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  1. Yes, but if no such discussion happened after 34/10, no such discussion should happen after 200/20
  2. So why we must get embarrassed if England lost 20 wickets for 200?
  3. Ahmedabad has been traditionally high scoring ground. 3 spinneywont do any harm. But our batting is weak
  4. Yes. Poor batting. Absolutely poor batting. Same stadia, similar pitch, only difference will be red ball and daytime and bats will score next game
  5. Told ya, Suddenly Root becomes great player of spin. We should have never given first test match pitch. Cook referred Kohli an Root and few more as great player of spin. Only player of spin in those ranks is Rohit. But i for sure think, Kohli post covid era is struggling against spin.
  6. I feel our bats gave away wickets unnecessarily on day 2, specially to Joe Root. Yes there was turn, but if you are a international player (specially Indian) , you got to be able to adjust your game on home pitches. Rohit and Gill did fabulous job in second inning, and no one is talking about that
  7. Thanks @express bowling bhai. I didn’t see the thread and posted a question in match thread. That pink ball had beautiful seam and kept its shape(specially seam and colour). Batsmen looked hurried and it was so bad that they seem to play like amateur. Most of them weren’t even seeing where ball was and played blind( head position) and looked like fishing even when they were defending. IMO, Ball and Not pich which was doing way too much For Bats.
  8. Btw, that seAm on pink ball is so inviting to a pacer on grassy wicket.. Anyone knows any pink ball match that happened in England. I would love to see a scorecard under cloudy grassy wivcket
  9. I think deliveries that got a lot of wickets when they didn’t turn. I feel pink ball also may have contributed to this unexplained phenomenon why some deliveries remained straight with exactly same action. To me it was probably ball that made difference then actual pitch
  10. Iirc, the soil colour of first test pitch looked red while all others were same which means rest all were “ Made In India” pitches. If anything, first pitch should be considered doctored and unfair to Indian conditions. 10 years down the line someone may call Root gun spin bat simply because stas will show he averaged similar to Smith.
  11. I dont buy this sporting nonsense just because SENA players start shitting in their trousers with slight hint of turn and bounce. The pitch is as sporting as it gets. Flaw lies is SENA batsmen's technique.
  12. Just from statsguru , I was amazed to see not a single bat from talented Pakistani side has averaged over 50 overseas . I randamoly choose atleast 75 innigs. And there ATG averages same as our Sehwag. Intersetingly Rahane is above Kohli in oveseas performance on averages Talented My foot =============== Overall figures Player Span Mat Inns NO Runs HS AveDescending 100 50 0 SR Tendulkar 1989-2012 106 176 17 8705 248* 54.74 29 36 10 R Dravid 1996-2012 93 164 21 7667
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