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  1. very glad you are better. have you ever had flu? proper flu is awful too. i wonder if covid is like flu with the added stress you might die which just makes everything 10x times worse. or it in fact reallllly bad?
  2. i agree. sometimes i say things. if you want art watch netflix. that said this is a film about a pivotal moment in our sporting history and so i think it deserves more than old bollywood cliches. i want the very best casting and talent if i am going to watch the dramatisation of moment of national pride. right now we have ranveer with big teeth starring opposite his real world wife who is also the producer. i hope they deliver.
  3. how can i search this thread for my posts. i couldn't find any on scrolling. i must have had a life then
  4. i understand the rationale, but this sort of thing is just so unattractive.
  5. true true. and she's a bigger star than Ranveer.
  6. goose

    Dominic Cork

    exactly! at times he sounds like he works for the india tourism board. and then he he says that. he is just dense hahahaha
  7. goose

    Dominic Cork

    sure, it's just been a while since an Englishman did it
  8. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-asia-india-59457015?fbclid=IwAR3F_z8gVKWKb6sO5j223mTk_h2HngPdBSRXNB233uxIAKiS_6wW_Bj_mlQ
  9. hope everyone made it through the nuke.
  10. the most shameful day in your history more like after that post
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