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  1. this is a blessing in disguise.. at least he wont be considered for India captaincy. Not bowling out your best bowler in a close match - priceless!
  2. Phuddu Phattu La**u Take your pick.
  3. Bowlers did fine. All bouncing deliveries were easily left alone on length by Elgar and Pietersen. Or they took it on their bodies. It is our maharathis who were strangled down the leg so many times in the series, it was not even funny. And Rahane/ Mayank would nick seam/ swing/ spin/ bounce and even a grubber!
  4. Forgot Shreyas Iyer - KKR and CSK may fight for him..
  5. Ishan Kishan could be among high paid Indians.. along with Thakur and Sundar, Mayank Markande Warner might be highest foreign recruit
  6. My Final team - See if you can guess without reading the names. 1. Only man with three double Hundreds 2. Destroyer of all modern attacks in all conditions, man of the tournament in last world-cup 3. Arguably the best ODI batsman ever. His spin bowling was underrated.. his chewing gum was not! 4. Can change the game with the bat, or with the ball. 130+ strike rate, fast bowler who can get crucial wickets. 5. Set the standards for ODI wicketkeeper batsmen. Best till date according to me. 6. My hero. Man of the tournament in India's last WC wi
  7. My last pick - Patrick Patterson. Always enjoyed his bowling - our batting against him, not so much!
  8. My pick is Rashid Khan - Afghan Magician Also, @Majestic please fix teh summary post. My pick in previous round was Yuvi, not Saqlain
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