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  1. Toss went wrong. It is impossible to defend any score with that amount of dew. Yes we could have selected a better eleven, but personally I think it's a win toss win match ground.
  2. Shami and Bhuvneshwar need to be dropped. Go with Bumrah and Shardul as your pacers, and play three spinners. Get rid of Pandya and bring in Ishan Kishen. And pray that you win the toss and bowl first.
  3. Exactly. PCB tried to arm twist the BCCI by refusing to send Pak players to IPL 2009 when it had to be shifted to SA. And the rest is history. They have a habit of biting the hand that feeds them.
  4. What can you expect from utter paindoos? This "Trolly bhai" was the one who decided to laugh at Dean Jones's death by posting "Going, Going, Gone" in his death thread over here. The likes if him celebrate Taliban's takeover of Afghanistan, and expect the world to legitimize those monsters (because Muudi is a bigger terrorist apparently lol).
  5. Didn't like it personally. Too much blue, and loud. The 2007 WT20 one was the best. SL and Namibia jerseys are awesome.
  6. I don't see the "reply" text box at all on any chit chat thread as shown in the above picture.
  7. Mods, Can you please help me with this? Also my real name appears as my username here, which is again a glitch.
  8. This is why we need someone like N. Srinivasan back at the helm.
  9. I think the 1999 WC one was the most epic.
  10. This Pak assburn is just hilarious. It only took one news of T.Natarajan being Covid positive for some of them to tag the NZ Prime Minister on Twitter and ask her when she's going to get the Kiwi players out of UAE and ditch the IPL.
  11. Mental fatigue is a lame reason from ECB. If that was the case then they could have easily sent in a second string team atleast, like they did for ODIs when Pak toured. It looks like they pretty intentionally shafted the PCB.
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