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  1. होइहै सोई जो राम रची राखा
  2. Where is Advani on August 5?
  3. Its same for every country. However the reduction in death say due to pollution because people managed to breath cleaner air for few months is not going to be significant enough. Number of people dieing on Road because of accident vs dieng on accident due long march from Mumbai to UP can be used against going data by data. Ie When natural death number is in hundreds of thousand, trend cant be dismissed. So globally, I agree with people that its difference in deaths YoY can be directly blamed to corona, even if that meant someone died cos he didnt reach to Hospital ICU because of lockdown
  4. Offcourse docs know it better, but It killed people who it could kill easiky, aka older population with some particular type of imedical/imune condition . Now its just travelling among rest of population.
  5. Yes, we are simply looking at how may died. its overall death rate. This value after reaching the peak, generally has sharp decline. Yesterday, they compared it for Whole EU, and found UK had highest increase in overall death. when India publishes recorded death of 2020. it will be interesting one as the YoY difference is probably actaul corona death
  6. Bhai, you put your point, you backed it with historical and current facts. But @Alam_dar mian is like that table tennis top, Harder you hit the ball(facts and logic) with top spin , faster it pings off the surface. So no, he will not look or soak the facts.
  7. ^ Actually best data is recorded death rate (not Recorded death due to Coronavirus). This value does not lie. For example, number of deaths in UK and US, during peak period was allmost double the deaths compared to last year in same month. It is back to near similar compared to previous year now for UK. Dont know about US. This death rate is not being published live for India, however, I read somewhere few days back. As per that Mumbai had peaked daily deaths sometime in June.
  8. There is a story on bbc. It shows state by state data graphically. Data as per them shows there has been consistent decline in daily recorded infections in Delhi NCR for last 7+ days, while it is still increasing rest of Indian states. iMO, recorded infection is nothing but displaying a percentage of actual infections. Going by that, I believe, Mid August, recorded infecTiins will go down for all of India. 15 -20 more days left. Delhi Mumbai and othe metros are allready coming out off woods. PS: percentage of people with antibodies is measured by antibodies among random sampling among population
  9. Oh man, Just read first page of Rangeelaa Rasool where he tears apart in one para whole chutiyaap of people making comparisons with other religions. TBH, never ever thought that way. Someone had some balls to write and publish it. @Gollum
  10. Gold Buscuit percentage(99.999) want Sharia. Not wanting Sharia is akin to not following religion. Impurity 0.001% will be stoned publicly.
  11. Once he runs out of facts and arguments, He says same thing again on another thread. He will derail threads with fake sob story and standard ISPR mouthpiece aganda
  12. Oh Man, Just because @vvvslaxman concerns and @velu rebuttal, I did watched AG Bill Bars hearing for about an hour before he took a break. Anyone who would have heard with even bollywood/hollywood type knowledge of what happens in hearing, would be laughing at Democrats. Anyone who would be a democrat should be angry at democrats. They all had come with a sermon to read which was more than time allocated to them. Effectively, all Bar had to do was sit there and smoke a Cigar as the hearing/questioning turned into a speech of democrats, whom occasionally Barr responded with one liners. Below is what NOT Democrats saw (I have no clue about local US issues but still I could watch it as court room joke drama and enjoy) . https://www.foxnews.com/opinion/michael-goodwin-barr-eats-nadlers-lunch-during-testimony
  13. Bhai, it all depends when survey was carried out as r rate is so high that data will change within weeks if serious lockdown is not in place.
