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  1. He bowls really full with the new ball and swings it at over 140 kph . Thats as good as it gets with the white new cherry.
  2. The evidence is in the game , sri was trundling at 81-82 mph while waqar got ganguly with a 141 kph delivery and was hitting that mark
  3. Haris rauf who has clocked 156 kph in t20s and the current fastest bowler in Asia . I wouldnt say he is quicker than waqar let alone some of the names being thrown around lol
  4. Nahi hai tou kerdo upload , vivek singh koi aur match dekh k agaye hain.
  5. Pak vs southafrica 93 series multiple balls over 150 kph , buy yourself a vhs tape , spend some money
  6. Rubbish , the match is available on youtube and waqar was quicker than sri , jhoot tou at least soch samajh k bola kero . The match is literally available and waqar clearly was quicker at the very end of his career.
  7. Khaleel would fail the trails for lahore qalandars talent hunt programme. Not quick enough and no special skill
  8. Pass this on to brett lee who rates naseem as the brightest young prospect lol.
  9. Are you the same funny guy who mentioned Naseem and Mavi in the same sentence ? Lol there are over 30 bowlers in pak who are quicker and with more portential than that trundler mavi. naseem is around 15 ks quicker lol and probably the best upcoming pacer in Asia.
  10. In the world. Easily no matter what format . He is an absolute beast with the new ball , not 100 percent fit though
  11. Shaheen and naseem are the best young fast bowlers in asia easily. shaheen has been a bit down on intensity after the first test , prolly nursing a slight niggle .
  12. If India takes this telly tubby attack to the world cup in australia. These guys will get smashed to smitherens but the problem is the lack of good back up. Bumrah is the only saving grace here.
  13. Most of the 120 kph pacers that plague the Ranji and Vijay hazare wont even pass the trials for a local team like Lahore, and im not even kidding here.
  14. 154.7 kph from Haris Rauf. Fastest bowler in the world. The pace bowling talent in Pakistan is fire.
  15. My main man shaheen lighting up the eliminator. 148 kph. Cricketer of the year. Best in the world.
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