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  1. So as per Lahori Logic, Five Eyes read Social media and decide to cancel a Cricket Series. And that Terrorist SM account is fake, hence its based in India. 1. Offcourse all real terrorist account are based in Pakistan. So Pakistani Establishment was mostly sure that they didnt tweet or posted any such attack 2. But in all circumstances, they continue blaming India and increasing hate and venom among their youngsters. After pakMil Immy's #TalibanisiedAfghanistan new hashtag is #TalibanisePakistan
  2. Its actually a little simpler when you think in strategic terms. Taliban in Afghanistan is nothing but 15-20 people similar to kaleen Bhaiya from Mirzapur but with some clear difference. They have rocket launchers and Modern ammo ( night vission Ak47) and manufacturing coke and heroine with each of them having thousands of militants ready to die for them. There is no police/army with gumtion to oppose them. While there are half millions living in extreme poverty around them who will happily work for them. A lot of them aming millions drug addicts too So they are standard smuggler d
  3. He deserves desperation and dejection bcos he is Pakistani. Jaleel bahoot huvaa hai bhai. Other Pakistanis can’t understand this
  4. Nah, they will be back once kohli bcci wargames stop. They are too good to be extinct so easy
  5. He may not be allways righ(afterall human) I kind of see his fight with Mumbai Police chief and Thakares and Sonia and Pawar and rest of media ( taking on all 5 parallely) as most daring in modern media history. Its a miracle that he survived it allthough, I can see that he has toned down since then. His network has been suspended in UK. Thank you to YouTube that i can still catch his news/views
  6. 1996-1992 and then forgot the kargil pain by 2003 but after Mumbai attacks, I never actually wanted India to play Pakistan. It became just a encounter I don’t want to loose but I don’t want to watch a India Pakistan game.
  7. Safer would be to play in Hyderabad, Junagadh , kashmir or Bangladesh. All of it belongs to Pakistan as per PAkistanis
  8. What kind of thought must be going through ex PCB chief Ehsan Mani whom Kali dal replaced with Ramiz. Any views from him anywhere? It just took a fortnight for Rameez bhai to undo all the hard work of Mr Mani. Reminds me of wasseypur” Chutiya hai ye imprtant nahi hai, hamara betaa hai, ye important hai”
  9. So only startegic thinking for greenbros is either play cricket or they will turn into suicide bombers
  10. Wtf. Hopefully its not a butthurt Greenbro. They track trace and screw them terrorists
  11. I am assuming that you are basing your judgement on basis that Shaheen is “21 years old only” and also you are not considering how little Pakistani players play. I have watched him during England series. He was best Pakistani bowler for first 3 overs in them matches and after that he simply deteriorated. I don’t recall if it was conditions (ball or pitch). PS: I don’t think he is 21. He is Atleast 25
  12. Waiting for Kaali daal to tweet big Political Kanspiracy by Endian and fascist Mudi
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