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  1. Yes you are right. In the hierarchy of laws that are enforced, this is tops. More important than the decades old thefts and murders that are yet to be solved. We will show Yuvraj who is boss.
  2. This is Svachch Bharat. Bad language will not be tolerated. From now onward use of the suffix “ji”will be mandatory. For example, BC?- jail time. BCji? - okay. I am so happy that our police is on top of this. Just because they can’t catch the guy that robs your house doesn’t mean they are useless. They can still go to Yuvraj’s house..
  3. Kohli better watch out, a couple of more MCs, BCs and he will be arrested for indecent behavior.
  4. My sources tell me that after those calls, Jay Shah called Kohli up. Couple of MCs and BCs later, Jay Shah hung up and ran to dad. He said, “Papa, it’s rough out there.” Just no stopping the Kohli juggernaut.
  5. An entire batch of great batsmen out of form together. We are seeing a bit of that now. Rahane, Pujara, Kohli struggling for runs at the same time.
  6. All because of Kohli. It wasn’t fun being in the opposing team anymore. So he retired.
  7. Don’t worry. Taliban will provide a new CEO.
  8. A lot depends on the franchise too. In this one the owners meddle a lot. And the guys who make the picks in the auction are not that great either. That is a weird squad that makes no sense. I really doubt that the Punjab Kings will just let Kumble take charge and run the operation. It’s a nice paycheck for Kumble. But I wouldn’t judge him on his Punjab Kings record
  9. What stick? The World Cup is his last t20 tournament as captain, regardless. And, they could have chosen a different time, other than just before a World Cup, to show off their little stick. Finally, do you really think that Ganguly and the home minister’s child have less power than Kohli? These guys are hypocrites. Either back a guy or replace him. What they are doing now is nonsense
  10. Problem is that you could come up with a list of mistakes/issue for any captain and justify replacing him. Problem is the new guy will be human too and therefore will make his own mistakes. So, rather than whining about this, the BCCI should realistically evaluate the team they have, and ask a captain to deliver a minimum success rate or set of benchmarks over a certain period e.g. 2 or 3 years. Then, if that is not met, make the call to replace if they think there is someone else could do a better job. That way, emotions are taken out of it, and everybody is on the same page. There has to be
  11. Isn’t that stupid? “They” are willing to risk a nation’s ability to win a World Cup because they have a problem with Kohli? So either “they” don’t have the balls to replace him for someone better or worse, “they” selected him, but then don’t have the balls to back their own selection. Either way, “they” look a lot worse than Kohli and should be taken to the shed and thrashed. “They” should pick their guy and back him so that we have the best odds to win. Not pick him and then cry like a bunch of babies.
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