  14. Cos India has moral duty to all non Muslims who were left in Pakistan by Nehuru and Jinnah.Since their Qaede Azam's terrorists broke the promise, we are obligated to bring down those terrorist (like US and world faught ISIS). Unfortunately we havent got the muscel
  15. India is not Pakistan or China or even West, When during partition, Hindus did not seek to clean India fon basis of religion when partition itself was on basis of religion do you think Hindus will do it now. You only know about India and Hindus from wikipaedia. and jump up and down. What you see in forums is frustration o Hindus. No one , absolutely no one will loose citizenship. Learn the meaning of Vasudev Kutumbkam and then talk about Hindus and Hindu philosophy. Now rush off to your Madarasa
  16. Bollywood stars has been vocal when it comes to small incidents where it can be projected that Modi is attacking Muslims. These incidents , imo even if hundred of them ,can happen per year if population we are talking about is in billion. But in process Bollywood also started projecting that Hindus are attacking Muslims in India because somehow, Hindus are on some path of Jihad against Muslims, when, if they have any brain cell left, they can see that its mostly Hindus who are their biggest fans and they do not care if name is Dilip Kumar or not. So effectively, when they can be biggest promoter of Cummunal harmony and nationalism they choose otherwise. Another example, They can appeal Muslims say Kashmiris that they can have same future as they have. But they choose to do business with people who wants Islamic fundoos and separatists. Some Bollywood stars , imo are consciously anti India In Bollywood, they sell bodies, they sell soul why wont they sell their nation and fans if price is right if they know that they are beyond nation? I dont buy this innocence angle. For example, Alia Bhat is Canadian, why wont she sell India if price is right. After all, its just a tweet.
  17. See, Obama saw things more correctly when it comes to Middle East, ie Iran is not bad compared to Saudis. But Iran has a baggage of 1979. In global relationships, you do not forgive and forget and specially don't eff your allies overnight. For example India has good relations with Iran, despite Trump pushing India to limit and all the carrots (carrots from US and Israel to India), while Chinese showing carrots to Iranian, both India and Iran are not going to screw up their age old relationship as it has a lot of goodwill. Even in current Indo China crisis, despite its prudent that India do not involve Russia, Indian defence Ministeter visited Russia and our soldiers marched side by side to Chinese one in Morscow parade while whole of India was dealing with anguish of murder of 20 soldier at hand of Chinese. Diplomacy is not easy. Russia knows India is drifting towards US, It also knows, China is needed for it to contain US, but it also tactically decides that further S-400 delivery to China is postponed and its due now to India by 2021. So when China did Galwan+Corona-2020, what it forgot that there is a young population living in India, which is watching it and it will be making/influencing India's strategic decisions for next 50 years. Things and nations and their future, who knows where India will be vis a vis China in next 50 years. Few months back Modi was offerning help to China and China was offering help to India (Covid). All that 70 years goodwill got washed away and we are back to 1962. Also, its an opportunity to Pakistan as well. Suddenly this young Indian population sees China as their enemy number one. Pakistan just needs to NOT do anything and things will improve between India Pakistan. But I am certain, to undo China animosity, Pakistan will be ordered by China to go to war with India, and take enemy number 1 position.
  18. Let me come from a neutral pov. Say US had brilliant relations with Irans enemy Saudis and country stood by thick and thin throughout history. Now Saudi enemy(Iran) was allways beaten by hired gun (US) . Suddenly a new president Obama walks in and decides that US needs to talk to Iran and Iran starts getting access to European and US markets. So how is Obama not a pro Iran and how did he not screw age old US Saudi relationship. Infact, Saudi prince MBS became a social pariah and came close to a arrest warrant in Kasshoggi’s case. All down to Obama
  19. What is problem in Assam? Illegal immigration? How does it becomes your problem? If you stop raping and abducting and killing non Muslims, and gave them safe environment, may be those people wouldn’t have to be refugee. i will go a step back, If your father of Nation Quadeajam couldn’t have seen this happening when in front of his eyes, Hindus and Sikhs were pillaged, then either he was biggest fool or Pakistan as a nation is fundamentally terrorists. Guess what, world recognises it. You don’t have to blow urself each time to proove your identity
  20. He sold Sunni Saudi Arabia which has been on US side for ages for Shia Iran which directly fed into a stronger China and Russia( people need to do their own research howIean Saudi Russia China was/is related). Why did Obama do that. Cant find any justifiable reason for US to gain advantage for siding With Iran apart he is a Shia Muslim. Now, who was partner in crime , Obamas VP Joe Biden. No wonder a lot of Jihadist promoters would have been introduced and been cozy with him in last stint itself.
  21. I have to agree on censorship. I used to read /follow dawn Website. Infact there was a period when i used to read Pakistani views/side of story from dawn only and news stories/editorial there used to help me understand whats going on in Pakistani minds when it comes to India or other neighbours in region. Since past few years, specially in runup to Nawaz Sharif’s court and corruption charges, I started not to believe everything on dawn. Now, I don’t even bother visiting the site as Its not journalism anymore there, most stories and views seem to be coming directly from Military. Less said about other outlets The better
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