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  1. England will miss Archer and Woakes. Apart from Anderson, the bowling attack doesn’t look menacing at all even in English conditions
  2. A best bat of a pathetic team loosing to a C team is not same as Loosing matches to even a shyte team despite skipper having access to best players. All these BS comparison article are probably paid by Kohli himself. Pawkis are just falling to Kohli PR
  3. Its just fans who kept giving him rope. Not me. **** should have been called out long long back. Indian teams fAns do not need to behave like football club fans Lionel messi will leave Barcelona but he can’t leave Argentina.
  4. Incorrect. Kohli knows it very well. And he is intentionally doing it. I am preying that Eshwaran can just do STFU with his performance. I have no hope on Indian players doing any better then WTC finals against England.
  5. No, Coach doesn’t do pep talk. His job is to plan, strategise and find out chink in oppositions players armour and let captain know if they are willing to listen. The so called pep talk is letting each individual know minimum expectations from them. Skill development is done by specialist coaches. So, I don’t buy this blind pep talk arguement at all. I feel Shashtri has drinking problem but he is effin shrewd person.
  6. I think Ashes and that would be it. He keeps getting injury now each time he plays
  7. He is best pacer to watch. Immaculate built, towering height, simple runup, beautiful line and length and as soon as conditions becomes conducive to swing, No bat has answer to him. it will be a end of era of English cricket rule simply because Anderson was there. Love watching him bowl. Will miss him greatly
  8. Pathan by miles. His series against Pakistan in Pakistan will allways be remembered by those who watched it. Based on what i have seen off Pandya, He can never ever reach such a level. Let him play t20
  9. ^ why will you go to England with just 8 bats is beyond me when you are playing WTC final and a draw would have given you the trophy. Why would you play 2 spinner in a overcast conditions match. Assuming you were confused between Jaddu and Sundar but Safest option was allways to just play Thakur in place of Ishant, and a bat in place of Ash. TM is brainless and a disgrace with Kohli and Shashtri acting as Rahu and Ketu to team India’s chances.
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