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  1. i feel being a successful academic moulded him into being Results driven. And when faced with a rigged system something inside him broke. Sorry about the pop psych.
  2. Interesting that all the backlash is towards big producers and female Bollywood stars while not a mention is made about Sushant's peer and professional competitors - Other Male Stars. Purely on financial terms, a Producer can afford to be hero-agnostic. What difference does it make to him if Sushant stars or Ranveer stars if both of them can give them RoI? There may be videos about producers and female stars being bitchy about Sushant but they are uninterested parties. The only people who are directly affected by Sushant getting a film among the limited banner releases,
  3. Why would I need to learn anything about the natives when work takes me to their land on a mission - however long the stay may turn out to be?
  4. Business Gujjus are the best Gujjus. Their Collective Wisdom about Business will be enough to start a world-class Academy. The rest are mostly poor and blameless or total *wads who pretend to be businessmen but are actually corrupt to the core.
  5. ah yes, thought i recognized the lighting! by the poolside no doubt!
  6. @Mariyam Tashkent was on work. Went there to shoot a Car commercial for Ford Malaysia.
  7. And yeah, kaho na kaho is originally Tammaly Ma'ak, another track from the album i used to hear back in the summer of 2001.
  8. You're right obviously! I think I always associated him as Lebanese because my friend was one. Here's one of my favourite driving tracks from those days...
  9. Lebanese Pop: Heard while driving down from Dubai Internet City to home in Al Raffa in my friend's car. French Rap: Heard while watching the movie Taxi 1 Mexican Hip-Hop: Heard while watching Amores Perros (Apparently this is featured in Arjun Reddy too?) Another great track from the movie (Acoustic Pop) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lhKEcI7LaWg Uzbeki Folk Pop: Heard in a coffee shop while traveling through the bylanes of Tashkent K-Pop: Heard because of girlfriend.
  10. Itna Jazba Team mein hota tou ek aur match jeet leta.
  11. Looks like the tide is turning in BCCI politics. For long Gavaskar and Co. managed to keep Kapil in the Persona Non Grata list. For this first time this year, we saw Gavaskar relegated to hindi commentary only and not being given a slot in English Commentary even once. Now, Kapil Dev gets a foot in the door. Let's see how things develop further. Hopefully new minds will bring new changes and better results. time will tell.
  12. Shinichiro Watanabe fans?
  13. Prakat

    Criterion Channel

    Absolutely, Paths of Glory is pure gold. The force of Kubrick's Humane Philosophy really hits you hardest in this movie above all. He enjoyed being sort of above it all, never really taking sides, in his later movies - As in Lolita, EWS, by Dr. Strangelove he had begun to see the Dark humour in the inevitability of it all. But in Paths of Glory the bright light of hope shines through as a young filmmaker wishing to open people's eyes to the sheer madness of war and the military as an organization.
  14. Prakat

    Criterion Channel

    I recommended these only because I'm sure the posters on this thread have exhausted the usual world cinema fare (Bicycle Thieves, 400 Blows, Nights of Cabiria etc...) along with most of Kubrick's celebrated films like 2001, The Shining, FMJ and EWS. The Killing to me is remarkable because it has a style that while true to the Noir-Heist Aesthetic is at the same time contemporary (You can screen it in 2019 and it will hold its own in the Heist genre films of this decade) and timeless at the same time. For me, the ending is on its own worthy of a film yet to be released - it is so good in my mi
  15. Prakat

    Criterion Channel

    Watch Hazard du Baltazar The Discreet Charm of the Bourgeoisie The Killing (Kubrick's finest IMO)
  16. Prakat

    Criterion Channel

    Lone Wolf and Cub inspired Kill Bill.
  17. Prakat

    Criterion Channel

    * what a movie. From the painfully intimate to the mind-chilling grandiose. * what a movie.
  18. The Engineer - Nuts and Bolts explained well and entertainingly for DIY repairs https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC41J6Lqm5M2jkrc8aseO0kw Faisal Khan (Motorbeam) - Best Car reviewer in India who really pushes the reviewed car to the max! Doesn't cruise it at 60kmph like a little bitch. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCPF4bAZimS4T8w1TlbeIAYg BongEats - Exquisitely produced cooking channel with well researched recipes, mostly Calcutta centric https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCYLAf7WuBy6y64RewvwGjoQ Zaika Dilli 6 - Aunty who unleashes her years o
  19. Leave when people say, "Why?" not when people say, "Why not?"
  20. A strong middle order needs to replace the barebones crapfest we have on show right now. However what use is it to have one that is stronger than the Openers? All that will do is end up exposing the middle order early. What we need is a balanced unit with Openers capable of doing their job according to conditions and strategy discussed in team meeting, a One down with impeccable technique who can handle the new ball and a strong middle order that can consolidate, rotate strike and play well with the tail if it comes to that. We are all set in the first two departments. The remaining is the wor
  21. For a very long time Indian Cricket's sponsors were "Builders" like Sahara (National Team) and DLF (IPL Franchise).
  22. They were always the favourites to win. And they've now beaten the Aussies like they were a nothing side. Outplayed them on the field and with the bat.
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