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  1. Full radio coverage of the day available on the BBC website. Try this link might need VPN if abroad maybe not. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sounds/play/m000rp4c Recommend if you want to re-live the whole day with a different and arguably better set of commentators
  2. Dravid better but both have made a virtue of scoring slowly and i don't think anyone else in world cricket has done that.
  3. i was struggling with 1975-76 then i read 1096....jesus how old are you???
  4. probably. i didn't find his speech particularly rousing. quite the opposite.
  5. all i heard from Shastri was let's get plastered boys, do not waste this opportunity
  6. if you feel rained on you need a better umbrella
  7. Very nicely captured. Love the sight of Siraj barely able to wait for the boundary before running on. Also love how calm everyone is!
  8. how dare they racially abuse us!
  9. Find your Rahane, if you want to be led by him.
  10. Glad you took my message to heart
  11. Well played Australia for making this a series for the ages. It's over now, be gracious.
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