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  1. WTF will this thread drop off the first page. for the love of god
  2. goose

    War is coming

    not sure which is the more shocking, arnab getting zelensky on his show or him not saying anything for 47 minutes
  3. whole calendars will be invented. the year is 200 a.d. (or bc if if you like) the wait continues....
  4. violence is never the answer. that being said, i'm going to abstain
  5. did not like... the depiction of england fans as yobs hurling 'pakkkkkkkki' abuse resulting in full on riot. far too weighty a subject to casually toss in there. but let's dial up the victimhood to the maximum did like...the skillful switching between the actor and real life cricketers e.g. actor running a single and the actual footage of the second run. wish there was more of that.
  6. goose

    India abstains

    say what? she is spot on
  7. goose

    War is coming

    fighting russia is not a stated objective of nato. putin expressed a desire to join nato soon after taking over
  8. goose

    War is coming

    why is russia not part of nato - neither side really wants that, since it destroys the status quo. war is good for business and keeps the powerful in power
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