehow managed to flea to India. And then this woman marries a Muslim man then Why complain?
  3. Another angle: The person i spoke is incharge for supplying fuel to Armed forces and he at the time was extremely worried as he couldnt do shipments. GoI is not saying so as it makes position weak but now nearly a month has passed since he confirmed that they managed to replenish for winters. I kept on with holding this info till certain time has past since october. So this protest is sinister because earlier they were blocking routes for trains and trucks. There is lot more than that meets the eye here as farmers are also in places other than Punjab and Haryana which cutoff Rail
  4. Atleast 43 Farmers mass murdered by slitting the neck in Nigeria.courtesy. Religion of Peace https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-africa-55120638
  5. For me he is greatest Football player world will ever see. Football is a team sport but if situation needed, and some luck, he singlehandedly beat a whole team. IWe dont know what future holds but in this instance I can safely say that never ever world will see such a player.
  6. https://www.ft.com/content/33659ed3-cf15-4e93-9128-727d24759225 Thats on anti Modi Ft
  7. Watch it after 27:00 minutets. How this man who is no body, is being interrupted again and again by politicians and others. Marathi Pappu is getting same protection as Italian Pappu
  8. Long back AOM predicted this is another Pappu in making. Congressis didnt knew how to react to it. Anjana was attacked and she had to apologise to who I call real Mirzapurs real Munna Bhaiya.
  9. In UK, they published two data. One: Recorded number of daily deaths due to Covid. 2. Total number of daily death without Covid. They compared data of non covide related deaths in 2020 to that of previous year and found that there was a spike. That spike is also attributed to COvid although its not recorded officially as Covid death in overall counts. I dont know about further breakdown on underlying conditions of those death stats
  10. One of the shot that hit was from a rocket launcher. Doubt if soldiers at toll keep rocket launchers
  11. Gollum! This man who died is Shia Muslim. In Pakistan, they don’t mind the narrative that shia man is terrorist/extremist. Infact most of times its shia leaders who are killed by army
  12. With light at end of corona tunnel, IMF demands its six billion USD or more measures to curb fiscal deficit. Pakistanis need to prepare for more Financial pressure on their daily lives
  13. See, During Trump, you could hit them and claim them. During Biden years, you are only allowed to hit them. Unless offcourse Modi gives Bear hug to Biden
  14. Who actually got burned? Did he force Sita to take the test? Sita was free to not take the test? Fact is , Sita passed the test. So if Agni Pareksha was literally burning yourself, then she wouldn’t have survived Irrespective of truth/lie. Would she? Who knows? Agnipareksha may have been just some sort of test devised to separate truth vs lie
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