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  1. What then stops the western spinners from taking wickets and winning matches here?
  2. I hope against hope that puji and bahane fail again.. no 50+ scores for either
  3. 3 Semifinalists are already decided. Sunday game will decide the 4th one. other games are just a formality.. no interest. Hopefully we can make it to the Semis.. otherwise the viewership will tank close to zero for knock-outs.
  4. Players have to agree to be retained. May be Pandu wants to get released and become an Icon player for Amdavad
  5. remember in 2007, we beat Pak twice - in the group stages and again in the finals. Just Saying... be careful what yo wish for!
  6. Not sure about VC - Maybe Ashwin? Other than that I agree, and I would prefer us to chase as well. If we bat first, we wont know what is a good target and with false bravado may end up 30/3 in the Powerplay itself.
  7. In the qualifier and the eliminator, the team that could clear boundary more often, won. Rotating strike is for ODIs, no T20s. Unless there are big grounds and you can run a lot of 2s, there is no comparison between power-hitting and stable rotation of strike.
  8. We are "favorites" so wont make it to the Semis. Pak, NZL, Eng, Aus
  9. have a non playing captain.. who goes for the toss and selects the final XI.. on field job can be done by the VC or instructions sent during drink breaks. Plenty of candidates for that including Ashwin the shrewd brain, Dhoni and even Dravid/ Kumble
  10. UK to UAE, at this time you can arrange 20 charter flights in a few hours. Many smaller airlines do not have scheduled flights due to Covid and their planes are available for charter. Not conjecture, first hand info.
  11. Shikhar should bowl more. He can get in the team as an all-rounder.... If that breed exists!
  12. chahar and Varun C should be switched, rest of it is as good as it can be! Wait for IPL, i am sure there will be changes.. praying that Dhawan does not get in top 5 scorers. No such worries from chahal!
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