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  1. India will do well to produce a talent like Afridi. Was disspointed with the young bowlers on display. Pakistan on the other hand has an endless supply of 90mph pacers.
  2. Yes he is a very overrated 20 year old compared to guys like nagarkoti and khaleel. The dude is one of the best young bowling talents in the world. He is going places.
  3. This two new ball rule needs to be done away with. Get some spin and reverse back in the game.
  4. Haris sohail is closer to the king than khaleel ahmed is to shaheen afridi tbh. People do create some bizzare comparisons.
  5. Naseem will develop into a brilliant bowler.
  6. There are many. At least 10 i can think of.
  7. They are not the same age group. Shaheen is the boss.
  8. Pakistan has a plethora of young 90 mph quicks. Can lend a few to other countries. Shadab is finished as a bowler. Usman qadir is better but if you read him off the hand he will be jn trouble. Watch out for faisal akram. Shahnawaz dahani is another quickie to look out for. Pace bowling depth is ample. Shaheen is the best young fast bowler in the world.
  9. My boy shaheen's a gun. Fast and very very good. Hasnain i hope can make it. He can be even quicker.
  10. 148 kph now from afridi. This kid is rapid. Pakistan has a plethora of 90 mph quicks.
  11. Hasnain has been clocked at 156 in westindies. 153 in pak. 151 in uae and 153 kph in england. Its good that he is working on his outswing. Should supplement his pace well. Shaheen and hasnain are the future.
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