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  1. I recall good old days, Every Turram Khaan and Raja Bhaiya type students in UP used to carry country made pistol and allmost every township had few pan shop who supplied them bullets. Result- People used to fire their pistol (country gun) just so that their status as Raja Bhaiya or Turram Khan of the street/school/college is respected. I guess, whats happening in Pakistan is alog same lines. Probably every street now has a scholar from Terrorist School. , They dont need ISI or Pakmil to instruct them, If he is unhappy about something (religious/non religious) he will blow a Bomb.
  2. Its Bushra Beghum who is acting as Oracle for him. However Pakmil is definitely not happy and they would like a hung assembly where they can change PMs easily instead of having to bear one PM for all 5 years
  3. Next term , His target will be to make it 1 USD=400 PKR in 5- years only.
  4. May 2017: 1 USD = 100 Pakistani Rupee May 2022: 1 USD = 200 Pakistani Rupee
  5. Lol. Every other team above England is playing IPL or white ball cricket. He is criticising Eoin Morgan for being successful in whiteball cricket. Point is, IPL will ensure less poaching of quality talented players by certain teams which has historically relied on this policy.
  6. Over a decade ago, When IPL started, It was boring while we all used to follow International bilateral passionately. Now IPL is at same level or more then International limited over matches in terms of peoples following. Fact is there has been linear decline in interest in International cricket and gain in following of IPL. Lets not assume that ECB,ICC gave up BCCI moneys without a fight. Two IPL teams were disbanded in past (ie decrease of 15+ IPL mactch count), Shashank Manohar ICC chairmanship and COA were all part of fight. Its not difficult to guess why mediocrity is being al
  7. Exactly, And look at averages of top 5 bats of India. Current batting lineup can be easily considered as worst top order in history of our batting. Thats the feat he achived apart from giving us defeats against arch rivals Pakistan and empty trophy cabinets. This guy needs to unceremoniously go.
  8. Man you need to have some common sense . Imran just recently penned a article where he argued that Pakistan needs to go back to its "civilizational roots". Its like, I stands in front of ruins of Mohanjedaro and Harappa and see it as Medina and people term me as insane. https://tribune.com.pk/story/2339025/spirit-of-riyasat-i-madina-transforming-pakistan Now for once we assume, he intentionally(political compulsion) wanted to see ruins of Hrappa as Madina, then ban (not just TAX) condoms and contraceptive and stop complaining about population and poverty.
  9. He is not a person who will voluntarily step down and benefit of Indian cricket would be last thing his brain can think. Its more like throwing the toys off the pram. Typical Kohli. Just a little pressure and he ran away
  10. Thank you for making India a most mediocre batting lineup in its cricketing history. I think even Gavaskar era had better batting lineup.
  11. This statement is as true as Aamir was next Wasim Akram
  12. Whoever , who can stand up to bad apple kohli must be given captaincy. Once he has chucked Kohli out, he can transfer the captaincy. Hence Rohit.
  13. Kohli was worst thing ti happen to Indian cricket. Team can only do better. Its not optimist. Its a fact.
  14. Kohli needs to be kicked out. He will be bad influence in dressing room. I think thats what Gambo said. I think he was first man to recognise how damaging Kohli can be to Indian team. Hence i agree with his assessment.
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