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  1. We are all part of the Matrix.. everything is fixed.. even your reading this message is as much fixed as my posting it..
  2. Watch the docu series on MI. The support staff scrutinizes every single aspect and develops the players. Captains are served a ready made dish, they only have to present it, all the cooking is done by the chefs.
  3. This might provide some context: https://www.cricindeed.com/most-successful-300-plus-run-chases-in-odi/
  4. Huge fallacy in your argument. How common were 300+ scores 10 years ago? Would you win a world cup with 260 and 270 scores in knockout matches? Also, along side England, also mention India's stats of successfully chasing 300+ scores.
  5. i would like to see SKY earlier than Kishan. KL and SKY should be either Opening or at #5. Rest of the team selects itself.
  6. 100% agree. It is a glorified Afridi approach that is bound to fail more than it succeeds. Just biffing the ball from 1st over is good for T20s, in ODIs if there are good bowlers and a decent fielding side, you will be looking at 200/ 6 at 30 over mark a lot. From there, you may get to 350 or be bundles out for 280..
  7. well played! good signs for the future. He is young.
  8. Playing good, but looks done in the 3rd set
  9. I will have to check his next match. Let me check the schedule!
  10. Believe it is because of limited proficiency with the language.. haan agar Bhajji hota to punjabi mein hi Ben stokes ko sab Ma Ben samjha deta
  11. If India had batted first, the test would have definitely lasted 3 days, probably even 4. If lookup the records, 17 wickets in a day is not that uncommon. More than 16 wickets have fallen in 100+ test matches in a day. Key factor was playing with the Pink Ball. Batsmen practice playing seam/ swing with the pink ball, but this is the first time it was a spinning track for pink ball. Same pitch, same teams, day night match again would last significantly longer. Here is the stat for last 10 tests where most wickets fell in a day. India has only one ground, that too against Afg
  12. Would like Smith to captain and bat at 4. Pant has to open.
  13. I always think of SDP as Soft Di* Pandya as opposed to Hardik
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