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    kirkutfan reacted to Global.Baba in Has Rayudu found a second wind like Gayle,Hafeez?   
    I remember 3-4 years back it seemed like Gayle was done but found a brief resurgence in the last 2 years.
    Hafeez is another guy. Looked done but seems to have improved his T20 hitting.
    Rayudu has some zip to his hitting tonight.
    Gayle is an ATG obviously and a league above but the other 2 names the common theme  is they  are competent cricketers good enough to play internationals but always looked they missed that little extra.
    However just like a talented bowler who finds his mojo later in the career I think these guys have figured out their strength and arc.
    Watch out for Rayudu. Not going by this innings but he has played 25(12-13) type cameos this tournament and seems to be in great hitting form.
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    kirkutfan reacted to cowboysfan in Jamieson refuses Virat Kohli's request to face him in the nets with a red Duke ball   
    irrational hatred for Kohli really bothers me.
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    kirkutfan reacted to Adamant in Jamieson refuses Virat Kohli's request to face him in the nets with a red Duke ball   
    Yes, the selfish reason is making runs for India in WTC final. 
    Trying his best to score runs for India is what we expect from him. 
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    kirkutfan reacted to Cricspin in IPL Match 27| MI vs CSK| Delhi 01 May 2021 7:30 PM IST #IPL2021   
    Thakur seems to have run out of ideas this IPL. Just trying to bowl full and wide. I can't count how many wides he has bowled this far.  His economy is over 10 runs per over. He does not need to bat. I think CSK need to rest him.
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    kirkutfan got a reaction from Cupcake in KL Rahul worth his weight in GOLD...scored almost 30% of his teams runs   
    Not this year. “Slow”Rahul has a SR of 136 versus “fast” Warner’s 110. And Rahul has a lot more runs too. 
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    kirkutfan got a reaction from Cupcake in KL Rahul worth his weight in GOLD...scored almost 30% of his teams runs   
    Exactly. He is not only the anchor. He has brains. He doesn’t buy into some new wave philosophy of feeling forced to swing away from ball one. He evaluates. He ensures security for his team first and then gets aggressive when appropriate. If Punjab had a more reliable batting line up, he would have been willing to take more chances earlier in his innings. Now, if he can just get more consistent when he plays for India. He either has a string of good scores or he can go thru a horrible period where he has a long string of single digit dismissals.
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    kirkutfan reacted to Serpico in Kuldeep Yadav and Yuzvendra Chahal demoted in BCCI contracts list - Hardik, Shardul promoted   
    Name 5 Indian bowlers that took 5fers in SA, England and Aus? And he did it all in his first tour. He's injured sometimes, but that's beyond players control. Even rohit got injured last year
  8. Haha
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    kirkutfan reacted to BacktoCricaddict in McCullum Tears into KKR top order   
    Coaching rule #1:  Keep the dirty laundry indoors.  Rip into your players in private, but support them 100% in public.  McCullum was a great player, maybe a great tactician/analyst etc etc., but his leadership skills are questionable.  
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    kirkutfan reacted to ShoonyaSifar in Pat Cummins donates $50,000 for PM Cares Fund   
    And what has all this got to with the IPL?
    PM and his govt's incompetence has led us where we are and they will deservingly pay a heavy political price for that. Our democracy will take care of that  Not going into all that on this thread.
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    kirkutfan reacted to nitinbwj in IPL 2021 must be stopped and scrapped ....do the IPL organizers have no conscience ????   
    Going by his logic..all the private companies should stop paying the salaries to their employees who are working in curfew restricted timings and donate that to govt for helping in this crisis and If I spend some part of my salary on Netflix or buying new clothes (Retail stores suffer the most during lockdowns) it means I am insensitive as I am watching a movie and buying new clothes and not donating the entire amount to People who need the most. IPL is a business and it will continue as long as its not causing harm to the general public or raising a severe health concern.
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    kirkutfan reacted to nevada in IPL 2021 free riders watch   
    Captain Morgan. 
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    kirkutfan reacted to Mariyam in Gaikwad v Shaw   
    He played really good today, but he didn't hit a single 6. Probably the first time someone has reached a 75,that too in 44 and not hit a maximum.
