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  1. I liked his PC. What eise people expected him to say?
  2. what would you call winning 2 super overs? When no one even expected it to go to Super Over? And don't say now "Team brilliance" or "NZ choked" because that would apply to us losing the 1st ODI too.. He is a poor selector of people in the playing XI, but i have no issues with his on field strategies.
  3. looks solid! but dont think Shaw is being tried for T20. KL will be at the top with Rohit. Jaddu or Dubey or Krunal or Shankar will play as 2nd AR.
  4. I saw that too.. will watch delayed stream, not look at news site
  5. Haaro to Haaro, par ijjat mat utaro That was the reason for this loss.
  6. Lol. Watch his dismissal. Comical. Watch his old footage. He can not play genuine pace as of now, can only bully spinners and mediocre bowlers. He might grow and be able to play as a proper batsman, but is a hack as of now.
  7. If our media and pundits were equally effective - Devdutt Padikkal should have gotten equal if not more attention. India does have a problem of riches when it comes to batting talent. Any other cricket playing country and likes of Shaw/ Gill and Padikkal would already be playing or in the 14 at least!
  8. RR looking good after a long time. Will not be surprised to see them in play-offs. RCB still not convincing. Same with KXIP IMO, this year will see the downfall of CSK as an IPL bully..
  9. Agreed. Just need Pandey in place of Jadhav now.. Pandey should learn to bowl underarm spin!
  10. Spinners lost us the game. On a slow gripping pitch, this was pathetic performance. Batting Top order failed, but it was a decent enough recovery to put up a fight. As much as I hate current version of MSD, this one was right up his alley - choke the runs with slow bowlers and induce mistakes from batsmen.
  11. Yes. And Make DK the captain. That will be the so Owsome!
  12. Agar last match mein 2 catch pakad lete, to yeh thread hi nahin banta.. BTW good trolling job by the OP !
  13. Boom, KulCha and Hardik should be confirmed 3.5 bowlers for T20. Other 1.5 can be decided upon form, fitness and pitch.
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