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  1. The weather needs to be enjoyed and its a weekend, naturally I had to skip my fast to enjoy some chilled watermelon slices!
  2. I envy you, for you have the pleasure of reading past favourites with new eyes every time. :)
  3. 14. isn't this from the Kite Runner? Towards the end of the book when he is reliving his kite flying days on a sunny day in California...
  4. 11. To Kill a Mockingbird (Atticus Finch?) 12. Life of Pi 15. Hamlet (of course) 17. Marx, Das Capital or the Communist Manifesto
  5. uff... 1. Anna Karenina - Leo Tolstoy 2. 1984 - George Orwell 6. Animal Farm - George Orwell 8. A Tale of Two Cities - Charles Dickens (one of my favourites among so many of Dickens' other works that come very close...) 9. Little Women - Louisa May Alcott curse you with all my heart for making me type this out @Mariyam
  6. “He is a porn addict and he has also revealed it during interrogation about it. The data suggests that he has certain abnormal desires for women elder to him, from a certain age group, belonging to a certain community (Muslims),” the source quoted above claimed. Those who know Bishnoi personally, also claim him to be a “loner”, someone who is more active in the virtual world than in the real one ‘Suicidal’, ‘has no friends’ Sources in Delhi Police told ThePrint that Bishnoi displayed “abnormal behavioural traits” in his interaction with the police and has threatened to co
  7. I think I recognise Tolstoy, Orwell and Dickens... Bonus Answer: A man takes another man's place at the guillotine and helps the lady he loves escape with that man who is also his friend. :)
  8. 'He Was on His Laptop All Day': Niraj Bishnoi's Father Claims Son is 'Innocent' Dashrath Bishnoi claimed that he never heard his son “make Islamophobic or sexist remarks.” SOMYA LAKHANI Published: 06 Jan 2022, 10:08 PM IST “My son would spend day and night on his laptop. I had no idea what was going on... I know he didn’t do what people are accusing him of,” said Dashrath Bishnoi, father of Niraj Bishnoi, the 21-year-old accused in the Bulli Bai case. Niraj was arrested from Assam's Jorhat on Wednesday nig
  9. Imagine waking up one day, an ordinary mundane day. Imagine your friend messaging you, saying “Hana, you are also in it”, with a link to a Twitter account. Imagine clicking on the link and almost mindlessly scrolling through a list of names, women, some friends, wondering why you’re tagged to this list. You click on the link. You are taken to a familiar-looking app, the apps you had mindlessly used when younger, telling you what kind of life you’d have, what kind of princess you are, those Facebook no-brain applications. The app’s title is “Sulli Deals” and it says “find your Sulli Deal of the
  10. You definitely have to see what works for you. Some people are able to metabolize a certain quantity of starch without messing up their systems. For me, starch and basically sugar of any form was playing havoc with my body. Inflammation of joints leading to stiffness, aches and forced lethargy because of these symptoms. The day I started keto was when I was diagnosed as pre-diabetic. It's what motivated me to start on this Way of Eating and why I've never slipped off of it. I too was a big time foodie which in our or most cultures means hogging all kinds of starches. Initially I would have to
  11. On the contrary, since i was consuming sufficient amount of proteins, I was actually adding muscle mass and working out made it even more pronounced. So much so, that i had to stop weight training because I was adding more muscles than I wanted and instead stuck to jogging and sports since I was going for the lean swimmer look at not trying to look swole. My worst was 127kgs when I was taking care of my single aunt who had been recently diagnosed with lung cancer. And my excessive weight-gain was preventing me from taking care of her with all my abilities. It's what prompted me to
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