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  1. This is a developing tv serial. Story so far. Boria is carrying Saha’s baby. He desperately wants Saha to call back so that he can tell him, “Ypu are the father.” Saha is grieving and coming to terms with the fact that he will never play for India again. He does not return Boria’s call. Boria lashes out, “ Baby, you never called back. When you come home, I will beat you good.” Saha is pissed off and tells the world “I can’t believe Boria did that.” The world turns on Boria big time. Now a couple of days have passed, and Saha has cooled down. He doesn’t want to take his dirty laundry to the
  2. Now that he isn’t leading Indian teams, he will be fine with leading RCB.
  3. At least Rahul shows up. This guy will only make sure that he is ready for six weeks in the IPL. The rest of the year the fragile show boater will be too hurt to play for India.
  4. What is the captain supposed to “look like”? The official is an idiot. This is Rahul’s first run at the job. He will get better with time/ experience. Rahul’s biggest issue is his own form with the bat. Too inconsistent. If that isn’t resolved, then his own spot in the team could be at risk.
  5. Punjab Kings are saying, “Finally. Someone like us”
  6. He is the classic franchise player. He will do okay for Ahmedabad. Even bowl a bit. But will not be a serious India player in any format. He will load manage his India work, so that he can be fit for the IPL.
  7. Who doesn’t look out for himself first? Especially in such a competitive field. By your criteria, you would need to scout for 11 Gandhijis who could play cricket. Plus you are talking as if Ashwin, Kohli, Shastri haven’t won a lot of games for India. And I know the drum beat about ICC tournaments. Games throughout the years count for alot too. And aside from this last tournament this team has had a run where they at least get to semifinals there too.
  8. They are people like the rest of us. In corporate life you look after yourself i.e. what can one do to get the best assignments, get promoted, not get sidelined etc. and then after you take care of your interests, you think of what you can do to ensure that your company beats out the competition. Its no different here. Ashwin is sidelined and trying to get back in. Shastri is picking the side that he thinks is most likely to win so that his record looks good. Within all that, these guys work to ensure that the team wins as many times as possible.
  9. I think cricket has two aspects. First, it’s a team sport, and so the players have to work together. But then it is also about individuals, where they compete hard to muscle people out and there is hurt among those who do get cast aside. In those battles, it’s every man for himself. Ashwin does a great job in that interview in providing a window to that. Note, he provides the example of what happens when Kuldeep is preferred over him. But today, Kuldeep’s international career is in the doldrums. I doubt if anybody including the coach or any of the team members are really worried about how Kuld
  10. How did he “get” Shastri? For that matter why was Shastri replaced by Kumble to begin with? That, like everything else is a BCCI call. Maybe Shastri should have continued without the Kumble intervention instead of Shastri- Kumble-Shastri?
  11. He does plenty for preparation for a game. And over his career has until the last Australian series, been able to play all formats without break, in part because he prepares well. The quibble is with his form. That will get sorted out in the upcoming games. He either recovers it or he is more vulnerable. We have 3 guys in the same generation who have previously done great things trying to recover form- Pujara, Rahane, Kohli. And then Rohit, who has had to contend with injuries, is in and out of games. That is part of sport.
  12. Wait a minute. The BCCI has the ultimate power i.e. to select or not to select. What is Kohli’s leverage? Also, speaking of political chops. Do you think Jay Shah would be sitting where he is without his lineage to one of the most powerful people of India? Do you think Ganguly got to his spot without political savvy? Chappell tried to play with him. Chappell’s reputation was done at the end. Since then he has worked with TMC in Bengal, BJP, people in BCCI to reach where he is. And then there is the basic question, who has the most to lose in a disagreement? There is no contest. Kohli has the m
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