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  1. racists all over the world have found their voice ever since social media platforms put them in touch with their fellow racist. suddenly, they have nothing to be ashamed of. humans are not designed to mix anonymously
  2. he's paying a price for those horrendous tweets. it's ok to feel sorry for him, but we have to consider the victims of racism too, not least Moeen and Jofra who have been targets of racism before. let them check there's no further poor behaviour, and he can return.
  3. what Ollie Robinson tweeted was far worse that what the above names tweeted. take a look. it was right out of the gutter
  4. how many 'indians' here were born in a white country? grew up, spent your formative years being excluded, feeling like you don't belong? i find it interesting so many Indians, i assume born and raised in India, think this is a non issue
  5. Here is the the full interview with Michael Carberry - wow he really pulls no punches, and i find it hard to disagree
  6. what else could they do. they literally wore and paraded anti racism t shirts before the match started. they can't just let it slide. suspension pending investigation is the right action in my view.
  7. https://wisden.com/stories/news-stories/another-racist-tweet-posted-by-current-england-player-emerges 'your going out with an asian' (see link for full tweet) the culture war in the UK is hitting fever pitch right now. England football fans are already booing their own players in the stadium for taking the knee.
  8. that is true. i didn't mean to be so dismissive, and you're right, we should pay extra attention to Carberry. if you want to bring about change you need to carry people with you. forgiveness and proof you have changed is still a basic principle most reasonable people can live with. Carberry is falling foul of that principle by saying players like Robinson should be weeded out and thrown on the scrap heap. then again maybe Carberry didn't quite mean that and he has a right to speak passionately.
  9. Atherton, Gower, and Holding (look up his Sky interview today) have all come up with versions or more or less the same stance i.e. suspend, investigate, educate and reform. Carberry has lost the plot somewhat. you can't deny someone a second chance in life.
  10. I am seeing a lot of Indians (from India) on cricket forums popping up in support of Ollie Robinson. Is this the Modi effect?
  11. i'm not sure you can mock someone for being a casual racist. it kind of makes light of things
  12. You reckon if an Indian player on debut was found to make offensive remarks directed at Muslims, or Tamils, for example, we should all just forget it?
  13. interesting. just very poor taste to sh%t in your adoring fans.
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