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  1. Just behind Tendulkar and Kohli for the best one-day batsman to ever come out of India.
  2. he has this weird pout going on for the camera
  3. a drubbing by England will hurt far more than an inaugural WTC final. if we can pull off say a 4-1 or 3-1 series win most observers will rate India the best side in the world. i am grateful for this practice match.
  4. Still waiting 10 years later https://www.firstpost.com/sports/dont-want-to-be-known-as-an-inswing-bowler-ishant-sharma-504103.html
  5. That’s a different discussion. He did kind of hint at it before the test ...one game won’t define us etc.
  6. not here to defend him. but play the ball not the man. we need characters that speak their mind even if it makes them unpopular. test cricket has always been the format that decides the best side beyond any shadow of doubt over a series. why would you not want to play to that? why diminish it?
  7. for some reason he came across better over video conference when interacting with the Sky studio during the India series. think he's great in small doses. says absolutely too much. needs to just be dour now and then
  8. Agree with Kohli - has to be three tests. Not the best time to say it though.
  9. i am just waiting for the bookmakers to publish odds on player performance. I am going to sell the sh%t out of Ishant
  10. Lifetime membership - where do i sign?
  11. Not this again. Jadeja is a proven game changer in tests.
  12. That's my gripe too. Ishant sent down 4 overs on the final day while the game was still on. India cannot beat Eng unless he is replaced.
  13. Jadeja is a batsman that bowls if needed. Gun fielder. Must pick.
  14. Bumrah is still pretty young career wise, high hopes he will adapt, improve and learn with each 'test'
  15. He has a point, but my god what awful timing. Let the winners have their moment.
  16. Agreed a million times. India cannot beat Eng over 5 tests, with Ishant. It can’t be done. Everyone else is fine.
  17. they are good enough to win. none would find a place in the NZ XI
  18. so no? why does everyone think i'm running India down (apart from Ishant who annoys me). objectively speaking, on the evidence of this test, a combined XI for these conditions would not feature an Indian pacer, nothing more nothing less!
  19. exactly. we competed quite well i thought given above. NZ have a formidable pace attack in these conditions.
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