    Team India is in a good place so much choice in terms of batting in T20s.
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    kirkutfan reacted to Straight Drive in What started as a joke has turned into a disaster   
    All the foreign players disinterested as mentioned by OP? Seriously.
    I see 4 foreigners playing in almost all matches, except few where teams feel the 4th foreignir is not required.
    The OP is probably not even aware how many foreign players are still in India as part of squads. I would say surely100-120 foreignors are there as players, coaches, support staff, commentators are concerned. Only 5 to 10 foreignors must be leaving India. That's a huge success for IPL that 95% are still involved. Surprised how the OP states that it has been a disaster. What type of maths or logic is being used while looking at numbers?
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    kirkutfan reacted to rollingstoned in IPL 2021 suspended   
    it is these dingbats with phds in outrage and false equivalency who will say why was a statue built, it could have been better spent on hospitals and universities. as if decision makers are only ever playing a game of whack-a-mole at any particular point in time.
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    kirkutfan reacted to beetle in IPL 2021 suspended   
    Stop rubbing it in.
    We get it.You live in a first world country with a handful of people to care for compared to India. 
    We also had a very strict very long  lockdown  last year. We are too many people with too many issues .
    Enjoy your previlege and stop repeating it . We heard you .
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    kirkutfan reacted to QuarantineTormentino in Gotta Appreciate RCB for giving young players chance to bat at 3   
    One more thing - he’s trying Indian bowlers at the death over overseas ones - last match he preferred Siraj over Richardson (who had bowled a pretty good over before) and today persisted with Siraj at the death again when he could have easily bowled out Jamieson
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    kirkutfan reacted to Ankit_sharma03 in Gotta Appreciate RCB for giving young players chance to bat at 3   
    Irrespective of result they hve been sending- Sundar, Shahbaz, Patidar at 3......this is a good thing .
    Its not easy for anyone to come n start slogging batting at 6-7
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    kirkutfan reacted to Ankit_sharma03 in What made RCB click this season?   
    Never ever do that...ever ever
    Dnt let ur main indian players go unless tehy are awfull, chahal has carried their attack alone. Season after season he is among top wkt takers for them  If u read his matchups he has troubled so many batsman  Also dnt do such thing that will make opposition team stronger.... KKR let go of SKY and till date they repent it and same was RCB with KL 
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    kirkutfan reacted to coffee_rules in IPL 2021 | M16 | RCB v RR | Mumbai | Apr 22 | #IPL2021   
    Lal dupatte wali tera naam to bata
    Kali kurte wali tera naam to bata
    Red and black RCB colors
    Kohli to Anushka
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    kirkutfan reacted to zen in IPL 2021 | M16 | RCB v RR | Mumbai | Apr 22 | #IPL2021   
    Considering that it lost to the "red" team:
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    kirkutfan reacted to ShoonyaSifar in Strange captaincy by young indian captains in IPL   
    It's okay. They will learn through those tactical mistakes. It's good to have younger captains in IPL. That generational transition is needed. Will only help our cricket move forward
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    kirkutfan reacted to sandeep in Strange captaincy by young indian captains in IPL   
    I'm no fan of Virat's captaincy and that's well-known.  But these guys are responsible for their own decisions - has zero to do with Kohli.  
    And advocating for Malan is also a bit odd because the only guy he can replace is Gayle, and giving Gayle the early games to see what he can do is logical.
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    kirkutfan reacted to SK_IH in IPL is the new BBL/BPL/SLPL/PSL - low quality T20 league   
    It's a season being played in unusual extraordinary circumstances. Things won't be all perfect, curators are unable to prepare good enough batting pitches in Chennai with these back to back games. 
    You ll see batting beauties in Mumbai, Bangalore & even Ahmedabad. 
    Let's credit BCCI for arranging IPL instead of unnecessary whining
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    kirkutfan reacted to Ankit_sharma03 in IPL is the new BBL/BPL/SLPL/PSL - low quality T20 league   
    also it hasnt been easy for players being in bio bubbles throughout
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