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  1. i think if you're smashing everyone home and abroad in tests AND you then win world cups too it adds to your aura of invincibility. at least that was how i felt about the Aussies. without the first part the second part is just a transient moment of ecstasy.
  2. India top of class for coursework. yet to nail the exam.
  3. I was going to look next door but then I saw this - not secure, f%ck that!!!
  4. the IPL need their own airline Fly IPL Airlines - 'when you need to get the f%ck out'
  5. there's so much nonsense on the net these days i would want to see hard proof of which players flew to where and when.
  6. both teams pulled out due to concerns for their personal safety right?
  7. https://www.espncricinfo.com/series/new-zealand-in-pakistan-2021-1272192/pakistan-vs-new-zealand-1st-odi-1272196/live-cricket-score NZ pull out due to security concerns. That's outrageous! Surely a player must be dead or bombed before that happens?!
  8. maniac getting his thread in 10 years before it happens.
  9. the most disappointing thing about all of this is how quick so many in the English media have been to put forward speculation as fact. just a whole bunch of 'oh come on', 'surely anyone can see', 'it's blatantly obvious', etc etc.
  10. don't forget the risk of long covid which would end a career
  11. the other thing that crossed my mind is Kohli might simply have made an impulsive judgement call and regretted it hours later. i have nightmares of Kohli consulting his shush mate Siraj.
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